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Kisses of SunshineKisses of Sunshine

“…weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”
Psalm 30:5b

I am 38 (ARRRGH!!!) and have been married to the most AWESOME man since June 1990. After having battled infertility for over 14 exhausting years, the Lord finally blessed us with an adorable son who is like Kisses of Sunshine.

I blog to bring humor and encouragement into other’s lives.
I love making blogging friends, so come visit my blog and we’ll chat in the blogoshere.

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My Life in Bits & PiecesMy Life in Bits & Pieces

Read along at My Life in Bits and Pieces and find yourself entering the sometimes wacky, sometimes mundane world of a homeschooling mom. I have 2 children that are 22 years old, and then there are the “little guys” 9, 7, 7 and 6. They keep me busy. I’m also eagerly awaiting my step over the threshold where I become a grandmother late in the summer of 2006.

Some of my favorite posts can be found on my sidebar and in the March, 2005 archives. I like to put some of my favorites there – sort of an all in one stop for a glimpse into my life. You can also read our adoption story from the link on the sidebar.

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Motherhood UnscriptedMotherhood Unscripted

Just a simple 37 year old mom of 3 exceptional kids. Maggie is 10 and is the gifted diva-in-training. Steven is 6 & is our little construction foreman with Asperger’s Syndrome. Henry is our 4 year old angel with Trisomy 21. Trying to keep our heads above water while loving & serving one another & our Lord.

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Extreme Adventures In Motherhood and KnittingExtreme Adventures In Motherhood and Knitting

3 boys. Two are teens and one a surprise… oops. I mean a preschooler. A beagle. 2 cats. And, a married couple.

Who will survive? How will they struggle? Will any one remain?

In todays culture, mothering could be a reality show. It holds all the drama, blood and intrigue. The rivalries are usually “sibling” but they are present. Only, this show, is actually real… (granted it feels surreal!) This is where I chronicle the adventures we have and the things we learn, as God knits our lives together, and I knit up just about whatever else I can find!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tracey from “Extreme Adventures In Motherhood and Knitting”.


With my two precious ones grown and flown this year, the Lord has whispered that it’s time to start being a Mom to the wider world that’s right here at my doorstep—the global blogging community. I’m excited about dialoguing with younger mothers through my weblog, Chrysalis.

Designed for thinking Christian Moms who want a change of pace from the vanilla of daily life, my blog offers humor, inspiration, compelling quotes, books, resources, and useful web links. And lots of photography. You’re invited to stop by today http://chrysaliscom.blogspot.com for a quick visit, and then feel free to click on.

Read our Exclusive Interview with e-Mom from “Chrysalis”.

Rocks In My DryerRocks In My Dryer

The sleep-deprived ramblings of a busy, saved-by-grace mom who does NOT have her act together.

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She LivesShe Lives

I see She Lives as a peculiar sort of ministry. Firmly entrenched in middle-age, I’ve been called to disciple women; proof positive that God has a sense of humor. Flawed beyond belief, I often feel I have nothing to offer anyone that has any eternal value. But God, gracious God that He is, will occasionally lay a bit of something on my heart to share with His women.I’ve learned that leading by example requires transparency. I often say that soft words make for hard people and hard words make for soft people. While I try to keep She Lives fun and light-hearted, relying heavily on the sense of humor the Lord saw fit to instill in me, I often include a hard word for Christian women in my posts. My prayer is that I can be an example for them and bring Glory to the Father as I walk through this worldly world alongside His Son.Read our Exclusive Interview with “She Lives”.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “She Lives”.

Paula's WalkPaula’s Walk

Soaking Up The Son (of God), is where I write about my faith walk.There is a longing inside of me to walk by faith and not by sight.Come along and walk with this wife and mother as I travel this road we call life

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Paula’s Walk”.

Mom of 3 Little BugsMom of 3 Little Bugs

My name is Maria, I am a 32 (gulp) year old mom of 3, whom I affectionately call my bugs. My dear hubby and I have been married for almost 10 years and have been through a lot in those years. I am a teacher, whom God called home from the classroom, to be a homemaker and teacher at home.We are a homeschooling family, and have enjoyed the journey so far. We are also very active in the ministry of our church, The Salvation Army. Yes it is much more than the red kettles and emergency assistance, we were founded as a church. My husband and I are preparing ourselves and our family for a move into full time ministry in The Army.

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Virginia’s Family AdventuresVirginia’s Family Adventures

Welcome to our family site where we share photos and journals of events or just daily living experiences!

We are a family of six. My husband and I, three boys, and one girl. We hope you enjoy our site.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Virginia from “Virginia’s Family Adventures”.

