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The Butrfly GardenThe Butrfly Garden

The best summary, EVER!

In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful. ~Abram L. Urban

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amy from “The Butrfly Garden”.

Honeysuckle ThoughtsHoneysuckle Thoughts

It is the thoughts I think about everything from life to well everything I guess my views on life are different than some but I put a little of myself into this so it is who I am. I write my feelings and thoughts.

Read our Exclusive Interview with your’s truly B from “Honeysuckle Thoughts”.

Jake and the Matt ManJake and the Matt Man

The pictures tell the story as I share the fun and exhaustion of life with two children under three.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jen from “Jake and the Matt Man”.

Proud SAHMProud SAHM

I am a proud SAHM to a very active toddler and I blog about Proud SAHM who has very little fear of anything. My daughter is what I like to refer to as a “community child”, she loves to go out and do just about anything with other kids, animal, whoever. My blog is about our daily life and activities so stay tuned for the many adventures of us.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kisha from “Proud SAHM”.

Down In My Little ValleyDown In My Little Valley

Down In My Little Valley is a collection of the happenings in my daily life here in our Ohio valley. As an “empty-nester”, I write about the adjustments my DH and I have made and continue making in learning how to live “alone” once again. It has been fun, though at times a bit heart-wrenching. I also use my blog as a way to keep in touch with extended family and friends. I share recipes, funny stories, bits of everyday thoughts and biblical wisdom and lots of pics! *smile* Yes, you just never know what you might find going on Down In My Little Valley, so stay tuned!!!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jewel from “Down In My Little Valley”.

My Life, My Love, My RealityMy Life, My Love, My Reality

I am a stay at home mom and I blog about my life, my hobbies and business.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tiffany from “My Life, My Love, My Reality”.

Just Being MeJust Being Me

I’m a first time author and I blog about life as I see it. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for over 27 years and have two grown children (ages 25 and 23). I love my husband, my kids, our church. I share what God places on my heart to share. I never know if it turns out to be – funny, serious, everyday or inspirational (I hope on occasion). Join me in this adventure I call life and see where it takes me. My first novel, Prisoner of Circumstance is now available on Amazon.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nadine Zawacki from “Just Being Me”.

Life, Travel, Passion and more...Life, Travel, Passion and more…

This personal blog contains a mishmash of my opinions, thoughts and insights on life, parenting, internet, blogging, shopping, health, fitness, news, recreation, travel and every other issue I am bombarded with as a a href=”WAHM” target=”_blank”>http://www.homeofficewomen.com”>WAHM. Being mother to an active toddler adds more excitement and fun to life and my blog too.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Doris Chua from “Life, Travel, Passion and more…”.

A Day in the LifeA Day in the Life

My blog isn’t just about one catergory. I blog about marriage, work, scrapbooking, family issues, organization & most recently, about my miscarriage in July 2006.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Robin from “A Day in the Life”.

Life With 4 Kids and a DogLife With 4 Kids and a Dog

I’m a Christian and full-time homeschooling mom and military spouse. My blog is a repository of all the things that happen to flit in and out (mostly out!) of my mind… things the kids say/do, movie, tv, and book reviews, stuff I find online to share, and just the day-to-day goings on in our hectic lives.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Karen from “Life With 4 Kids and a Dog”.

Mommified MeMommified Me

i’m a simple mommy in a complicated world… or maybe a complicated mommy in a simple world. i love my daughter, my husband, my friends & my home. i seek a happy life with a nice balance of the crazed me that was and the mommy me that is.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cami Kaos from “Mommified Me”.

Theres A Frog In My SoupTheres A Frog In My Soup

The mixed blessings of raising 6 sons! Trying to find peace and simplicity in the midst of chaos. I am simply a mom on a journey – trying to raise our boys to become honorable, respectable upstanding men! There are many challenges, joys and much hilarity along the way. I offer glimpses into our everyday life, discoveries we have made along the way, ideas I have, the silly things kids say and fun things I find online! You will almost always find one or two contests going on, many real life mom moments and much much more!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Shera from “Theres A Frog In My Soup”.

Ventanawhos CandidVentanawhos Candid

I’m a young mother of 3 kids and a wife to my soul mate. I’ve been through not only adolesence but brain surgery instead of the missonary trip I was suppose to take and three c-sections before age 24. Because of these experience’s I share my life with those who might need support as a young mom. I also share my life to show others that I’m under the protection and shelter of a gracious God. I’m not perfect, but my God certainly is.

Read our Exclusive Interview with AnnaLiza from “Ventanawhos Candid”.

