Interview with threeundertwo from “Lit and Laundry”

“Lit and Laundry”
Lit and Laundry

I started in April of 2008.

I would suggest newbies sit and sketch out at least a dozen posts in advance. This will help them see if they really have enough ideas to write about to sustain a blog. If you don’t feel you can sustain this type of ongoing conversation with the world, it might be better just to keep a journal. A lot of blogs are born with enthusiasm and wither quickly. Don’t jump in until you’re sure you’re ready.

I’m a regular member of the forums at Laughing Place , the best site for information and conversation about all things Disney.

I set up my Toshiba notebook at my kitchen counter and edit my blogs after the kids go to bed. I write a lot of my blog posts on my Treo.

I mostly follow links through blogrolls or comments on blogs I like.

Free time.

I also write for How Do You Do It?, a blog for moms of multiples.

Writing a blog has made me a happier person. I choose to write about the wonderful things happening around me, which makes me focus on them more. I think blogging is a great form of free therapy!

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