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Satcy GirlSatcy Girl

A blog about every day life as a mom of two girls. I love technology and try to find new ways that the latest and greatest tech can be used to make a mom’s life easier!

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Come join me as I blog my way to sanity. After over ten years of stints in the classroom, I’m now a stay-at-home mom to four children, PTA president (I know, it’s hilarious), and active member of my church and community. I’ve just finished my second middle grade novel, and I’m sending it out to prospective agents. I love to cook and entertain, so you’ll find everything here from recipes to poetry. Jump right in and chit-chat with me at http://www.donnakoppelman.blogspot.com .

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Positive Thinking EverydayPositive Thinking Everyday

I am a working stay at home mom and i blog aboutbeing positive everyday.

Being a mom who is also a photographer and who has Multiple Sclerosis, is a challenge. However I take every hour by doing the very best that I can be.

I found that by making a list either everyday or whenever I can, of things I am thankful for helps. No matter how bad my day is, I list at least 10 things, no matter how small.

It helps and I hope that they help others too in re-thinking their daily lives.

I welcome people to comment and add their lists too. I also blog about my family and my work.

Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog 😀

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Camera ConfidentialCamera Confidential

I am a Mom, photographer and lawyer. I blog about our crazy lives including travel, eating out, working from home, photographing celebrity weddings, life with kids and anything else that occurs to me.

There’s lots and lots of photos and a dash of humor. Stop by and visit!

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Senorita DorkitaSenorita Dorkita

Basically, it’s me and my daily adventures, thoughts, rants, raves…whatever comes to mind. It’s Senorita Dorkita, It’s All About Me, Baby.

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The Perlman UpdateThe Perlman Update

Mama Mia! This is a journal of a stay-at-home mom to two young daughters and a crazy dog, and wife to an overworked and underpaid Federal Employee. I blog about the chaos and excitement of living abroad.

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Un-Domestic MamaUn-Domestic Mama

The true life of how a Un-Domestic Mama. is trying to survive and flourish in a Domestic World! I blog about being a Med Student, a mommy, a Wife, the owner of two dumb yorkie dogs, and trying to find the silverlining.

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My Opinion CountsMy Opinion Counts

I am a mom of two grown children. One who is in graduate school and one who is in the military. I make quilts and scrapbooks. I enjoy traveling and have been doing that quite a bit lately as we visit our daughter at each new base she is assigned to. I work full time in the business my husband and I have owned for over 25 years. I have two rotten dogs who are my babies. I love to voice my opinion about many topics because I have definite opinions about things and I think that my opinion counts.

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Mommi MafiaMommi Mafia

From Fashionista To Mamacita,Mommi Mafia.chronicles my adventure in to mommyhood while trying to stay chic!

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Living in the MomentLiving in the Moment

I am a mama and a wife to a fire fighter/paramedic. This is just some random thoughts about our sometimes crazy life.

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The Nonsensical Random Nonsense of a Travelling HousewifeThe Nonsensical Random Nonsense of a Travelling Housewife

Wanting a little “pick-me-up” to start your day with? Then join Princess Monmon for a daily rambling session that is as addictive as reading your daily horoscope. Who says the Young & the Restless is the only thing you can’t miss! Get on board & join in the fun! Life is so much more interesting when you’re a Mother & a Housewife!
bookmark it in your favourites & join me each day in this adventure we call life!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Princess Monmon from “The Nonsensical Random Nonsense of a Travelling Housewife”.

Day to Day LifeDay to Day Life

My personal blog about my life in North Dakota! I’m a mom of three, married to a wonderful man-I’m a photographer, deal finder, blogger, and “LOST” addict!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sandy/dacotahsgirl from “Day to Day Life”.

Authentic Life/Wendy Brache BlogAuthentic Life/Wendy Brache Blog

Get your weekly dose of “Authentic Life” insight–all the funny, thought-provoking and REAL stuff that comes along with being a parent–at wendybrache.com.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Wendy Brache from “Authentic Life/Wendy Brache Blog”.

We Make ThreeWe Make Three

I’ve been married a long, long time to the same great man. We have a little man named Jake and live in Florida. My blog is my little forum to talk about parenting, stuff I love, catch up with friends, and share my love of graphic design, photography, music and books. Hope to see you around.

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30 Accomplishments while I'm 30 years old30 Accomplishments while I’m 30 years old

I thought being a wife,a friend and a Mom was hard. Turning 30 for me was harder than all those so I decided I am going to do 30 things during my first year as a 30 year old that are out of my element. I made a list and a blog of things that I am going to accomplish this year, some are small, some are big but all of them mean something to me.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sa from “30 Accomplishments while I’m 30 years old”.

