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All the While...All the While…

I am a WIFE, MOTHER, FRIEND, WOMAN and so much more, but most importantly I am a Child of God. I am daily striving to be a Proverbs 31 Woman. I am a wife to my best friend, Shawn, mother to my beautiful children, Kelsey and Matt and the owner of 3 dogs, 2 cats (all indoors) and fish (number can change daily – LOL). I am (for the most part) a SAHM. I also do some administrative work for a real estate agent from home a few hours weekly and volunteer at school. Jesus Christ is my Rock and all credit for who I am and who I will become is His!! AND those are ALL the things I blog about, in no certain order!

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Mom's MusingsMom’s Musings

I am a stay at home, homeschooling christian mom. I enjoy blogging about
life in our house. I share the funny, sad, frustrating, and general goings on at our place.

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Knee-Deep in Munchkin LandKnee-Deep in Munchkin Land

Even as an adult, my parents still call me Munchkin, a beloved childhood nickname. Now with a munchkin of my own and another on the way, I’m learning some valuable, life-long lessons as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother in Munchkin Land.

I mostly blog about misceallenous stories from my life. It can include cute ancedotes about my daughter, the pains and joys of pregnancy, and the lessons I’m learning from God. This blog has been an incredible place to meet other, same-minded mothers, a place to journal thoughts and emotions, and a way for out-of-state family and friends to stay in touch with our lives.

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Speaking Thru MeSpeaking Thru Me

This is a blog about my daily walk with the Lord. I am real and show times of great joy, but also times of great pain and disappointment! I want others to learn from my mistakes and share the JOY OF JESUS! As a mom of 4, i am also a speaker, writer, and taxi driver (ha).

I am a work at home mom and I blog about
the challenges of responding to His call.

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Embracing MomminessEmbracing Momminess

I love being a mom because I love how it has changed me. I’m more patient, loving, and encouraging than I ever was before I had kids.

It’s interesting, though. I’ve been asked a number of times by people I meet what I do besides being a mom, as if being a mom isn’t enough. Yes, I have other interests, but what I cherish the most about myself is my momminess.

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Momma of 4 BlessingsMomma of 4 Blessings

I started this (my first) blog in August of this year.
It was a few months after the birth of my first daughter, and I wanted a way to share pictures and stories daily with my out of state family. I also have 3 boys, who’s antics never stop. LOL They are constantly providing comical photo opportunities. I am a christian mom, and I like to add a bit of scripture (usually on sunday when I don’t blog), and a bit of encouragement here and there on christian motherhood, parenting, breastfeeding, home schooling, home birth, baby wearing, co sleeping, etc…
Thank you for this opportunity to share my blog with others.

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Mom 2 Mom ConnectionMom 2 Mom Connection

I’m a stay-home mother of five who enjoys blogging about books, people, and the little joys of carving out a writing life amidst the chaos of modern motherhood.

My blog, Mom 2 Mom Connection, offers me an outlet to share what I’m reading and to interview authors who write inspirational books.

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At A Hen's PaceAt A Hen’s Pace

Join me, a priest’s wife, as I try to figure out teenagers, homeschool 5 of our 6 kids, help our high-functioning autistic teen turn his homework in on time, avoid over-involvement in children’s theater and remain connected to the True Vine.

No wonder Teresa of Avila said that the progress of mothers seeking growth in their Christian lives will be “at the pace of a hen”!

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A Bee In Her BonnetA Bee In Her Bonnet

A Bee In Her Bonnet is the personal blog of Minister, wife and mommy Meagan Block. Updated weekly, this site offers reflections on Meagan?s life journey to continually discover the extraordinary life that only God can provide. Visit this site direction at

Read our Exclusive Interview with Meagan from “A Bee In Her Bonnet”.

Surviving MotherhoodSurviving Motherhood

I am a mother of three and, though I love my children dearly, mothering has not always been a joy for me. I get overwhelmed and frustrated and have even questioned God’s wisdom in giving me children before. Yet I have come to understand He is using my children and my struggles as a mother to make me into the woman He wants me to be. I blog about real struggles and real Hope.. I invite you to come, live this journey with me, and find encouragement in your own mothering struggles.

