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Under Grace & Over CoffeeUnder Grace & Over Coffee

Andrea is a coffee drinking, Jesus-loving wife and stay-at-home mom of three in constant search of just the right mug for her brew. She pretends to scrapbook, loves to knit, and avoids housework whenever possible. She blogs about the love she has found in Jesus, along with the caffeine-laden randomness that makes up the majority of her day. Grab your cup and come on over!

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The Finer Things in LifeThe Finer Things in Life

Because the Finer Things in Life… really aren’t things, I blog about Faith, Motherhood, Simplicity, Tiny Towns, and Good Home Cookin’

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Stop and Smell the ChocolatesStop and Smell the Chocolates

Take a little time out of your stressful day to stop and smell the chocolates.

I’m a Christian mom, married for 16 years, with one son who never fails to amuse me. I love blogging and am blessed by the community of other moms I have met in the blogosphere.

I hope to share my faith, mom stories, recipes, and bring a smile to your face. If that happens to involve chocolate, even better!

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Granola Mom 4 GodGranola Mom 4 God

These are the tales of living with the conviction of bringing my family closer to God by reverting back to traditional ways of eating and living alongside my husband and three sons, through mothering, sprouting, fermenting, homeschooling, cloth diapering, gardening, and sewing.

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Keeping it SimpleKeeping it Simple

I’m a mom with 3 girls and a high school teacher on the side. Keeping it Simple was born out of my involvement with Mom’s Moments. I write about my life in Canada, kids, marriage, faith, compassion, running, my highs, my lows… light, practical, serious, you name it… Just real life stuff as I strive to be more intentional about becoming a better mom, wife and woman. Join me and share your insights!

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Sippy Cups and FingerprintsSippy Cups and Fingerprints

I am continually reminded of God’s great love for me. I see Him everywhere. I am trying to teach my children about His grace and love, all the while, I am still learning…
My name is Miranda. I have been married, to my husband Joe, for 5 years. We have 3 small children, Bethany 4, Joseph 3, and Jenna was born in May 2008. I am a stay at home mom. I have always loved to journal, I am starting a blog to help me capture all the sweet things our children do and the lessons God teaches me though my family. I have been amazingly blessed!

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From Inmates To PlaydatesFrom Inmates To Playdates

From Inmates to Playdates is a running record of my life and the bazillion things that roll around in my head on a daily basis. I do hope you’ll stop by often as I will be serving a daily dose of crazy in between playdates, domestic duties and looking for my crown.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Julie from “From Inmates To Playdates”.

It's Time For More CoffeeIt’s Time For More Coffee

I’m a wife, a mother, a Confessional Lutheran, and a really good cook. My boys make me laugh and the Rev. is my best friend.

I love blogging about my life, giving advice and helping people. I enjoy talking even more than I like to write, but blogging is about the writing. So I write. Consider this my near daily phone call.

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The Queen Mommy's CafeThe Queen Mommy’s Cafe

I’m a Christian wife & mom of 2 girls. I am a SAHM / WAHM, and budding writer! I write about the challenges of mommyness, faith, family, home, work, and life!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debbie from “The Queen Mommy’s Cafe”.

Hands, House, And Heart FullHands, House, And Heart Full

A blog about life…whatever that may entail. The Good, the bad, ups, downs, ins and outs…I just let it all hang out so to speak. I do some reviews, giveaways, posting about my weight loss troubles, and
trials and tribulations of learning how to be a better wife, mother, and Christian
. I have a real desire to help people as I learn to help myself. I only hope that one day that will happen.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kris from “Hands, House, And Heart Full”.

Moments for MumMoments for Mum

I write my blog http://www.momentsformum.com to encourage other mums on their journey of motherhood, using my own experiences as well as scripture references from The Bible.

Motherhood is not easy and I believe we can find peace, hope, guidance and comfort from God’s Word. I have found that God relates to my life as a mum in more ways than I ever thought.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Narelle Nettelbeck from “Moments for Mum”.

The Gypsy MamaThe Gypsy Mama

I’m Lisa-Jo. I’m South African by birth and American by marriage. The past decade has seen me and my husband, Peter, gypsy our way around the globe: from South Africa to the United States, from Washington, D.C. to Notre Dame, IN, from Chicago to Kiev, from Pretoria to Michigan, and back again to DC where it all started 12 years, 3 continents and two kids ago. We are so blessed to return with our boys, Jackson Jo and Micah Peter, who color our lives and complicate our frequent travel.

