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Third MomThird Mom

I’m the adoptive mom of two amazing Korean teens and a wife of 30+ years. Korean adoption has profoundly changed my life, just as it has the lives of my children and their first families. My blog, Third Mom, is my place to think out loud about adoption, adoptive parenting, and my family, which I do best when someone’s listening. Please visit and comment – your points of view are very welcome!

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Crowned With LaurelCrowned With Laurel

I am a former corporate dynamo and now a stay at home mother of three children ages 8, 10, & 11yrs old. My husband and I just left the international adoption process after two failed Russian adoptions. One of these adoptions was for our precious little girl in East Siberia, and we traveled to adopt her in 2006. Even after traveling to adopt her with completed court paperwork, due to circumstances beyond our control (uh, our agency messing it up), we were informed we could not adopt her. Then we were informed that no one can adopt her. So we moved on being grateful for the few days we shared with our daughter in Russia. We will see her again one day, adopting her if she is ever available, or see her in Heaven.

Our agency started us on a second Russian adoption which they never finished, and they don’t intend to. We don’t know why this adoption agency behaves as such, but it’s not worth our energy to waste one more word on those folks any longer. We have now walked away from that agency.

Please join us for our Domestic Adoption adventures as we have applied to adopt a child or two here in the United States of America. Our adoption is being handled by a new agency, which treats us with honesty, respect, and dignity. We are called to children who need a home, a family, and love forever in their lives.

We have been blessed by an angel in the adoption process whose name means http://www.crownedwithlaurel.blogspot.com

I would be honored for you to join me on this journey.

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The Story of MiaThe Story of Mia

It is a daily story of what it is like to parent a legally blind child, who also happens to be adopted from Guatemala. We face the challenges head on and I try to “see” things through my daughter’s eyes.

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We Found Baby S. in China!We Found Baby S. in China!

I started this blog to document our second adoption journey, this time to China, where we found our daughter Marcie. What started as a way to track our adoption experiences has become a blog about our daily trials and tribulations. We’re a multi-racial, two-career family, and I write about life as a mother and about life as a family touched by adoption.

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This blog is about encouraging and uplifting people.

I am very passionate in sharing My thought of God and His promises to my friends and friends to be.
My specific purpose from the lord is to encourage leaders and assure them that they are not forgotten.
God revealed to me, so many people are been discouraged and they did not have an answer to the challenges they are facing in life.

The lord shows me on the other hand those that looks as if every thing is alright with them still need to be encouraged and know that He watches over them and He knows all about their struggles.
He wants us to release the burden and yoke we are carrying unto him, and assure me that all will be well and He will give His word in season to us and the problems will be taking off our shoulder only if we trust in Him.

I mentor and teach people to success, most especially women, to arise and take their place in God.Isaiah60:1.

By His leading and instruction, I coaches people to have good relationship with their partner, friends, children and colleagues.
I enjoy what I do because this is my calling in life.

I am by His grace who I am.
To your success.

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Reviews by HeidiReviews by Heidi

My blog is a place for me to talk about the things that I’m passionate about~ family, adoption, homeschooling, curriculum reviews, planning & researching~ and so much more!

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A Life Outside The BoxA Life Outside The Box

Welcome to my life where I talk about my family, my faith, and our journey through adoption. Deep thoughts from my heart, sprinkled with laughter and love. Come join me!

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...and the rest is history…and the rest is history

I’m a mean, ‘ol teacher by day, but a softie, camera-toting, blog-everything mom by night. You could also call me an adoptive mom, but hopefully I’m just thought of as Mom. Read the blog to witness the frenzied disaster I call life. It’s crazy, but I still love it.

Come on in…you know you want to!

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My Two BoysMy Two Boys

I am an adoptive mom of one special needs little guy from Russia and a pre-adoptive mom of an infant from Guatemala. I blog about adoption and special needs on my personal site at My Two Boys and about special needs at Discussing Autism. I also blog specifically about adoption at A Child Chosen for B5Media. Adoption has certainly been a journey but I would not have grown our family any other way.

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Building the ArkBuilding the Ark

Our blog takes friends and family through our adoption journey and answering God’s call for our family.

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Ordinary ArtOrdinary Art

I’m just ordinary. My babies are works of art.
I’m just stumbling my way through this parent thing.
Trying to live up to the title of Mommy.
I do not always get it right.
I’m often WAY too opinionated for my own good.
I have to laugh at myself along the way. I’m inviting you to point, mock, and laugh along.
Come join me at my bloggy home.

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I’m a 30-something SAHM with an amazing hubby and four terrific kids, one in high school, one in junior high, and one, maybe two- two year olds. Personally, I am a champion of public education, a cat lover, a devoted Christian (yes, all three CAN go together!) and a chocolate connoisseur. My life is fuller than I ever imagined and so I share it here with all of you. I mainly blog about my family and my passion for Chinese Adoption. Please stop by for a visit!

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Running to the DarknessRunning to the Darkness

I am a mature woman who has a heart to encourage and inspire others especially women through my life experiences. I blog about my my real journey following long and hard after God and running toward the finish line. It is my desire to share the light that I gather and shine it as a torch for others to follow God.

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Adopt-A-Pet.com BlogAdopt-A-Pet.com Blog

Pet Adoption news, Dog Adoption Tips, Cat Adoption Tips. Adopt a Pet brings a you all the information you need for a health pet adoption.

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Mom At LastMom At Last

Welcome to http://www.MomatLast.com

A celebration and sharing of the various journeys leading to and through motherhood as well as a resource for those starting on their path.

I started Momatlast.com after my long and difficult journey in becoming a Mom;
and along the way met many wonderful women who have the same goal… to someday become a Mom.

I wanted to capture and document these journeys, and to form a community of like minds and goals – a place where we can share our joys and frustrations – with the goal to become a Mom at Last!

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