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In His HandsIn His Hands

I’m a happily married Christian mom sharing my journey to adopt from China, the angst of building a dream home and the every day joy that makes up my life.

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New BeginningsNew Beginnings

I am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls, work full time, and I am in the process of finishing up school to obtain a teaching degree in order to be home during the summer. I am a wife of 6 years to my wonderful husband, who is so patient with me, and I dont understand how he does it. :) I have started this blogsite, www.kris-jae.blogspot.com in hopes of having a daily or weekly journal and diary to allow my family to know how much I love them, and most important to gain Christian knowledge from other Christian women in order to become closer to God. I just recently learned about the “blog” world through a website www.ashleysstory.org and have read some of the other blogs from the comments posted. I am truly inspired and would love to have that close personal relationship with God that everyone is talking about. I have been searching for that “Holy Spirit” feeling to know that God is truly by my side, and Hope to change my personality, my priorities, and the way I feel through this site.

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Just Another Day in ParadiseJust Another Day in Paradise

Hi y’all!
I am a stay at home mom, enjoying life with my little ones and the love of my life! My blog is just a little space to write about my thoughts on being a follower of Jesus, a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Life is a gift and I am learning to take it one day at a time as God gives it and to enjoy it as ‘another day in paradise’! Feel free to pop by and pay me a visit, I love meeting new friends! :)

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The Potter's HandThe Potter’s Hand

The daily, sometimes hourly, mutterings…uh, I mean musings of a homeschooling mom of four surviving on prayer, friendship and lots of Starbucks. Some days my cup runs over and some days it all spills out the cracks…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Happy HomeHappy Home

I have y been blogging for almost 2 years now a. My husband and I are in ministry and have three children who are 14 months apart and 16 months apart. I have graduated from Bible college and really want people to grow in the faith in Jesus Christ.

A Happy home isn’t always happy! It’s the attitude at the end of the day. Are you content? Satisfied? I am not always! But this is my journey to make my house a Happy Home!.

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Amy's Humble MusingsAmy’s Humble Musings

Amy?s Humble Musings is the weblog of Amy Scott. I write about various things here: what life is like with five children underfoot, thriving in a postmodern culture, living simply to the glory of God, and what to do with boneless, skinless chicken. If I had to use adjectives, I?d say that my personality is charismatic; my theology, reformed; my perspective, a very amiable pessimist.

I?m glad you?re here. Since we ought to savor Christ in the details of life, I write often about that sort of thing. Your comments and feedback are always welcome, always appreciated.

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The Green GreekThe Green Greek

Welcome to my place! I am a working mom and I blog about balancing work, mothering and homemaking, with my newly discovered Christian faith.
Relax, comment, laugh, enjoy musings on our family’s daily life, spirituality, recipes and special days and our quest for a greener living!

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Growing in GraceGrowing in Grace

Join me as I walk on my journey with Christ and take a look inside the thoughts of a wife, mom, teacher, friend, sister, daughter, minister, and believer. As a homeschooling mom to four little ones, I am constantly learning, teaching, and loving life.

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The Joy BoxThe Joy Box

My passion is to empower women to be content and zealous in their God-given roles – whether that be wife, mother, or anything else. I want to inspire women to live their lives with purpose, and to fulfill that purpose with joy. My blog is a tool I use to accomplish this.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Just Jana from “The Joy Box”.

Sarah's DaughterSarah’s Daughter

I am a 36 year young woman, who is blogging all the various aspects of homemaking and parenting. I love to sew for my family, so often you will find posts with some of the new items I managed to find time to sew. I am a mom to 4 daughters and one son and so of course there are posts related to these precious blessings. There are also quite a few cooking and baking recipes/instructions, since in this country everying is done from scratch and I love to share what I do in the kitchen.

We are national missionaries and sometimes it’s hard to find balance between family and ministry. We live in Serbia, Europe and things are a bit differenct here. So, come on visit me at Sarah’s Daughter. and read about life of a mom from a different perspective.

