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Home is Where the Art IsHome is Where the Art Is

My blog is about the challenges & joys of leading an artist’s life with my husband all while being a mom to three wonderful boys. I post my recipes & art here too.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lori from “Home is Where the Art Is”.

On the Path to GloryOn the Path to Glory

Every day life on the path to glory has excitement, laughter, good times and bad. I am a SAHM who when asked if I “work” say, “No, I just sit on the couch and eat bon bons.” (What is a bon bon?) LOL Life is fun and never boring with two small girls at home, one bundle of joy on the way, and a very busy husband to take care of. Come on over and check out life on the path to glory.

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Through His EyesThrough His Eyes

We live in “rural” New York, and are doing our best to follow God’s lead and to make a difference to those around us. These are some of our adventures. Join us while we try to reach out and be a light, homeschool, and follow God’s call for us. Here are some of our stories and some of our every day life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Guthrie from “Through His Eyes”.

Passionate MamaPassionate Mama

I am a mom of 3 with a full time job and a great husband. I blog about all sorts of things like life, jewelry, working outside of the home, kids and husband.

Read our Exclusive Interview with HavingMommyMoments from “Passionate Mama”.

For the Love of Peas and MonkeysFor the Love of Peas and Monkeys

I am a sahm and I blog about for the love of peas and monkeys.

I talk about my Sweet Pea and my Chunky Monkey, along w/my dh and of course-my walk with God.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jesse from “For the Love of Peas and Monkeys”.

Married (With Children)Married (With Children)

The musings of a mother of 3 (soon to be 4)

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elena Jade from “Married (With Children)”.

Cabin 77Cabin 77

I am a stay at home mom of two – Princess (born 2000) and Buddy (born 2003). Life at home is an adventure. Sometimes fun, sometimes not, but always interesting.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Millie from “Cabin 77″.

Tales of a Crazy Momma!!!Tales of a Crazy Momma!!!

This is where I come to write about the loves of my life…
my husband, my two boys, reading and whatever tickles my fancy that day! This is where I share how I am trying to be a Godly mom in a world that is so crazy some days… thus, Tales of a Crazy Momma!!! Come on by, leave and comment and sign my guest book. GBU!!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alexis from “Tales of a Crazy Momma!!!”.

Happy Jack's MommyHappy Jack’s Mommy

I am a wife to Ryan. I am a mommy to Jack. I am a full-time student and an elementary education major. I am a daughter, sister, breastfeeder, babywearer, scrapbooker, wannabe photographer, prolife advocate, and horse lover. But above all?I am a follower of Christ?with the privilege to do and be all that other stuff.

Read my ramblings and maybe you’ll find something that makes sense to you.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Whitney from “Happy Jack’s Mommy”.

Daily BlessingsDaily Blessings

This is designed to be an uplifting blog in today’s world–crazy as it is. Although sometimes a rant or two might be thrown in. It touches topics on motherhood, but isn’t exclusive to it. It also highlights christianity, daily thoughts, current events, and the kitchen sink (figure of speech).

Read our Exclusive Interview with Blessed1 from “Daily Blessings”.

To Know HimTo Know Him

I am a Christian woman dedicated to knowing Jesus Christ more and more everyday. This blog will cover life situations that a wife, mother of 3 boys, daughter, sister, friend, and daughter of the Most High God can experience.

I hope to encourage others by sharing what the Lord does in my life. I love HIM so, and He is becoming my number one Passion. HE IS LIFE!!!!

Visit anytime at http://toknowhimjesus.blogspot.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with To Know Him/Kim from “To Know Him”.

Refuge for a Single MomRefuge for a Single Mom

One single mom blogs about her life, her walk with God, raising children, maintaining a home, business and relationships while applying the Word of God and His promises in order to provide a source of encouragement for single moms.

Read our Exclusive Interview with ‘The Single Mom’ from “Refuge for a Single Mom”.

A Beautiful LifeA Beautiful Life

Appreciate and live the blessing of life in full by giving attention to the details, creating an environment that enriches, and taking time to appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tami from “A Beautiful Life”.

Simply HeidiSimply Heidi

I am a stay at home mom of four children. Three boys and a girl. I have been married for 6 years to my best friend from High School. I blog about my daily life, and my walk with the Lord, any recipe that has turned out good, and any current crafts that I am working on. I love feed back from others. SO if you stop by leave me a comment!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heidi from “Simply Heidi”.

A Bend in the RoadA Bend in the Road

I’m a 33 year old, English Christian mother of 2. I love to blog about all things Anne of Green Gables, but most of all I love to blog about Jesus Christ, my hubby and my two little monsters – who sometimes masquerade as little girls 😉

I love new begininnings, to wonder what is just around that bend in the road. I haven’t always been like this though, naturally I am a worrier, – but so many times Jesus has shown me that my life is in His hands and that the bend in the road can hold no fear for me because I am His.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sarah from “A Bend in the Road”.