Lit and LaundryLit and Laundry

I started a blog so I can look back on my life when I’m 90 years old and say “wow, it was crazy wasn’t it? but it was great, and full of love.” I try to balance a lot of things in my life and often feel pulled between Lit and Laundry.

Read our Exclusive Interview with threeundertwo from “Lit and Laundry”.

Boondock RamblingsBoondock Ramblings

I am a first time mom learning about being a mother by the seat of my pants, along with my husband, a first time dad, my three cats and my crazy puppy. My blog features humorous, touching stories about me, my little boy and my husband, as well as an extended cast of characters, such as my sister-in-law and her five, funny, lively little girls .

I hope to make you laugh, maybe cry, but most of all realize how good your life is, even when it doesn’t seem so great at the moment.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jonny’s Mommy from “Boondock Ramblings”.

Sister, Please!Sister, Please!

is a blog written by me–a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I blog about my everyday life, funny things that happen to me and thus “Tales from the Hood”–[motherhood]. I am here to entertain, to educate and to give my opinion on a variety of topics. From plastic surgery to childbirth, discount shopping to mammograms–you name it I cover it.

Feel free to email me at info@sisterplease.com I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. If you need advice, I will give it to you straight. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tales from the ‘Hood —Motherhood from “Sister, Please!”.

A Daily Dose of ToniA Daily Dose of Toni

My blog about my life in general, I also do shout out to other blogs, mention contests I come across. I share things about my life and the joys and trails I go through. I am a very honest, funny, humuorous blogger that just enjoys giving others something enjoyable to read.

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Beckys World 101Beckys World 101

I am a work at home mom of 2 young girls and I blog about the challenges of working at home, having young children, doing volunteer work and life in general at my blog BeckysWorld101. Most of the time I blog with humor, but some posts are serious, like the one of our oldest daughter and her food allergies. So come by and visit, leave a comment and share what life is like being a mom!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Rebecca Hurt from “Beckys World 101″.

GarzaClan of ColoradoGarzaClan of Colorado

My name is Angie. Originally from Texas, I have been in Colorado since 1999. I’m married with two kids. I am an early childhood educator and a licensed social worker during the week, but on the weekends and every chance I get, I am designing jewelry, scrapbooking, exploring genealogy, reading a book (nothing beats a good page turner), planning a getaway, sneaking off to the movies, trying out a new recipe, or writing my first novel (a good old-fashioned cozy mystery). I would love to hear from you, so “high-five” me anytime!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angie from “GarzaClan of Colorado”.

My Blessed LifeMy Blessed Life

I am a homemaker and a stay-at-home mom of two. This year I’m also beginning the journey of homeschooling.Here is where I talk about my family, cooking, traveling, reading and life in general.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lora from “My Blessed Life”.

It's A Mad Mad Squirrel's WorldIt’s A Mad Mad Squirrel’s World

There is no longer any method to my madness! It is just pure madness! .
I am cheeky gal from Missouri and my blog has no real direction it goes with the flow of my mind. If you are not in my head you just have to go along for the ride and giggle and smile.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mad Squirrel aka Shannon from “It’s A Mad Mad Squirrel’s World”.

Brads Gaggle of GirlsBrads Gaggle of Girls

BLOG about me and my family

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lisa from “Brads Gaggle of Girls”.

I AM (not) - Natalie WitcherI AM (not) – Natalie Witcher

This is my life in it’s everyday fashion. You’ll find funny stuff mixed with serious and random. I love my family and Jesus and between all of us you never know what will come about. Enjoy my blog. I hope you can find a good laugh, a good cry, or just a good place to settle in for a bit. Grab a little waxy chocolate donut and sit a spell.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Natalie Witcher from “I AM (not) – Natalie Witcher”.

so much shouting, so much laughterso much shouting, so much laughter

thoughts on
faith, family, and life in a small town from a new mom whose heart misses the city.


Read our Exclusive Interview with suzannah from “so much shouting, so much laughter”.

Laurin and Kelly TalkLaurin and Kelly Talk

Laurin and Kelly are two modern birds and good friends who talk back and forth about life, kids, food, fashion, design, celebrities and nearly everything else including “What the Flock?!”, a category about things that have them scratching their heads.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laurin and Kelly from “Laurin and Kelly Talk”.


Random Musings from a Mother of Seven.

I love to talk about our family life , the challenges that arise every day, or muse about situations and silliness from the kids.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Rosie from “TellingMom”.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto.We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto.

I’m a working mom, a working wife, and a working housekeeper. Some things I do better than others.

I’m a recruiter in the advertising industry, and I blog at We’re not in Kansas Anymore, Toto and Be the One. Find the One, about careers in advertising.

I live in Suburban Kansas City with two little boys I call Chaos and Mayhem, my husband, and a giant poodle. I usually have toys in my purse and coffee stains in my lap. Occassionally, I get to apply makeup when not in the car.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jenny from “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto.”.

