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Not Entirely BritishNot Entirely British

I am the author of three published books, and I blog several times a week at Not Entirely British about many things, including books, teenage problems, writing, photography, natural health, recipes, and anything that I feel might be interesting to others.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Anne Bradshaw from “Not Entirely British”.

Sassy PantsSassy Pants

I blog every day or so at http://www.jessdager.wordpress.com, or Sassyy Pants, about our life with three young monkeys, I mean children, and one very full ministry to college students.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jess from “Sassy Pants”.

The Laughs Will Go On...The Laughs Will Go On…

The good days, the bad days and all the laughs inbetween!! :)

Read our Exclusive Interview with Andrea from “The Laughs Will Go On…”.

Overflow of a Forgiven SoulOverflow of a Forgiven Soul

I am a Christian, homeschooling, book lovin’, and scrappin’ mom. I blog about those things that are near and dear to me and all that overflows from my heart. My posts are often a jumble of daily snippets from a Mom’s life, ramblings of the lastest book or product, exhortations to uplift and encourage, ponderings from my own heart, and meditations on the Word and just how wonderful He is.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jessie from “Overflow of a Forgiven Soul”.


I am a stay at home mom to two in Singapore and I blog mostly about mommyhood. My older son has mild hearing impairment in his right ear which we discovered only in 2007. So I blog about that too.

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Capturing TodayCapturing Today

I’m a Christian, wife and homeschooling mother to 3 little girls ages 8, 5 and 2. My husband is a financial planner, rancher and SFC in the Army Reserves. We love to cook from scratch, garden, preserve the harvest, and enjoy spending time with our family and friends. We also raise all-natural beef cattle on 80 acres here in Tennessee. In all, we try to enjoy each day we are given and teach our girls to do the same. I capture various moments from our days for tomorrow’s memories at my blog . Come by for a visit!

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Mama Kenz StudioMama Kenz Studio

My blog is all about being a Christian mom and everything that includes! I strongly believe in parenting naturally without having to turn into a hippie, and I am constantly striving to become a better homemaker, mother and wife. I blog about everything from knitting, to Bible Study, to the rockin’ tattoo that I desperately want to get! In addition to my blogging adventures I am beginning to do some freelance writing and am training to become a postpartum and pregnancy loss doula. Stop on by my little studio and take a look!

Read our Exclusive Interview with MacKenzie from “Mama Kenz Studio”.


I’m a follower of Jesus, a wife, a stay-at-home mom, a trivia buff, and a recipe book reader. I grew up in the city, but 6 years ago, we moved out to a beautiful acreage in one of the few valleys on the Great Canadian Prairies. Where water pipes freeze and I shovel mountains of snow in the winter, I get to shoot skunks in spring, I mow lawn for 3 straight months in summer, and I rake leaves until the cows come home in fall. And through it all — the wind, the snow, the humidity, or the heat — I walk…

Read our Exclusive Interview with tammi from “ValleyGirl”.

Beloved MaMaBeloved MaMa

A faith and family MaMa blog. Beloved MaMa reflects the pages of my heart. Included are entries about life as a MaMa to 3 boys, wife to an amazing husband, and most importantly reflections on my walk with Christ. I am a contributor to Tuesday’s In Other Words and often have my very own Parties, Bloggin’ style…giveaways included! Grab a cup of tea and join me on a journey of my heart at Beloved MaMa.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Beloved MaMa”.

Extravagant GraceExtravagant Grace

Extravagant Grace is about the business spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ while reaching women of all ages with God’s message of extravagant grace, love, hope, forgiveness, and transformation.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elisa from “Extravagant Grace”.

She Is So CalmShe Is So Calm

What do you get when you combine quirkiness, ancient wisdom and a house full of sweet organized chaos? Come visit me and find out why they say SHE IS SO CALM.

Read our Exclusive Interview with sheissocalm from “She Is So Calm”.


Daily life of a woman who raises kids, questions, and my own heartrate.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Blogversary”.

Livin' LifeLivin’ Life

I am a mom of three boys, trying to live in an all male household. I am one crazy woman who likes to journal my life’s stories and connect with other women of God. I am passionate about the Lord and all He has for us. I love living life to the fullest.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Livin’ Life”.

Cup of JesusCup of Jesus

I am a wife, mommy, librarian, coffee addict, and lover of Jesus. I blog about the dailyness in our lives, trying to find the humour and God’s touch in everything.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Andrea from “Cup of Jesus”.