This little nook of the Internet is what I call home , whether I am in Africa or Stateside. I spend a lot of time living in the in between countries. In between cultures. In between languages. In between callings. In between time zones. Here is where I try to sort through what all that means for me and my boys (one toddler, one preschooler, and one husband). You’re welcome to join the journey.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lisa-Jo from “The Gypsy Mama”.

Hanging Out the WashHanging Out the Wash

Ang is a homeschooling mom of three, a watercolor painter, graphic artist, writer and overachiever (bet you guessed that!) living in Northern BC, Canada and blogging about living intentionally and trying too hard to be perfect.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ang from “Hanging Out the Wash”.

Filled With PraiseFilled With Praise

I recently wrote a letter to my grandma as a way of thanking her for the many valuable lessons she taught me. After writing it, God put the idea in my heart of:
What if everyone took the time to thank each person that He uses to teach others? We are in essence praising Him when we take the time to say thank you to one another because it is through Him that all love is shown. That was how this blog was born….

It is a blog of praise to give Him thanks for all of the blessings in our life from our children to jelly smeared on the floor (Yes, jelly on the floor can be a blessing too!).
I hope you will join me to sing His praises on Filled With Praise

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amy from “Filled With Praise”.

The Joyeful JourneyThe Joyeful Journey

I am on a journey to stay a woman in love… I want to love my Jesus, my husband, my children, and my world with absolute devotion!

In everything I do, I am seeking to make HIS HEART MY HOME.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Joye from “The Joyeful Journey”.

Random Mommy ThoughtsRandom Mommy Thoughts

Formally speaking, I’m a believing, painting, married mommy of three beautiful children, two of which reside in the United States with me and the other, who I consider like one of my own, lives in El Salvador. I sponsor her through Compassion International. I enjoy reading, movie-watching, learning how to cook (emphasis on “learning”), and doing crafty things from time to time.

Generally speaking, I’m just a classic rambler. I could rattle on about any of the above topics at any given time.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Stacey/babystace from “Random Mommy Thoughts”.

Generation CedarGeneration Cedar

Generation Cedar is a blog for encouraging Christian women, particularly stay-at-home moms and wives. We cover topics related to homeschooling, saving money, being a wife and mother, managing household affairs and many more.

We are currently around 800 a-day readers strong and growing!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Word Warrior from “Generation Cedar”.

Joy Ever AfterJoy Ever After

I blog to encourage women to have joy in their roles and relationships as daughters of the King of Kings.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer from “Joy Ever After”.

Designing for the SoulDesigning for the Soul

Welcome to my blog, Designing for the Soul … a journal of sorts about what inspires my passion for design and my passion for my family and faith. It’s also a peek into life in the studio with 4 busy children who add color, texture, and character to each of my creations. I am fortunate to license my art to manufacturers who use my designs on their beautiful products.
Glad you landed here…visit often!
Blessings on your day!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Designing for the Soul”.

Simply MelSimply Mel

Southern at heart, Christian SAHM living in Massachusetts. Former Missionary’s Kid and preschool teacher. I try to add a dose of humor as I blog about my family life, my faith, my imperfections, weight loss goals, contentment, parenting, living in New England, church ministry, poor housekeeping, my marriage and my struggle to trust God as we struggle to conceive a third child. Find it all and more on my blog < a href="http://www.simplymelsblog.com"> Simply Mel

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mel from “Simply Mel”.

Shasher's LifeShasher’s Life

I am more than the Pastor’s Sassy Wife and a WAH-Mother of 4 AMAZING children! I am a Social Butterly and a SERIOUS coffee addict! Welcome to a glimpse of my crazy life!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Shash from “Shasher’s Life”.


I blog about my experiences as a new mother and health topics as they relate to children. I include personal articles such as “what they don’t tell you about breastfeeding” to direct research regarding breastfeeding.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “POOKIE”.