The Building BrowsThe Building Brows

The Building Brows is a DIY house construction large family (six kids) who lives in an 832 square foot trailer hoping to earn and save enough money to finish the build on their do-it-yourself house.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Brandy from “The Building Brows”.

The Rebellious Pastor's WifeThe Rebellious Pastor’s Wife

I am a homeschooling mother in Indiana who loves my kids, baseball (Go Dodgers), confessional Lutheran theology, politics, and just making observances about life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with RPW from “The Rebellious Pastor’s Wife”.

All Things CherishedAll Things Cherished

All Things Cherished is all about my life and interests: single motherhood, Christianity, health issues, scrapbooking, Christmas, advocacy, and more.

I am a work at home, single mother of two special needs children: my son is bipolar, ADHD, ODD, and many other initials of issues & delays; my daughter is gifted and has chronic asthma.
I blog about daily living, fibromyalgia, advocacy, scrapbooking, foster care, mental health issues, Christmas, and whatever else pops up in my daily life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Storm from “All Things Cherished”.

Little Lessons from my Loving LordLittle Lessons from my Loving Lord

Everyday I learn Little Lessons from my Loving Lord. I see these lessons in everyday events. Visit me often to see what is going on in my life and what Little Lesson I learned from it.

You can also read more of what I write at FaithWriters.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sharon from “Little Lessons from my Loving Lord”.

Play At Home MomPlay At Home Mom

The Weblog of KaboodleKids – follow one mom’s adventure as we launch and grow a unique kids clothes boutique!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Play At Home Mom”.

We All Fall DownWe All Fall Down

I’m a 42-year old mother of two wild and beautiful girls in Chicago
‘burbia. We All Fall Down is my blog about mothering and movies, grief and grace, books and blunders.

Read our Exclusive Interview with cindyfey from “We All Fall Down”.

The Five-BrownsThe Five-Browns

I am a South African mom to 3 young kids and I blog about the ups and downs of life and living.

I endeavour to find humour in everything life throws at me and enjoy sharing experiences with other bloggers.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Five Browns from “The Five-Browns”.

Coma GirlComa Girl

I have lots to say and my husband is sick of hearing it. So, I take time out of my busy day of singing ?wheels on the bus?, watching Noggin, doing laundry, making dinner and listening to the dramas of three teenagers, to vent to the world in my blog, http://www.gdcorwin.blogspot.com. I have always wanted to be a writer and I have been looking for an outlet. Plus I need to prove to everyone why my $40,000 English degree was worth it.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Genna from “Coma Girl”.

So a Blonde Walks Into a BlogSo a Blonde Walks Into a Blog

Expect the unbelievable. That is the motto for my life. Join me as I share the crazy things that constantly happen to me, all with a sense of humor.

I also write about faith, celebrities, reality television, and hold many exciting contests. Come join in the fun!

Read our Exclusive Interview with BlondeBlogger from “So a Blonde Walks Into a Blog”.

oh amandaoh amanda

“Oh, A-man-da!” It’s the thing I say to myself when I’m excited, aggravated or just talking to myself. So, that’s what this blog is–putting down “in print” the things I have in my head–usually, that’s my daughter, my tivo, my friends and my faith in God. Oh yeah, throw in a few books, some food and a few posts about blogging itself.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “oh amanda”.

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful LifeLaura Lohr : My Beautiful Life

Stay-at-home-mom, wife, Runner, Disgruntled.

I am a stay-at-home mom to one busy little girl and blog at about my adventures running and training for my second marathon.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura from “Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life”.

Mermaid CrossingMermaid Crossing

Day in the Life situations of a SAHM with a wild and wacky, rambunctious 2 1/2 year old. Funny stories- Special moments, happy thoughts all documented in my blog http://www.mermaidcrossing.blogspot.com ENJOY!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Mermaid Crossing”.

Skittles' PlaceSkittles’ Place

Skittles’ Place is a collection of humor, videos, quizzes, and memes.

I also include posts dealing with issues I’ve faced in the past or am still facing. These include obesity, child abuse, diabetes and panic attacks.

I often reflect back on raising my three children and I’m always ready and willing to post (brag) about my five grandchildren.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Skittles from “Skittles’ Place”.

Life According to the Wall Street Redneck's WifeLife According to the Wall Street Redneck’s Wife

The life and times of a famiy, as seen and narrated by this digitally scrapbooking mother and foster mother.

No topic too big or too small. Most common topics include digital scrapbooking, foster parenting, and children’s antics.

, see my art (digital scrapbook layouts) and learn about my family!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lynn from “Life According to the Wall Street Redneck’s Wife”.

Starr's Thought JournalStarr’s Thought Journal

My blog is about the chaos of every day life and how we can find something positive in the midst of it. I am a christian homeschool mom with two boys, so I have lot’s of stories to tell!! I use my blog as a resource to encourage and support other women in their parenting/marriage journey.