Glass Half FullGlass Half Full

Being a stay-at-home mom has its ups and downs. I try to look at every situation as the glass being half full. From being a wife to raising boys, life gets busy! I have been married for 12 years and have two boys. My greatest desire is for my family to serve the Lord and reflect Him.I find inspiration and laughter in a variety of mom blogs. What would we do without the fabulous support system of mother’s who have “been there, done that”? Through other blogs and even reflecting back on my own posts, I have grown emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even a little wiser.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lori from “Glass Half Full”.

Portrait of a Writer...InterruptedPortrait of a Writer…Interrupted

My life sometimes feels like a chapter out of a novel with a house full of four high-spirited kids whom I homeschool, a new puppy and more hobbies and chores than I have time for. I don’t claim to know all the answers, but I have a lot of questions I mull over at my blogand thanks to some mommy writer homeschooling friends, I’m learning through their interviews and life examples. So come turn the pages of my life as I look to Jesus, my agent, for direction and learn to rely on my God as editor of my crazy life.

And if you’re an interrupted writer like me then visit my group blog appropriately name Writer…Interrupted!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gina from “Portrait of a Writer…Interrupted”.

Changed By His LoveChanged By His Love

I am a servant to the Lord, wife to a minister, and momma to a little man. My life stays busy, but the Lord keeps my feet on the ground. I started my blog because I enjoy writing and it was a great way to keep my family informed. This is my journey that God has called my family on and I hope it brings you much laughter and joy. The road is narrow, so the times are difficult, but God promised He would see me through it all. Come join me on the next journey…we are expecting a baby!

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Sonoran SagaSonoran Saga

I’m a former native Southern Californian experiencing life as a mom and a writer in the desert Southwest. Three years and counting… and I still haven’t gotten over the culture shock. But I share my adventures and usually a few laughs along the way.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer from “Sonoran Saga”.

Think PinkThink Pink

Read the “5 Minutes for Mom” Interview with Dana where she talks about her faith and surviving cancer.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Dana from “Think Pink”.

Life in OverdriveLife in Overdrive

A blog about my crazy, overworked, stressed, blessed, and overdriven life!!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Musical Mommy from “Life in Overdrive”.

Jodi's thoughts and ramblingsJodi’s thoughts and ramblings

I am happily married to my best friend of 15 yrs. I am a SAHM to 2 wonderful boys, who keep me hopping. I am also have an in home daycare. I am a co-owner to a great mom board here in Michigan.My blog Jodi’s thoughts and ramblings is just a way to journal my thoughts and feelings of the day, and a place for family and friends to see what is going on with our lives.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jodi from “Jodi’s thoughts and ramblings”.

The Flip Flop Mamma!The Flip Flop Mamma!

I am a SAHM with two beautiful daughters, ages 9 years and 7 months and I’m married to a pastor. I love being able to stay at home! Bloging is my new hobby (addiction…shhh..) and I’m loving all the friendships that have formed through it! I’m the flipflopmamma, I love wearing flipflops, and being barefoot, just being natural! I talk about my life, and the adventures that come along with it! Hope you enjoy!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “The Flip Flop Mamma!”.

Sunny Days at the BeachSunny Days at the Beach

My name is Carey, i am a SAHM to four awesome kids. I love spending time with my husband, and sitting on the beach watching the kids play in sand. My hearts desire is to know Christ and live the life He wants for me and my family. My blog is a way to stay in touch with family and friends, to share my thoughts and daily struggles.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Carey from “Sunny Days at the Beach”.

Journey To The PrizeJourney To The Prize

I am a stay-at-home mom to three gorgeous boys, & still in love with my husband after almost 16 years. It gets crazy around here but that is part of why I love it. I am trying very hard to record our family’s history as it happens, but that is one more thing on my to-do list, which is growing with each new site I find to visit!Come share your craft & scrapbooking ideas with me. How about Christian fiction? I’m always up for some good suggestions! I am a small town country girl, nothing fancy here, just day-to-day life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Chappyswife from “Journey To The Prize”.

The Princess and the Little GuyThe Princess and the Little Guy

Blog of a Christian stay-at-home mommy to two sweet kiddos.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Susanne from “The Princess and the Little Guy”.

Random ThoughtsRandom Thoughts

I blog about my personal life, fun quizzes, news and what I’ve learned in my daily devotions. Come visit me at Random Thoughts.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Annette from “Random Thoughts”.

Frazzled LaShawnFrazzled LaShawn

I am a stay at home mom to three boys (6, 4 and baby). I might possibly be losing my mind…it is controlled chaos. Come see my craziness in all its glory!.

Read our Exclusive Interview with LaShawn from “Frazzled LaShawn”.

Midlife MysteriesMidlife Mysteries

Musings and Rantings on love, life, relationships, parenting, food, travel – of a 40something Filipina Christian wife, mother and writer on all things wise, warm and wonderful about the midlife journey. HE is a God of second chances. Welcome to my second wind.