Outnumbered MomOutnumbered Mom

The mother of four boys, a writer, and a teacher, my heart is for mothers. Ours is the noblest of professions, and we need each other! My goal is to inspire and encourage moms. Visit to find ways to help yourself, your spirit, your family, and to reach out to other moms.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura from “Outnumbered Mom”.

Grace For MomGrace For Mom

I am a Christian mom of three who blogs about
God’s grace for moms. I have been a stay-at-home mom, a student mom, and a working mom, and God’s grace has been equally needed throughout all seasons in my mothering. I love being a mom and truly recognize it as a gift and a privilege from God (on the good days, anyway!).

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sandy Youmans from “Grace For Mom”.

A Minute CapturedA Minute Captured

I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, a wife to one and home schooling mother of six children. My blog, is where I capture our minutes in words and pictures.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jenny from “A Minute Captured”.

A little R&RA little R&R

Wife of one and only. Mom of three. Always busy, but always learning. Creative. Loving. Sometimes critical. Striving to be the best that I can and knowing its only through Christ that it can happen.

There’s so much more, but I am still learning myself through the eyes of the Lord.

Blogging about Becoming a Better Mom by Christmas. From the start there are 318 days to go.

Read our Exclusive Interview with R Rogers from “A little R&R”.

The Purposeful HousewifeThe Purposeful Housewife

I write on being a faithful Jesus-follower first a godly wife second, and a nurturing mommy third.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Allie from “The Purposeful Housewife”.

The ChangeThe Change

I am a middle-aged wife and mom of three going through the change of life: in my family, my home, and in my approach to life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Leigh from “The Change”.

God's Amazing BlessingsGod’s Amazing Blessings

I am a christian mom and I blog at which is place for like-minded moms in Christ to come to talk about God, marriage, kids, home making and participate in bible and book studies and prayer challenges. Please come and join us!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elise from “God’s Amazing Blessings”.

Mom's Best NestMom’s Best Nest

I am a Christ-follower who is so very thankful for God’s faithfulness in my life. My blog is a place where imperfect moms can share how we can do our best in our nests through our faith, relationships, mothering, and homemaking. Not perfection, just our best!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mikki from “Mom’s Best Nest”.

little pieces and bitslittle pieces and bits

http://littlepiecesnbits.blogspot.com/ is all about a little piece of us and a bit of everything else. I love blogging about family, Jesus, babies, food, music….just about everything actually.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amanda from “little pieces and bits”.

Walking The WalkWalking The Walk

My Blog is a placer where I as a mom and a pastor’s wife meet together to form who i am and what i do and I will challenge you to Walk the walk…. Instead of just taking the Talk….

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mary from “Walking The Walk”.

Wife Life As A ChristianWife Life As A Christian

Thoughts of a young woman’s narrow road to seek God.

Wife Life As A Christian is trying to reach out to anyone I can with the message that He has given me and hope to encourage those who seek encouragement through the walk of a young mom and new christian wife.

Join me as I explore and learn what He has to say every day!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Rosalind from “Wife Life As A Christian”.

Plum CreekPlum Creek

I am a stay at home mom who blogs at http://ourplumcreek.blogspot.com

My Plum Creek is my homestead. It’s the home that I cultivate for my family. I make it inviting for visitors, a place for adventure for my children, and a haven for my husband.

The purpose of this blog is to give me a place to share my thoughts on what works for me in my home. I love learning about new recipes, crafting, simplifying life, and activities for the children. Most importantly I share about my growing faith with the Lord.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kay from “Plum Creek”.

tammy cook blogs bookstammy cook blogs books

Everyday I strive to be like the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible. My blog http://tammycookblogsbooks.blogspot.com/ shows some of the ways I do this. I started the blog to be a book reviewer. My blog has book reviews and more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with tammy cook from “tammy cook blogs books”.

Making A HomeMaking A Home

I am a Christian stay-at-home mom to three children, both biological and adoptive. We are a homeschooling family. I blog a lot about godly homemaking and mothering. My desire is to inspire other woman to make their homes a warm, cozy dwelling place for their families, friends, and guests.

The majority of my topics include homemaking, mothering, being a godly wife, crafting/creative endeavors, devotionals, some homeschooling, frugal living. I would love for you to visit me, and it would warm my heart if you would leave a comment to let me know you were by!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amber from “Making A Home”.

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