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I have found that on the nights that I can not sleep, and that is more often than not I’m afraid, I can just go to the computer and enter another world…the world of blogging.

just about a year ago…It’s almost my blogiversary.

“life.” I blog about our family jonts, our time together is so important to me. Also all the crafty goodness. I get so much inspiration from so many bloggy friends…gotta love those comments :o)

Soule mama, blue yonder, little red caboose-just to name a few.

have fun and don’t rely on comments to keep you going…I have found that I get more personal e-mails asking questions or telling me they like my blog but they do not leave comments…so one never knows who is reading.

sure. When I started blogging I kept it as my guilty pleasure…my family did not! They told everyone! I am often suprised by someone who said they got to know me even more through my blog.

There are so many things that inspire me. I love photography and seem to look at the world through the lens of a camera…I also love to tell stories, but I am a horrible speller…and I use the dot dot dot…ALOT! If that doesn’t squeltch the creative juices I don’t know what will (lol)

Yes. I have a photo blog called simply taken.

and a bible study blog called simply following.

I have found that the world of blogging is such a fascinating thing. Who ever came up with the idea of it is a genius! What a wonderful way for women to connect with other women regardless if they live down the street or in another country. I find myself so incouraged by the way other people look at life.

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