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I carry stacks of cookbooks and food magazines with me wherever I go, whether it is going to the beach, on the plane, or even for the 10 minutes I wait when picking up my kids from school. To be completely embarrassed and honest: I glance at recipes when waiting for red lights to turn green. And I started writing a cookbook, but my friends kept asking for recipes and ideas in advance. My to-be cookbook morphed into this blog thanks to the impatience of myself and all of my friends. Here it is: my food inspirations and experiences, newfangled recipes, party planning, menu mapping, latest foodie book responses, notes from my friends? kitchens, some fun anecdotes.

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Let's get Wokking!Let’s get Wokking!

I’m a stay at home mum who loves wokking for my family. Nothing fanciful. Just simple home-cooked food that they will enjoy!

This blog is where I record and share what I wokked

So, Let’s get Wokking!

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Brazilian Food LoveBrazilian Food Love

A brazilian and international food blog written by a Swede.
Your Brazilian Cooking guide.

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Divine Dish - Swapping Recipes with the BlogsphereDivine Dish – Swapping Recipes with the Blogsphere

I am a mother of 2 who has a passion for cooking and collecting recipes. Divine Dish is a concept i came up with to bring together other bloggers out there that are interested in sharing and trying new recipes.

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The Humble HousewifeThe Humble Housewife

I am a happy housewife living in Ireland. I mainly blog about cooking, providing wonderful family recipes with photos, from healthy meals the kids will devour to romantic dinners for two. I am a firm believer that anyone can cook good wholesome meals for their families in the same time they could run down to the store to buy something pre-packaged and full of preservatives.

Although I live in Ireland, my husband is American, so most of my recipes work in either location and I always suggest ingredient substitutions fr the relevant geography.

I am an avid reader so I also like to blog about reading, often writing book reviews and cookbook reviews.

I am always striving to find new ways to entertain my two toddler daughters and when I find something that works I share it on my blog.

Come and visit me – I’d love to meet you!

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Little SpatulaLittle Spatula

I am a stay at home mom and I blog about food and cooking. I post recipes, tips, and reviews of savory entrees, desserts, and appetizers.

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BlogDolci.com a SweetBlogBlogDolci.com a SweetBlog

Sweets, sweets and sweets from Italian mom. I love cakes and i share with you my recipes, my photo and my food.
Many recipes of deserts and photo from Italy.

Come to see my cakes!!!

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No Fear EntertainingNo Fear Entertaining

I am a Mom to 2 quickly growing girls who loves to cook and entertain in our home. This blog is a how to guide to entertaining in your home. I offer tips, recipes and menus that can be used for your daily life or for a special occasion.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Judy from “No Fear Entertaining”.

Whining and DiningWhining and Dining

I blog about my grocery store finds, recipes, tidbits and musings on feeding a picky toddler in Los Angeles.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Rietz from “Whining and Dining”.

Down To EarthDown To Earth

We created Down to Earth to help separate fact from fiction about food production. We are farmers, ranchers, chefs, and just plain old good eaters. We are also moms. We know, firsthand, what you should be concerned about or heartened by. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for information about what’s best to feed your family, or if you aren’t sure whether to believe all the hype about something you’ve read. We want to help you get it straight.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sara from “Down To Earth”.

My ReceipesMy Receipes

I am a mom of twin toddler girls and I am trying to spend my extra time in blogging so that I can earn some extra pennies.

This blog is about The South Indian Vegetarian recipes.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Vidhya Iyer from “My Receipes”.

Frantic Home CookFrantic Home Cook

A desperate mother of two (three if you count hubby), who is looking for food her family will eat that doesn’t come shrinkwrapped…or at least doesn’t come with a toy .

Read our Exclusive Interview with Francie Baker from “Frantic Home Cook”.

Southern PlateSouthern Plate

Treasured recipes from the south brought to you in full photographic tutorials so that anyone can cooksouthern dishes just as if their granny were right there showing them how!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Christy from “Southern Plate”.