Christian Child Sponsorship BlogChristian Child Sponsorship Blog

Learn all about the joys related to child sponsorship, and keep up to date with the happenings around the world.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Paul Counts from “Christian Child Sponsorship Blog”.

My Writing CanvasMy Writing Canvas

Loni is a mom of 12 children, (two in heaven & ten at home) and has been homeschooling them for the past 15 years. She & her husband have been married 23 years. On her blog, My Writing Canvas she shares of struggles and triumphs of being a Christian woman and mom, homeschooling, book and product reviews and writings from her heart from a Biblical viewpoint. You may cry with her, laugh with her, but most of all she wants you to see Jesus through her writings.

Loni began blogging shortly after the death of her 16 year old son in December of 2004. In March of 2006 she took a freelance blogging position with ClubMom (now CafeMom) for 18 months until ClubMom discontinued the blogs. She continues to do freelance writing and blogging.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Writing Canvas from “My Writing Canvas”.

Simply DawnSimply Dawn

I am a Christian stay at home homeschooling mom of six and I blog about the “simplicity” of my everyday life, hopes, and dreams.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Dawn from “Simply Dawn”.

Homemaking 911Homemaking 911

The number one word homemakers use to describe themselves is overwhelmed. Women have a yearning to create a home, a place of beauty, order, comfort and peace. However the compulsion to do it right often collides with feelings of guilt, inadequacy and frustration.

Our “home” on the web at http://www.homemaking911.com is meant to encourage you. Here you will find resources to help in many aspects of home management and home education, being a godly wife and mother, and becoming the type of woman God is calling you to be.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Malia from “Homemaking 911″.


Quite simply, I am a woman, a mom and a daughter in God’s Kingdom. My blog, Mom-me provides me the opportunity to write down the thoughts that keep me up at night or dreaming during the day. My primary goal is to vent the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental ups and downs of being a “supermom” who doesn’t want to lose her individual identity as a woman, from a Christian world-view. In the process, I hope you can enjoy or even be blessed by what I have to say.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sara Mason from “Mom-Me”.

Guidance for VictoryGuidance for Victory

I am a stay at home mom with 3 active kids. I blog about my daily life, faith, pressures, and anything else. I will occasionally drop recipes or good ideas here too.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jen from “Guidance for Victory”.

Jamee ForeverJamee Forever

Hi! I’m Stacey, wife to John, mom to Niki (18), Cody (16) and Alex (11). I work at home (data entry, glamorous, I know), and home school Alex. I try to honor my very much missed sister’s memory in every choice I make. It’s my way of keeping Jamee’s wonderful spirit alive forever. That’s where my blog, ., got its name.

I’m deeply hooked into the digi scrapping. Sometimes I even get motivated enough to get down to my sewing room and sometimes I just think I’d like to and that’s as far as it gets!

We spend a great deal of time as a family with our church family and are constantly learning how to be missional people sent by God. It’s so easy to be missional, but quite another for me to be intentional about it. I’m working on it!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Stacey from “Jamee Forever”.

Cheaper By The Half DozenCheaper By The Half Dozen

The continuing saga of one mom’s search for five minutes’ peace!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Marybeth from “Cheaper By The Half Dozen”.


4tunate is a blog about QUADRUPLETS! All boys born at 32 weeks, beating all medical odds. The blog documents their adventures, joys, challenges, and laughs of raising multiples.

Read our Exclusive Interview with 4tunate/Murray Crew from “4tunate”.

All Things Work TogetherAll Things Work Together

I am a wife and home schooling mom of 5. I blog about how God makes all things to work together for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Read our Exclusive Interview with darnelle from “All Things Work Together”.

Rainy Day in MayRainy Day in May

I am a stay at home mom who works part time in the freelance writing industry. I am a wannabe ultra crafter, who is new to home schooling. My blog ends up being a potpourri of every area of my life- from cooking to crafting, from organizing to friendships, from infertility to adoption, from the entertainment industry to my relationship with God…

It’s all there! :)

Read our Exclusive Interview with Misty from “Rainy Day in May”.

Pursuing SimplicityPursuing Simplicity

A Christian Mom in pursuit of a more simplified life in all areas body, mind, spirit, finances, and health.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Vickie@Pursuing Simplicity from “Pursuing Simplicity”.

Recognize & RememberRecognize & Remember

My blog, Recognize & Remember encourages others to remember God’s faithfulness in their lives by Recognizing God’s work in their life, Recording that memory and then Remembering God’s amazing faithfulness—especially when the hard times come. I have been a MOPS Mentor for 6 years and often write about my MOPS devotions and experiences. Also, valuable in my life is my church, Bible Study and numerous friends all over the world.

