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The Spunky Chicks Book ClubThe Spunky Chicks Book Club

A group of spunky christian womenwho gather together to laugh and learn.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Spunky Chick from “The Spunky Chicks Book Club”.

Carey FormulaCarey Formula

I am an inventor and entrepreneur. I am also a woman and a mom. I want to inspire, help and network with other woman and moms about everything from business to motherhood to the challenges of being a woman.


Read our Exclusive Interview with “Carey Formula”.

Wholly DevotedWholly Devoted

A place for our women’s fellowship to get more fellowship, post answers to Bible study questions, and join with our other Christian sisters on the world wide web! Join us for Bible study questions, discussion starters and the occasional book review!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Deena from “Wholly Devoted”.

Wild DaisiesWild Daisies

A place to put my thoughts into words and show off my favorite photos. Mother of four daughters, wife of Law school student. Lifes a bit crazy, but I’m loving it! Welcome to my spot in cyberspace: < a href="Mom” target=”_blank”>http://www.wilddaisies-pj.blogspot.com”>Mom of Girls

Read our Exclusive Interview with PJ from “Wild Daisies”.

Lori Reads and ReviewsLori Reads and Reviews

There is truth to the old saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” so I created a blog to help Moms decide on media choices. My blog is at: http”//appletonreads.blogspot.com. Being an avid reader and frequent visitor to the public library, I want to help others.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lori Plach from “Lori Reads and Reviews”.

Breeni BooksBreeni Books

Book reviews from a working, homeschooling mom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sabrina Williams from “Breeni Books”.

Books, Movies, and Chinese FoodBooks, Movies, and Chinese Food

On my I post daily book reviews, weekly movie reviews and anything else I deem blog worthy. I also give away a LOT of books.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Deborah from “Books, Movies, and Chinese Food”.

So Many Good BooksSo Many Good Books

I am an children’s author and even though my kids are grown I still read lots of children’s books. My blog features reviews of children’s books, especially middle grade and young adult novels. Here you can find out about books I like, and why I like them. An added bonus is links to the authors’ sites.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Susan Uhlig from “So Many Good Books”.

The Well-Read ChildThe Well-Read Child

At The Well-Read Child, my mission is simple–get kids to read. I feature a variety of books for children, middle graders, and teens along with reading tips and learning activities parents can use to help instill the joy of reading in their children.

I also feature author interviews, children’s literature news and announcements, and information about literacy.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jill Tullo from “The Well-Read Child”.

Tina Ann Forkner, AuthorTina Ann Forkner, Author

Tina is the author of Ruby Among Us, which releases May 20th, 2008. She is a busy mom working at home. Stop in to learn more about Tina and her journey as a debut novelist.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tina Ann Forkner from “Tina Ann Forkner, Author”.

Barefoot Books ReviewsBarefoot Books Reviews

I am a mother to a beautiful girl, a teacher, a Barefoot Books stallholder and a poet. I blog about children’s books and products by the Barefoot Books. I also posts giveaways and promotions by other moms.

Below is the link to CHILDREN’S BOOKS AND PRODUCTS BY THE BAREFOOT BOOKS. http://barefootbooks101.wordpress.com/2008/06/21/bear-series-bear-about-town-board-book-review/

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alpha Sanford from “Barefoot Books Reviews”.

Teen Lit ReviewTeen Lit Review

Teen Lit Review’s mission is to provide Christian-oriented reviews on pre-teen and teen books from all genres in order to aid parents in choosing the most appropriate books for their children. The reviews are centered around the books’ content and are rated for suitability.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Shawna & Angi from “Teen Lit Review”.

2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews

A tired mom who loves to read. I’m not a professional book reviewer by any means. I just like to read and I figured it would be fun to keep track of the books I’ve read and how I felt about them.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Holly from “2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews”.

Reading to KnowReading to Know

I am a stay-at-home home who enjoys reading and reviewing books. I am also a staff writer for 5 Minutes for Books.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Carrie from “Reading to Know”.

Ramblings & MoreRamblings & More

I am a stay-at-home mom who blogs just for fun. It’s called Ramblings & More because I write about whatever is on my mind. I selected Book Reviews and Clubs for the category, because it seems lately all I post is book reviews. I also post about life in general, life as a Christian mom, life as a wife, and some product reviews.

Read our Exclusive Interview with ham1299 (Heather) from “Ramblings & More”.

The Book ChookThe Book Chook

My Book Chook blog shares snippets from the wonderful world and words of kids’ literacy and literature. I’m passionate about helping kids read, write and create, and like to think my web space is where literacy and literature collide.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The BookChook from “The Book Chook”.

Woven by WordsWoven by Words

I am a single mom of 4 kids. I have been doing reviews since February 2008. For the most part I do Christian book/product reviews. will give you great family friendly ideas. Occasionally I talk about the crazy life of my family and share photos.

I began doing product reviews in the Fall of 2009 and have recently decided to separate my Christian blog from my Product Review blog because I have an identity crisis on a daily basis. The last thing I need is to add more to my blog. So, Marvelous Mom Reviews will be starting up by April 2010.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mimi from “Woven by Words”.


The Reading Tub is a nonprofit that promotes literacy by encouraging families to read together. Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, our blog is our way of enjoying and engaging in the conversation about raising readers.

Reading unlocks the keys to all other learning, and learning to read begins at home. When you share a book with a child, you open worlds, help them in their journey toward lifelong success, and create great memories. The Reading Tub is a nonprofit for children’s literacy. Here on our blog, you’ll find news, book reviews, and reading ideas. Visit the Reading Tub website to learn more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Terry Doherty from “Scrub-a-Dub-Tub”.

Books With a Cup Of CoffeeBooks With a Cup Of Coffee

I do lot’s of book reviews and book giveaways as well as reading challenges.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Let’s Read from “Books With a Cup Of Coffee”.

Cynthias Book NookCynthias Book Nook

Book Reviews
Gift Cards
Tips on helping children to read

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cynthia Lynch from “Cynthias Book Nook”.

Quirky BookwormQuirky Bookworm

I recently quit my day job to be a full time mom and a part time book reviewer. I write about the books I review and life as a bookworm here in Tucson. I blog about books of all genres (because I love reading books of all genres!), and do book giveaways from time to time.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jessica from “Quirky Bookworm”.

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