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Heavenly RamblingsHeavenly Ramblings

I am mother of 5 boys and 3 girls. Ages 22-9. I also run a full time daycare in our home. I blog about day to day living and what God has done to bless our lives. I homeschool our daughter age 9 and that is a joy and always full of surprises.

We live in a small town of 2500 people and love the peaceful clean living. We go for walks at night and as my husband puts it “watch the sidewalks roll up at 5 o’clock”. I love meeting new people and am intrigued by the wave of blogging on the internet.

God is first and formost in my life, marriage, and the lives of my children. We love to study His word and being involved in our church. My husband and I teach middle school Sunday school and they are a joy to teach.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jeannie from “Heavenly Ramblings”.

In The Midst Of This SeasonIn The Midst Of This Season

I am a homeschooling stay at home wife and adoptive mother of 3? (soon to be 4) children. I write about the daily experiences of Christian parenting as an older mom.
This current season of my life is humorous, challenging, tireless, draining, exhilerating, perplexing, overwhelming, humbling and incredibly rewarding. Some call it “rose colored glasses” but I just prefer to view my glass as half full (because it truly is). To that end, I write.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Toni from “In The Midst Of This Season”.

And Babies Make SixAnd Babies Make Six

I’m a mom with 4 kids ages 3 and under. The younger 3 happen to be triplets born at 29 weeks. Our family went from 3 to 6 in 1 short pregnancy…and babies make six. I blog about the daily fun and challenges of raising 4 toddlers.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lynne from “And Babies Make Six”.

Lessons from the LaundryLessons from the Laundry

Moms rarely find peace. Learning to find solace, while surrounded by piles of junk, is the theme of my blog. Written with honesty from the solitary confinement of my 5×6 laundry room, Lessons from the Laundry uses my reflections on the laundering process to explore mundane topics like sock matching and life-altering like my daughter?s degenerative disease. Lessons appeals not only to stay-at-home-moms, but all women, desperately trying to raise a family amidst personal adversity and calendars bulging with commitments. Moms of the physically and mentally disabled will especially identify with my struggles. When my youngest of four children was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease, I ran to the laundry room to cope. God met me there and I have used His grace and lots of stain removers to deal with the dirt in my life. Please stop by and visit me in the Laundry Room.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kathy Gillen from “Lessons from the Laundry”.

Hannah DazeHannah Daze

I am the stay at home mom of Hannah. In addition to taking care of her, I also attempt to take care of her daddy who is the Minister of Education at our church. In my free time I love blogging about The funny…and maybe not so funny things Hannah does.

Read our Exclusive Interview with shawnthegreat from “Hannah Daze”.

Sit With Me AwhileSit With Me Awhile

I am a stay a home Mom. I love to express my relationship with God through my writing. I believe we grow when we share what we have learned and what others have learned. This is a site to engage in conversation that will help us grow and glorify God. So come and SIT WITH ME AWHILE at http://www.slgb65.blogspot.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sharon from “Sit With Me Awhile”.

Beanish and Other Languages I'm LearningBeanish and Other Languages I’m Learning

Just a place for my
ramblings” target=”_blank”>http://ispeakbeanish.wordpress.com”>ramblings as I learn about being a mom and loving my daughter.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kim from “Beanish and Other Languages I’m Learning”.

A Spacious PlaceA Spacious Place

The reflections of a 30-something wife and mother seeking to follow Christ with passion and purpose in the spacious place He has given me.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kelly from “A Spacious Place”.

Where did all this come from?Where did all this come from?

I am a Mom that enjoys the Little things that happen day to day can that can have a huge impact on our life. Here are my stories http://wheredidthisallcomefrom.blogspot.com/

Read our Exclusive Interview with Bonnie from “Where did all this come from?”.

Blessed with olive plants around my tableBlessed with olive plants around my table

This blog is about raising 4 ‘olive plants’ in the Lord, homeschooling, living for Jesus and all the fun things He’s doing in our lives.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Becky from “Blessed with olive plants around my table”.


I’m a Christian, conservative, wife and stay-at-homeschooling-mom of 6. I’m also a bit of a geek, and I wrote my own blogging platform in PHP. I write about many things, from parenting to photography to politics to PHP. I love having my family at home with me every day, and I am always trying new ways of making life easier, more fun, and more for the glory of God.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Michelle Potter from “#!/usr/bin/mom”.