Life with BabyLife with Baby

This blog is about my pregnancy, delivery, and life as a new mommy to a little boy named Joshua! It’s serious and a bit comical at times. It’s about my emotions and my wishes. He’s always learning, coming up with new things; therefore I’m constantly learning and trying to figure out how to stay one step ahead of him!! It’s my life with my husband and my little boy!.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Life with Baby”.

Tara's View of the WorldTara’s View of the World

I am an imperfect pastor’s wife and an imperfect stay at home mother of 3 beautiful children. Olivia is 2 years old, Owen is 5 years old, and Aiden is almost 7 years old and has special needs. I blog about my daily joys and challenges as a stay at home mom. I blog about what it is like to be a rather unique pastor’s wife. I blog about my frustrations and joys parenting a special needs child and about my experiences dealing with medical professionals/ educational specialists/mental health folks in my quest to get help for my kiddo. I blog about my struggles with depression. I also love to share my thoughts on books and various products and services through doing regular reviews and hosting fun giveaways. Blogging is totally keeping me sane!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tara from “Tara’s View of the World”.

Christian Moms AllianceChristian Moms Alliance

I am a Christian work at home mom to 5 of God’s blessings! Christian Moms Alliance is a family-friendly community centered on a love for Jesus Christ. ALL Moms are welcome and we hope to use our blog as a way to encourage and support each other. Let our walk of faith be UNITED!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Shannon from “Christian Moms Alliance”.

The Surrendered ScribeThe Surrendered Scribe

Please visit my blog, The Surrendered Scribe.

My past was all about fearing rejection and worrying about what others thought of me.

My present is all about obeying God, surrendering my fears, and stepping out of the comfort zone.

My future is sharing His messages of encouragement and love with you, as well as personal posts , on marriage, parenthood,writing, ministry, and pretty much anything in between!.

Be encouraged, blessed, challenged, but be back often!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Julie Arduini from “The Surrendered Scribe”.


I am a SAHM and I share my heart, my
crazy days, my priceless moments and I squeeze in a few sewing victories.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “MorningSong”.

Conversations With My Hair DryerConversations With My Hair Dryer

I’m a mom, just like you. Sometimes the only quiet time I get is when I’m drying my hair. Probably because I can’t hear the screaming, banging, and crying when the hairdryer is on.

Read our Exclusive Interview with jen from “Conversations With My Hair Dryer”.

The Diaper DiariesThe Diaper Diaries

I am a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful girls. I?ve been married 6 fabulous years to a wonderful husband and father.

I love being home with my kids and wouldn?t have it any other way, but I am paying off an awful lot of grad school loans for this priveledge. Also my life often feels like ?Grounhog Day.?

Mostly, I am just trying to be a good mom, wife, daughter and friend, all of which I do with varied success. Finally and most importantly I am trying to figure out how to do all this in a way that honors God and is worthy of the calling he has for me.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jill from “The Diaper Diaries”.

Real LifeReal Life

I am a 33-year-old Don’t-Stay-at-Home Mom of 3 beautiful girls, and I teach private voice and piano lessons. I’ve been ecstatically married to the most awesome guy for 10 years………………………………
I want to get real and talk about all the issues we know we deal with! And add in some meaningless silliness while I’m at it, to help me get through the day! Leave a comment if you stop by!

Read our Exclusive Interview with SingForHim from “Real Life”.

when 2 bacame 3when 2 bacame 3

Christan wife to a wonderful man, porund SAHM of a lovely little girls, babywearer, cloth diapers user, nursing mama. This blog will have post about all of the above and more! visit Days of a stay at home Mama . I also am and aspirering proverbe 31, and Titus 2 wowmen, relying on God’s grace to be what my creator attented me to be.

Read our Exclusive Interview with stam house from “when 2 bacame 3″.

My Quotidian MysteriesMy Quotidian Mysteries

Inspired by Kathleen Norris’s published lecture The Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy, and “Women’s Work,” I use each post to open the sacramental windows of my everyday life. I’m a wife and mother, diplomatic trailing spouse, evangelical, Anglican, and a host of other “quotidian” titles.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura from “My Quotidian Mysteries”.

Hoping to Bear FruitHoping to Bear Fruit

I am a Christian, stay-at-home-mom with 2 small boys. I blog about all the trials and tribulations that come along with having 2 kids under the age of 2, and struggling to live on one (not particularly big) income. I would love my blog to encourage other moms in the same or similar situations. I also blog a lot about my faith. How good God is and how sometimes I struggle to remember that.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kimberly from “Hoping to Bear Fruit”.