Hope to see you there!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Starr from “Starr’s Thought Journal”.

Faith FuelFaith Fuel

If You’re Feeling Empty, Refuel here at Faith Fuel.
Just one woman’s journey to that elusive abundant Life.

I blog about family life and family fights, delightful days and days of despair, the joys of friendship, and how to find your heart’s desire

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lauren from “Faith Fuel”.

Love Country LivingLove Country Living

Ramblings from a Country family and the country life. We love the peaceful family life of the country. We are on a journey through our life to promote family values and good morals. I blog about ourSimple Life in the country.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alta from “Love Country Living”.

Krississippi - The Fifty-First State of ConfusionKrississippi – The Fifty-First State of Confusion

Someone should invent a chip that could be used to BLOG by directly uploading from my brain… Is ‘Krississippi (dot) com‘ the fifty-first state of confusion??

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Krississippi – The Fifty-First State of Confusion”.

Flashlight...taking one step at a timeFlashlight…taking one step at a time

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother and find each role to be both fulfilling and challenging. My desire in blogging
is to encourage you by sharing experiences that may help you with questions about everyday living. I want to inspire you to take risks in your personal life, challenge you to be bold in a world of gray or neutral, demonstrate God�s faithfulness in easy and hard times, and love you in a way that reveals God with skin on.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gerry Blumberg from “Flashlight…taking one step at a time”.

Live! and In ColorLive! and In Color

A plethora of random minutiae.

More specifically, it’s all about me. Who I am, think I am, and wonder if I’ll ever be. I write about being a Navy Wife, mother of three, part-time tax-preparer who loves dogs, tea, cross-stitching, photography, reading and learning new things.

I spent the first 35 years of my life being what I thought was expected of me by others. I hated that life. Now I’m exploring the real me. The possibilities are endless.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jenny from “Live! and In Color”.

My Dear FamilyMy Dear Family

I am a SAHM who is married to a Senior Pastor, homeschools our 2 darling daughters, and loves to cook, scrapbook and shop. You will see what goes on in our crazy lives at http://dearshomescool.blogspot.com. You will also see photos as I learn more about my camera and photoshop.

Read our Exclusive Interview with mydearfamily from “My Dear Family”.

What The Muffin?What The Muffin?

The daily triumphs and tribulation of a teenage sunday school teacher, babysitter, and (much) older sister.

Click Here to see for yourself!

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Muffin from “What The Muffin?”.


My blog is a little about everything. My family, homeschooling, quilting, stamping and life in general.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debbie from “die-steppdecken-des-quilter”.

Let the Dust settleLet the Dust settle

I am a SAHM with three children. My oldest child has ADHD, and my middle child has profound hearing loss in one ear, speech apraxia, and autism. I have ADD and celiac disease. I have recently updated the blog, and plan to talk about menus, and just how to get through life without going totally insane.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kathryn from “Let the Dust settle”.


I am a God fearing geek, daughter, sister, wife, friend and hope to be mother some day. I have had many struggles in my life that I have had to overcome, and I find that blogging is a great release for me regarding life’s issues.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Demara from “Yokoso”.

Red Sox MommyRed Sox Mommy

A SAHM blogging about life, the Red Sox and anything else that comes to mind.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Red Sox Mommy”.

my life in words/debra.parkermy life in words/debra.parker

This is a fun and honest blog about life, love, ministry and dreaming. This blog follows the life of a family in journey to their ultimate calling.

Read our Exclusive Interview with debra parker from “my life in words/debra.parker”.


I am the mother of three sports crazed boys and I blog about our daily life at http://www.sportsmum.blogspot.com.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sportsmum from “SportsMum”.


Stay at home mom with four wonderful kids, one who happens to have Down syndrome. Married to Mr. Wonderful. Daily happenings of a typical family. Life with Down syndrome, Sunday Gratitudes, Inside My Head, Into The Vortex of Teenagers.


Read our Exclusive Interview with Scraehaircare from “Scarehaircare”.

Collected ThoughtsCollected Thoughts

Just stories about our families everyday life. I blog about my collected thoughts

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Luttrell from “Collected Thoughts”.

Maria's SpaceMaria’s Space

I am a mommy of 2. My son is 4 and my daughter is 2. I am trying to leave a legacy for them through my blog. I lost my mom when I was 12 and have been trying to find out WHO she was as a person. I don’t want them to ever wonder who I was or how much I love them.

I use my blog to write about my life and thoughts on anything and everything. I love writing and reading blogs.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angel or Maria from “Maria’s Space”.

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