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If you’re a mom and you have a blog, let us know and we’ll add your site.

Living PossibilitiesLiving Possibilities

A variety of articles on healthy living, positive thinking, and co-creating a balanced life!

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Suburban Life PattiSuburban Life Patti

my journey from single, party gal to wife and soon to be mother. I share events and stresses of my pending adoption of a russian baby girl and my n shock and awe of all things marriage, suburbs and kids.

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My blog is about finding and practicing creativity everyday, organically. I am a mom to two sons and have a wonderfully supportive husband. Creativity is worth pusuing… http://www.organicsyes.wordpress.com

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Figments [of a mom]Figments [of a mom]

Figments of my imagination, real insights, pet peeves and daily observances of a working mom to two girls. I blog about every day funnies and frustrations, plus any cool links I come across. Stop by for a visit; you might be able to relate.

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Nanny Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes....and Spiritual Lessons Too!Nanny Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes….and Spiritual Lessons Too!

I’m a full-time nanny and I love the work I do! Each day is spent loving three of the greatest kids on earth! Every day is full of precious childhood innocence and an abundance of joy! My duties as a nanny are varied so my writings in my blog vary, including stories of general interest, humor, struggles and even spiritual lessons…straight from the mouth of babes!

My hope is to share snippets of life as a Connecticut nanny, and to enlighten and encourage those who visit http://nannywithamessage.blogspot.com/

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