Read our Exclusive Interview with cathy_bythesea from “Midlife Mysteries”.

I think mommy ate it!I think mommy ate it!

My goal with this blog will be to share the bible from the perspective of my children through our daily bible time together. And Probably a few other fun stories.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amanda from “I think mommy ate it!”.

Life in the Realm of Life in the Realm of “Crazy”

I am called Mommy, the Human Napkin. I am married to the most wonderful man ever, and we have the three most beautiful children ever, who have a tendency to use me as their personal napkin, hence my pseudonym. I am a stay-home-mom and part-time student, working on a degree in English/Psychology. My husband is an electronics test engineer. Our lives are somewhat wacky (as life with small children tends to be), but can also be funny, sad, and just generally wonderful!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mommy, the Human Napkin from “Life in the Realm of “Crazy””.

Stray ThoughtsStray Thoughts

My blog is a home for the Stray Thoughts of a “middle-aged” Christian wife and mom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Barbara H. from “Stray Thoughts”.

My Midlife MomentsMy Midlife Moments

The tales of a quirky yet oddly serious Christian wife and mom who is in her thirties, yet feels much older. Her childhood was that of a preachers kid, minus the stereotypes that follow that label. Most people think she is crazy because after growing up as a PK, she went off and married a preacher… and is now raising 3 PK’s of her own. This is her story, well the parts she isnt too embarrassed to share.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heather from “My Midlife Moments”.

Adventures in the 100 Acre WoodAdventures in the 100 Acre Wood

The ongoing adventures of a family of six living in the woods. Funny stories about our kids and family homesteading, homeschooling, playing, and attempting to become more frugal.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Stephanie from “Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood”.

Blessed Beyond MeasureBlessed Beyond Measure

The hardest arithmetic to master is that of counting your blessings. Read of mine at Blessed Beyond Measure.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Bev from “Blessed Beyond Measure”.

Dwelling in the Shelter...Dwelling in the Shelter…

I’m an Army mom with a son deploying to Iraq this fall (’06) and another son who has recently joined the army. The Lord is going to be taking me through some good lessons as I am learn to Dwell in the Shelter…”

Read our Exclusive Interview with Marian Collins from “Dwelling in the Shelter…”.

View From Our Porch SwingView From Our Porch Swing

I’m a Catholic mother of 9 children. I write about our life as a large family, and other issues we find important.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lori from “View From Our Porch Swing”.


“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

We’re Christians. We’re writers. We’re moms raising our children, all learning from each other and growing in our craft and the Lord as we pursue publication.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gina from “Writer…Interrupted”.

Healed WatersHealed Waters

Healed Waters is a place to muse, ponder, and reflect on the many ways in which the Lord is
making me a healed water, myself
. He is the Great Physician, sometimes offering physical healing, but more often emotional and spiritual healing for issues like Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety, and more. I am a wife for more than thirteen years, homeschooling mama of two, seeking first and foremost to bring glory to the Lord in my journeying with Jesus.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kari from “Healed Waters”.

Jip's JournalJip’s Journal

Jip’s Journal is much like my own personal journal…just not THAT personal. What I blog about is dictated by what is going on in my life at that moment. Whether it has to do with my faith, my family, my friendships, or something absolutely random, it is always whatever is going on in my heart or my head.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Jip’s Journal”.

“It’s true,” sighed Roo

I’m a fully certified stay at home mama hen. I blog about my life, my loves and my liberties.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ruth from “”It’s true,” sighed Roo”.

I'm in over my head but I'm under His graceI’m in over my head but I’m under His grace

My blog is more of a journal sharing my life as an experience of raising 4 kids. We have been homeschooling our kids and like to share our experiences from time to time. As many know it is theraputic to read and know there are other mom’s just as half crazed as we are raising kids and juggling many other responibilities. So that, I guess is what my blog is about…..letting other christian mommies know….they are not alone!
I am now getting ready to hand over the Stay at home baton to my husband and I will be seeking to get a job (possibly as an interpreter in Elementary school) and I am also an Usborne Books consultant. I encourage you to check out our fun and crazy life and happenings

Read our Exclusive Interview with “I’m in over my head but I’m under His grace”.

Lilies of the FieldLilies of the Field

I am a stay at home mom of seven. I have kids in both public school as well as I home school. My blog is about our life and sometimes our impact on the world and culture around us.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mama Lily from “Lilies of the Field”.

Looking Towards HeavenLooking Towards Heaven

As I live my life day-by-day I am reminded that Heaven is my real home. My life should reflect that. This is my journal of my trip Home.

Sometimes its fresh.
Sometimes its funky.
Sometimes its completely random.
Hopefully, no matter what, I reflect His glory!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Karla from “Looking Towards Heaven”.

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