Cooking with AnneCooking with Anne

As the mother of 7 noseminers, (ages 19 years to 2 years ~ 5 girls, 2 boys) and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (among other titles) of this brood, I find that cooking for and feeding so many takes a lot of time.

This is just a spot for me to write about my favorite pastime and therapy (did you think with 7 kids I wouldn’t need it?) of choice: Food and Cooking.

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Frutto della PassioneFrutto della Passione

Food and all things culinary are explored by a Canadian Expat living in Italy at Frutto della Passione.

You can find recipes, restaurant reviews, rants, ravings and one woman’s insights on good eating.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Joanne from “Frutto della Passione”.

A Freshly Milled LifeA Freshly Milled Life

I’m a stay at home mom who is passionate about healthy homemade cooking. I blog about my nutritional and cooking journey. Come check me out to learn about whole foods cooking, milling grains and a healthier lifestyle as we move our family from the Standard American diet, to a more healthy diet.

Read our Exclusive Interview with erin from “A Freshly Milled Life”.

Seduction MealsSeduction Meals

Seduction Meals is about food + romance and everything in-between. Here you will find recipes for romantic meals for two, featured cocktails, sexy music play lists, tips on cooking with spices and aphrodisiacs, and must-have products, cookbooks and CDs.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Seduction Meals”.

San Jose Healthy Food ExaminerSan Jose Healthy Food Examiner

Ever since my daughter turned vegetarian (well, pescetarian and lacto-ovo) about a year ago, I’ve been struggling to cook meals we would both enjoy that are low fat and include a decent amount of protein, fiber, fruit, and vegetables. Long story short, I started creating my own vegetarian recipes and am now writing about
healthy eating and cooking on Examiner.com. Stop by and take a peek or share some of your own vegetarian, pescetarian, or just plain healthy recipes.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sally Slemons from “San Jose Healthy Food Examiner”.

“Mommy? I’m Hungry!”

I am a stay at home mom who blogs “Mommy? I’m Hungry!”. A family friendly blog full of recipes, photos, product reviews and giveaways!.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Rachelle from “”Mommy? I’m Hungry!””.

Sweet Dog OrganicsSweet Dog Organics

I am a working mother with three Labrador retrievers. Our family believes that dogs are not just pets but family members who should be able to live the same healthy organic lifestyle as our family. Through our devotion to the use of organic ingredients, we developed Sweet Dog OrganicsInterview with Debbie from “Sweet Dog Organics”.

Cooking 4 Busy MomsCooking 4 Busy Moms

Quick and Simple recipes for the Busy Mom.
Each recipe can be made within 30 minutes and contains 6 or less ingredients

Read our Exclusive Interview with Busy Mom from “Cooking 4 Busy Moms”.

The Healthy Cooking Blog with healthy recipes, cookbooks and cooking tipsThe Healthy Cooking Blog with healthy recipes, cookbooks and cooking tips

Healthy Cookbooks are Holly Clegg’s specialty. Including cancer cooking, healthy cooking, diabetic cooking, freezer recipes, entertaining cookbooks and weight loss cookbooks.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Holly Clegg from “The Healthy Cooking Blog with healthy recipes, cookbooks and cooking tips”.

Food Ideas - Simple Recipes from Around the WorldFood Ideas – Simple Recipes from Around the World

A collection of recipes I grew up with from Portugal and all around the world as well as some I come up with.

The recipes include lots of children friendly recipes using organic ingredients. Most of those recipes are done with the help of my older middle school daughter who is growing to appreciate food and cooking…and helping her Mother of course!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sofia Reino Kinch from “Food Ideas – Simple Recipes from Around the World”.

You've Got SupperYou’ve Got Supper

You’ve Got Supper is a menu-planning website with over 1,000 tried and true, family-friendly recipes. Each week, we email moms 5 simple, tasty recipes. They simply click on the meals that they want to make and a categorized grocery list is generated. We designed http://www.youvegotsupper.com to help busy families get a tasty, healthy meal on the table.