Hi, my name is Aimee’. I am married to My Man and a happy Mom to eight beautiful children. This is my family blog where you get a glimpse of our life as a family of ten!.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “AdoptedAsHisOwn”.

Reflections of Calm in the ChaosReflections of Calm in the Chaos

When life gets a little rough and rocky, its nice to have someplace to find some peace. Having a house full of six young children can create a lot of chaos- this is my place of calm.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kate from “Reflections of Calm in the Chaos”.

Living In GraceLiving In Grace

I’m a homeschooling mom with two young teens, who happens to be on home dialysis. This blog is my journal of life in the Living in Grace house as we walk through it day by day. My goal is to encourage others with real life struggles (big or small), through faith and humor.

I’ve also been a successful work at home mom, and would love to help other moms make this a reality, if this is their dream.

Come by and stay for awhile. Dig through the archives. I’ll bring cookies.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kelli from “Living In Grace”.


I am new doing this … I’m a Christian Mother of two girls … 16 and 20. I am a Minister’s wife also who lives in Alabama. Wanting to meet new friends. You can check out my blog at http://www.joyscorneroftheworld.blogspot.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with Joy from “joyscorneroftheworld”.

All 4 My GalsAll 4 My Gals

I am a Christian stay at home of 4 little girls. My 2nd daughter has Down syndrome, and I feel very strongly about advocating for the disabled. I love to read, work out, do Bible Studies and be with my friends….all of that in my spare time. :)

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nicole from “All 4 My Gals”.

Please Pass the SaltPlease Pass the Salt

I’m a military brat turned Southerner; English turned history major; Covenant College graduate turned wife; legal assistant turned mother of one, two, and now three.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Moriah from “Please Pass the Salt”.

Faithful ChickFaithful Chick

One faithful chick’s thoughts on
the joys and challenges of life..

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Faithful Chick”.

There Is Power In Prayer Through Yeshua Ha' MashiachThere Is Power In Prayer Through Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach

I began my blog as a way to list prayer requests and over time it has evolved into much more. I invite you to visit my blog and welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Briggie from “There Is Power In Prayer Through Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach”.

fresh flowersfresh flowers

As God walks me through this journey He unfolds little ‘flowers’ for me that draw me closer to His heart. There are other bits of this and that, too, things that happen in our crazy household of 8 (9 at the moment). My prayer is that my blog will be a blessing and an encouragement to you as you smell the flowers here at ‘fresh flowers’ – http://freshflowers01.blogspot.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with flowerlady from “fresh flowers”.

Meditations and MusingsMeditations and Musings

A Blog about my faith and every day life written by a Christian , Reformed, Homeschooling mom of 7 children living in Japan.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Partin from “Meditations and Musings”.

My Life As JulieMomMy Life As JulieMom

Our ministry and life in South Africa ministering to the Deaf. Also funny and practical stories of motherhood. Because my kids are funny. And cute. And so is my Hubby, Prince Charming. Come on over and visit our little corner of the Kingdom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with JulieMom from “My Life As JulieMom”.

Milk and CookiesMilk and Cookies

I am a Classical homeschooling mom to a five-year-old boy wonder (The Superhero) and doting wife to the most amazing man on the planet (The Administrator). I am the co-founder and editor of The Heart of the Matter Online Magazine for homeschoolers. I have a passion for genealogy and am aspiring to be a Proverbs 31 lady. My blog is located at Milk and Cookies.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amy from “Milk and Cookies”.

mommy's coffee timemommy’s coffee time

I am a young stay-at-home mom who blogs my personal devotionals, book reviews, and daily mom-stuff.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “mommy’s coffee time”.

The Real Me~Mother MomentsThe Real Me~Mother Moments

This is a blog of the many ups and downs in my walk as not only a mom, but as a woman in general. My goal for 2008 was to feature a REAL ME http://www.mother-moments.blogspot.com post once a week. This is about things I have went through, going through and how I let God guide me in the process. I also share kid ideas, homemaking, recipes. This is a place I will regular ask questions about everyday things to get others advice so we can all help each other out! There will also be scriptures, studies, and challenges at times.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Real Me (Chrissy) from “The Real Me~Mother Moments”.


Navigating the delightful, sometimes dangerous and always mysterious realm of relationships between Daughters of Eve with candor, faith, and hope: http://www.HEvencense.wordpress.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with “HEvencense”.

Jendis Journal of Musings and Mommy StuffJendis Journal of Musings and Mommy Stuff

I’m a Christian, wife, and SAHM of 3 blogging on crazy kid stuff and random thoughts that make it through my “Mommy Brain.”

Come and see my tote bags/purses made from recycled jeans. I can make you one from your old clothes, too.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jendi from “Jendis Journal of Musings and Mommy Stuff”.

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