Confessions of an Apron QueenConfessions of an Apron Queen

Need a daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness? Enjoy weekly giveaways? This is the place to be. The Apron Queen is a WAHM to three children and happily married to Paratrooper Man. She enjoys writing about her family, mixing in stories about life in Texas along the way. She also dabbles in photography and shares lots of fun photos, including easy step-by-step recipes. Oh yea, and did I mention she is obsessed with all things vintage?

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Apron Queen from “Confessions of an Apron Queen”.

My LifeMy Life

This is a blog where I write about anything that comes into my thoughts, my points of view, my ideas about things that come up in my day-to-day activities.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Paulyn Ramirez from “My Life”.


All about life’s journey and love’s challenges… .

Starring “The Boy”, music, and me…with the occasional cameo featuring my husband, “The Boy’s” Dad, as well as other assorted friends and relatives. ENJOY! – Love, Nards

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nards from “Nardeeisms”.

FarmGirl MonologuesFarmGirl Monologues

A light-hearted recap of daily follies on our farm, random thought streams, and information–that could be helpful or not. challenges & follies of being a mom working outside the home and a farmer’s wife in rural mid-america.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heather from “FarmGirl Monologues”.

Random: the musings of a mommy who worksRandom: the musings of a mommy who works

So I’m Mary Anna. I’m a former writer and decided to start a blog to keep the creative juices flowing. And I’m a mommy who works. No, I’m not a working mom because that seems like work is more important – and it’s not. So, I’m a mommy who works. Aside from my job as the personal assistant to a 3-year-old and an almost 1-year-old, I collect a paycheck for being the Marketing Manager for a homebuilder. And, I must say, that my life is really, really good. My blog is a place for me to post my musings, on life, on work, on family, on my love of random things.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mary Anna from “Random: the musings of a mommy who works”.


I’m Sadie, a New York City Mama, raising two wildly spontaneous girls, married to a totally lovable un-spontaneous man. Roll us all together and it just works.

You can find me at http://www.heyMamas.com, amusing myself and my family, with tales about my navigation through Life, Love, Marriage and Corporate America in New York City. I won’t tell all the stories, just the good ones.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “heyMamas”.

Monkey's MommaMonkey’s Momma

I am a 39 year old mom of one five year old son and I blog about the challenges of parenting. I have a lot of interests and at some point, I blog about them. I enjoy listening to music, reading, writing, photography, interior design and spending time with my family.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Monkey’s Momma”.

Frogs in my formulaFrogs in my formula

I’m a new mom to a one-year-old who my husband, Charles, and I affectionately call “Junior.” I have no idea what I’m doing. I live in Mulletville, CT (Charles made me move here). I’m a working mom in the public relations and marketing fields. And my family is crazy. I blog on http://frogsinmyformula.blogspot.com because it keeps me sane (and hopefully provides some laughs).

Read our Exclusive Interview with Frogmama from “Frogs in my formula”.

Seeking SanitySeeking Sanity

I am a stay at home mom clinging to what little sanity I have left while raising my three very active little boys. Joseph is 5, Thomas is 3, and Benjamin is 1. Married to the ever supportive, always scrumptious, sometimes sassy hubby, Todd, for 7 years. This is my life. The good, the bad, and the crazy. Come on in, and join the insanity.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kathryn from “Seeking Sanity”.

Dawn's Daily LifeDawn’s Daily Life

I am a stay-at-home mother of 3, wife to 1 workaholic man, daughter to one mom, loving human mommy to 1 fuzzy kitty, and friend to many. My blog is all about my daily life. It’s sometimes crazy, sometimes calm. Sometimes fun, and sometimes boring. Heck, I am sometimes happy, and I am sometimes sad. I am even sometimes mad! I guess I am normal! 😉

I love to meet new people, so I hope that you will drop by and get to know me better. In turn, I can drop on by your place and get to know you better. It’s what makes blogging fun…meeting new people.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Dawn from “Dawn’s Daily Life”.

My Daily Balancing Act... Because every day countsMy Daily Balancing Act… Because every day counts

I’m a mom of two young children, dealing with everyday stuff from your typical American family, with a daily injection of Insulin. I’m the mother of a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed when she was only 19 months old. These are the stories of our lives..http://gretchenkhoranoff.blogspot.com/

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gretchen from “My Daily Balancing Act… Because every day counts”.

Secret Agent Mama: Shooting From The HipSecret Agent Mama: Shooting From The Hip

My blog is all about me and life the way I see it. I showcase my writing/poetry, photography, and stories of life and family.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mishi or Mishelle from “Secret Agent Mama: Shooting From The Hip”.

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