Daily, we blog about the meals we are making. Since we test every recipe before it goes up on our site, we like to share our kitchen successes and disasters along the way.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Susan and Michelle from “You’ve Got Supper”.

Our Table 4 FourOur Table 4 Four

I am a mom on a mission to help other families with food allergies. There is no reason why your whole family can’t join together at the table and enjoy delicious meals. Come join me at http://www.ourtable4four.com/wp.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lauren from “Our Table 4 Four”.


I am Conni, and army wife of 20+ years, and a homeschool mom of three, living in Alaska.

On my blog, MrsMamaHen you will find lots of recipes with step-by step pictorials. These are recipes that I make for my own family, and enjoy sharing with others.

In addition to food, I also write about military life, homeschooling, and life where the Army takes us – which is currently the adventure of Alaska.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Conni from “MrsMamaHen.com”.

Quick and Easy Cheap and HealthyQuick and Easy Cheap and Healthy

I write about “real food in the real world”: healthy, from-scratch food that doesn’t waste your time, money or energy.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Anne from “Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy”.

Blyssful HealthBlyssful Health

Blyssful Health is a place for you to get inspired about eating healthy. Follow my journey to health as I jump into the world of raw foods. I share information on what raw food is and how to make it. Find out how to make a green smoothie, raw chocolate, cheesecakes and more. Also enter raw contests and giveaways for books and dvd’s and more.

Come join me and find your

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sasha Campbell from “Blyssful Health”.

The Saturday Evening PotThe Saturday Evening Pot

Delicious recipes from Johnson and Wales trained Chef and his family. His “Lucky Wife” also hosts a weekly recipe potluck party on Mondays, called Make a Food-“e”-Friend Monday, where foodie bloggers are invited to share recipes. Our Star Recipes Collection is an ongoing linky for the most popular recipes from the food blogosphere. Please come add yours!

Other features include recipes that have been identified as “low allergenic” by a nutritionist and “Ask The Chef”, where our readers can http://www.thesaturdayeveningpot.com/p/ask-chef.html“> submit questions about cooking technique, recipes, etc. for The Chef to answer.

Our Mom-Friendly Recipes post, for the Ultimate Blog Party, has been very popular and is a great recipe resource.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Lucky Wife from “The Saturday Evening Pot”.

Mom's Kitchen Handbook:  Raising Fresh-Food Kids in a French-Fried WorldMom’s Kitchen Handbook: Raising Fresh-Food Kids in a French-Fried World

Mom’s Kitchen Handbook addresses all the pesky little (and not so little) issues of the table, from dealing with picky kids to getting dinner on the table. As a food writer, registered dietitian, and cooking teacher, I try to offer practical tips to help ease the challenges of the kitchen with wholsome food that’s never “hippie” food. Come have a peek.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Katie Sullivan Morford from “Mom’s Kitchen Handbook: Raising Fresh-Food Kids in a French-Fried World”.

Recipes For Our Daily BreadRecipes For Our Daily Bread

I recently started a recipe blog to help encourage families and friends to cook together, eat around the table together and share God’s Word together. Each recipe has large photo’s and step by step instructions.

I am posting encouraging stories about growing up with an alcoholic mom, having a gun put to my head at age 16, having a special needs son who has had 17 brain surgeries and has seizures, our adoption story, and many more stories. I am reviewing our families favorite places to visit, restaurants, movies, Christian Fiction, and more.

My prayer is that this blog will bless and encourage other families.

Read our Exclusive Interview with dianeroark from “Recipes For Our Daily Bread”.

Super Mom The FoodieSuper Mom The Foodie

A blog by a Mom for Moms and other people that love food!

See the quiz of the week and see how your response compares to others!

Please visit me at:

Read our Exclusive Interview with Super Mom from “Super Mom The Foodie”.

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