My desire through Recognize & Remember is to bring my Lord glory by writing and speaking to women’s groups, encouraging women that God is truly faithful no matter what their life circumstances are.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sandra from “Recognize & Remember”.

notes of jubileenotes of jubilee

I am a stay at home mom and military wife attempting to focus on the joy that can be found in everyday life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with jubilee from “notes of jubilee”.

Live Laugh BlogLive Laugh Blog

I’m a Christian stay at home mom with two little girls. We love to play and dance and sing songs. I do lots of laundry and cooking.
My blog is just the daily or not so daily ramblings of my life. How I’m doing and what God is revealing to me. I strive daily to have a better walk with Christ. Some days I do, some days I fail miserably. But it’s all about His Grace.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jill from “Live Laugh Blog”.

Weak Weary MomWeak Weary Mom

Wife, Mom, Homeschool Teacher, Housekeeper, Writer, Disciple of Jesus. So many plates to keep spinning…oops, I dropped the Housekeeping…

is full of scattered thoughts, simple pleasures, and heartfelt prayers.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Georgetta from “Weak Weary Mom”.

Aroma of JoyAroma of Joy

I am a married mom of 7 children who range in age from 5 to 21. Over the past few years God has led me in directions I never would have dreamed of and it is my hearts desire to offer my life to him as a pleasing sacrifice! Between marriage, parenting and life in general I find lots of things to blog about!! I would love to have you visit me at my blog Aroma of Joy.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kelley from “Aroma of Joy”.

The Bayou Belles and Their BeauThe Bayou Belles and Their Beau

Blogging about kids, hubby, the dog, and other random thoughts and observations. Come on over and visit me here.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mama Belle from “The Bayou Belles and Their Beau”.

Safe In HIS ArmsSafe In HIS Arms

I’m the wife of a wonderful man (Link) and we have four children. Two on earth and two in heaven. One we lost by miscarriage, the other to a cancer called Neuroblastoma. (He was Stage IV at diagnosis) His name was Brent and he died at the age of 11.

Our family has been through so much… we hope to use our struggles and trials to bring others closer to JESUS. It’s my desire to show that GOD is our STRENGTH and our JOY!

Nehemiah 8:10
“Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Safe In HIS Arms”.


I’m a Christian wife and mom to one… soon to be two! These are my thoughts, stories, triumphs, and failures in daily life at home– my momfessionsmy momfessions!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sheila from “Momfessions”.

The Heights and The DepthsThe Heights and The Depths

I am a stay-at-home Mama to baby girl MCM (little Beeb) and chihuahua Martini (Teeny, Teenser) and wife to Leland (BB, the Beeb) the power attorney. My hours are 24/7 – unpaid – but there are lots of hugs and kisses to go around. It’s hands down the best job I’ve ever had and the hardest I’ve ever worked. And you get to read about all of it right here at The Heights and The Depths.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Courtney from “The Heights and The Depths”.

Keepers of the Home By JenniferKeepers of the Home By Jennifer

I am a stay at home mother of 2. I am a wife of a preacher, was a pastor, now and Evangelist. You can find me at http://www.keepersofthehomejm.blogspot.com. My blog is to be an encouragement to Christians, Wives, & Mothers. I also blog about our life on the road with my husband and my 2 sweet kids. A little bit of everything is what I blog about. A little this and a Little that……….

Read our Exclusive Interview with Keepers Of The Home By Jennifer from “Keepers of the Home By Jennifer”.


I have been told I have a different way of looking at things. Come take a look and see how a preacher’s wife and mother of eight who lives on a horse farm and writes encouraging Christian articles views life!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Penny Raine from “PennyRaine.com”.

a little corner of our worlda little corner of our world

I am a Christian mom and pet owner. After having lived outside of Texas for 8 years my family and I recently moved back. We live in San Antonio, Tx and although I have lived here before it is a big adjustment for me.

Read our Exclusive Interview with curlymumsy from “a little corner of our world”.

Wani's WorldWani’s World

One SAHM’s ramblings. on life, love, and the pursuit of sanity!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Wani from “Wani’s World”.

Visions & VersesVisions & Verses

My blog and my illustrations are inspired by the cherished moments of everyday life, motherhood and friendship to warm your heart and uplift your spirit.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jen Jahromi from “Visions & Verses”.

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