Interview with Michelle from “Mama Said…”

“Mama Said…”
Mama Said...

I blog because I need an outlet for creativity. I’ve always loved writing, but never knew how to use it. Staying at how now that I have moved to the burbs with two little boys has driven me to find this outlet.

I just started blogging. Ive been thinking about it forever, but I have been in the process of moving and just had my second child. Now that I am officially a stay at home mom in the burbs, it has become my outlet.

Life, my boys, recipes, crafts, and organization. I’m Martha Stewart for the every-day mom.

Heir to Blair and The Nesting Place.

Nope. I’m a newbie. Still trying to navigate how to do it. Open to suggestions.

Yes, if I had any :)

Yes, I just started so hopefully they will follow up and become followers instead of just reading because I tell them to.

No, I don’t know any, but would like to.

At my desk. Usually while older son is in school and younger one is napping.

I try to fit in at least an hour, bu sometimes more when I’m writing. Also, depends on kids and husband’s need to interrupt.

Just google and Pinterest right now

who hasn’t heard of blogging?

Don’t remember.

My kids and my life.

I use to own a baby boutique. Then I closed the boutique and ran it as an online shop. I closed the shop this passed summer when we moved and had a baby in September. Ready to just be a mom for a while.

I’ve learned that through the baby crying, Preschooler’s screams, and husband’s nagging, I too have a voice and this is my way of speaking without interruption and hopefully getting heard.

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