Interview with Cheryl D. from “Little Bit Quirky”

“Little Bit Quirky”

I blog because it’s fun and therapeutic. It makes me “capture” moments of my life that I hope other people enjoy, but mostly it helps me get more out of it too@=!

I just started blogging in February, so I’m very new at this and still finding my voice.

I blog about my everyday life of parenting an adorable 6 year old who has high-functioning autism/Asperger’s.

I love other mommy blogs! I read Dooce, Playgroups Are No Place for Children, and What You Need, among many others!

I’m a blogging newbie, so if anyone has advice for me….

Absolutely! I love getting comments and responding to them! I use Blogger, which doesn’t have the best mechanics for this, but I make do.

Yes, many do. I don’t think I’ve offended them TOO much, although my husband thinks I don’t always paint him in the best light. That is so not my intention!

I love the Blog Frog! That’s how I found out about 5 Minutes for Mom and some other great groups.

I blog at home. I generally try to blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Initially, I blogged every weekday, but I found writing less sporadically brought about better quality blogs that got to hang on top of the site longer!

I spend a total of 1.5 hours tops writing each week. I don’t even want to share how much time I spend reading blogs. My husband would host an intervention if he knew.

No, I just find blogs via groups such as this one!

I think I stumbled into the blogging world AFTER I started my blog. I knew people blogged, but I had no idea about this whole alternate universe. It’s amazing! I think I uncovered this after I had already been blogging for 2 weeks, wondering why no one was reading my blog.

I stumbled up a blog called 411mania to read a blogger’s snarky comments about a guilty pleasure of mine–watching Ghost Hunter’s. This guy writes these really funny recaps. I’m sure I’ve read other blogs before his, but this was the first blog I would seek out each week to read his comments.

I don’t consider myself to be a very deep person. Blogging has really helped me to become more introspective. Reading other people’s blogs has also helped. I’ve been so impressed by what I’ve read out there. There are a lot of very talented women writers.

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