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Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for WomenAsk Patty – Automotive Advice for Women

The Ask Patty.com, Inc.blog and web site is a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jody DeVere from “Ask Patty – Automotive Advice for Women”.

The Babywearing BlogThe Babywearing Blog

My husband and I started the Babywearing blog as a place where we could link to good articles, review many of the baby carriers that we use, and discuss all different aspects of babywearing.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Babywearing blog from “The Babywearing Blog”.

My Chic BlogMy Chic Blog

I’m an Oklahoma teacher who followed my dream and opened a web boutique. I blog at Product reviews, weekly contests, guest bloggers and an occassional personal opinion from me!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Chic Girl from “My Chic Blog”.

Babies Gotta Have ItBabies Gotta Have It

Babies Gotta Have It is the only video blog a.k.a. vlog offering short video reviews and demonstrations of must-have baby products out there. It’s a vlog created for real moms by a real mom…with no agenda other than to share the knowledge that wiser women than myself have passed on to me, make you smile, and commiserate. When you’re overwhelmed in the big baby store, holding that registering magic wand in your hand…what do you *really* need? I’ll help you!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Wendy from “Babies Gotta Have It”.

Sisterly SavingsSisterly Savings

Helping you Save more by Spending Less through Coupons and Good Deals found through out the Web and in stores. We specialize in CVS, Target, Rite Aid and Walgreen’s deals with grocery deals added as well.

Our site is comprised of Deals found by others and posted in 1 spot so come join on in the fun and let’s save together!!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer from “Sisterly Savings”.

Coolest Baby Shower Ideas' BlogCoolest Baby Shower Ideas’ Blog

So, you want the coolest baby shower ideas, huh? Then don’t bound yourself by the rules of tradition…I learned a lot from many spectacular baby shower party photos and ideas shared by visitors like you.

This blog keeps you up-to-date with other postings or news about baby shower ideas (like the latest eco-friendly party)!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Qing Gu from “Coolest Baby Shower Ideas’ Blog”.

Life With A PixieLife With A Pixie

I’m a Mom and full time out of the home worker, as well as an agent for lovelablelabels which is great for all your labeling needs. I LOVE finding deals, steals, coupons and freebies and in my blog I try to let others know about all the freebies, good deals, and coupons I can find.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Chava from “Life With A Pixie”.

The Rousing of Real BeautyThe Rousing of Real Beauty

Real style for women who have kids, jobs, and busy lifestyles. Written by a national Style Coach who works with moms, executives and corporations nationwide she offers
quick and reasonable ideas about personal style.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Rachael from “The Rousing of Real Beauty”.

Inspired!!Wedding tips and ideasInspired!!Wedding tips and ideas

This blog helps you find inspirational ideas to enhance your wedding planning process . Inspiring moments are all around us and they could help you plan an extraordinary event.

Read our Exclusive Interview with ALeximani Events from “Inspired!!Wedding tips and ideas”.

Pinch That Penny 'Til it ScreamsPinch That Penny ‘Til it Screams

I am a stay at home mom of 2. I’m always looking for ways to make a buck and stretch the ones I’ve got! God has blessed our family with the finances to allow me to stay at home and to honor him I’m helping others do the same. The purpose of this blog to share couponing deals, store sales, freebies and other frugal fun. I also offer an online coupon class!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heather from “Pinch That Penny ‘Til it Screams”.

Bargain Shopping ParadiseBargain Shopping Paradise

I’m addicted to bargain shopping, treasure hunting, and thrifting, and I blog about my bargain shopping experiences onBargain Shopping Paradise, where I share ideas and tips to help save you money.

Read our Exclusive Interview with pala9801 from “Bargain Shopping Paradise”.

michellebank.com Teaching Countless Ways to Save!michellebank.com Teaching Countless Ways to Save!

I’m Michelle, a working mom (Special Education Teacher) and in my spare time (what mom has that?), I am at http://michellebank.com teaching countless ways to save!

With a little crafty couponing and learning some tricks, you’ll be on your way to saving your family 50% or more off of all of your groceries and household items! Awesome huh!

Stop on by for some great advice on learning how to save!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Michelle from “michellebank.com Teaching Countless Ways to Save!”.

Best Ballet ShoesBest Ballet Shoes

Finding the best ballet shoes is a personal journey. Every dancer tries different shoes to find the ones she likes and can dance her best in. This is usually a trial and error process, with the help of advice from her teachers, classmates and mentors. At Best Ballet Shoes, we are your resource for the best ballet shoes in one website. We offer advice on ballet shoe wear, who offers the best ballet shoes for kids and toddlers just starting dance, and the best ballet pointe shoes for more advanced dancers.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lara from “Best Ballet Shoes”.

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