Olive PlantsOlive Plants

I am a Christian homeschooling mom, Air Force wife, and all-around Proverbs 31 woman wanna-be. My life, which revolves around my husband, 8 children, and our country home, is filled with corny jokes, boisterous children, loads of laundry, and the occasional temper tantrum…..although I try really hard not to get any bruises when I fling myself to the floor. My job is to find the humor in it all…..and write about it.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Allison from “Olive Plants”.


Ang4him = A child of God, desparately pursuing Him and His purpose for my life. A working mother of three (5yrs, 2yrs and 10 months) married for almost 12 years to my high school sweetheart. This blog documents my search for God’s Truth and shares special moments in my life regarding my precious family.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angela Smith from “Ang4Him”.

It's OK to be WEIRD!It’s OK to be WEIRD!

The theme for my life seems to have become “It’s OK to be WEIRD!” Who decides what’s normal, anyway?

With my blog I hope to encourage women & moms to be who God has created them to be, even if it’s not what anyone (including yourself) would expect!

I blog about being a mom, a wife, a Pastor’s Wife, and a growing Christian woman – basically life in all it’s wonderfully unique weirdness! Everything from funny kid things to romance, faith issues to “why do we do that” kinds of stuff.

I’m certainly not your typical pastor’s wife, mom or blogger. Yup, I’m weird, but that’s OK! Because so are YOU! And that’s the point!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sweet Mummy from “It’s OK to be WEIRD!”.

everyday life as lyric poetryeveryday life as lyric poetry

One moommy striving to see beauty, learning to expand my perspective, praying to keep my eyes and heart open…and enjoy every moment with my baby

Read our Exclusive Interview with Catherine from “everyday life as lyric poetry”.

Proverbs 31 - and other Possible DreamsProverbs 31 – and other Possible Dreams

I’m a veteran homeschool mom – working to achieve the Proverbs 31 Dream!

I cook. I sew. I knit. I long to be like the women of the Bible – Strong. Faithful. Gentle. I work towards these goals by studying the Word and sharing what I learn on my blog!

My mission is to create useful items , that will glorify the Creator and to inspire others to do the same!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Betty from “Proverbs 31 – and other Possible Dreams”.

Proud to be CountryProud to be Country

We sold our house in suburbia and purchased an old homestead on my husbands family farm. We are the 8th generation to live here!
My goal was to live simply with God’s word and fresh air.
So far I’m loving it and even raising chickens!! I certainly am http://proudtobecountry.blogspot.com. Join me as I find myself and what the Lord wants from me.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alyson from “Proud to be Country”.

Beyond The Red DoorBeyond The Red Door

In a nutshell, my blog is about our journey through life. After 5 years of homeschooling we have ventured back into the school system. We have two children. Michael is 14 and Lauren will soon be 13. They are both in 8th grade at the local Middle School. My college sweetheart and I have been married for 20+ years. I am 40 and also walk the lonely life of a SAHM who battles with Fibromyalgia.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Pam from “Beyond The Red Door”.

Every Day Me... Life as it happens!Every Day Me… Life as it happens!

I am a stay at home mom of 4 children, one with Asperger’s Syndrome. I am the wife of a Marine, whom I love with all my heart! We are a Christian family and thank God everyday for the challenges and blessings He has determined to give us. Life is not always easy but we try to give glory to God come what may! Please take a look at Everyday Me…Life as it happens and learn a little about the many facets of our lives!

Read our Exclusive Interview with anderklan from “Every Day Me… Life as it happens!”.

Marine Corps NomadsMarine Corps Nomads

We’re a Christian, homeschooling, military family. Our blog chronicles our journey through life. You’ve find a little about military life, a little about homeschooling, and a lot about our life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with devildogwife from “Marine Corps Nomads”.

A Mixed Up MommaA Mixed Up Momma

Mine is a photo heavy blog. I’m just a Christian mother of two boys loving life and passing the time.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Margo from “A Mixed Up Momma”.

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