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The Secret is in the SauceThe Secret is in the Sauce

Are you looking to find blogs and increase the number of people reading your blog?

Come join us at SITS! We are a community for women bloggers whose goal is to support one another through comments. With 200 plus women actively commenting, it’s a great way to break into the blogosphere.

Each day we feature a new blogger from our community of “SITStas” and then shower them in comments.

The secret to success IS support!

Read our Exclusive Interview with SITS Girls from “The Secret is in the Sauce”.

Spying On SuburbiaSpying On Suburbia

I am currently hiding in suburbia after the abrupt departure from my corporate career. To the complete dismay of my husband I had planned to never go back. So, I tried to find a way to fit into this very odd world called suburbia. Now, it looks like I am heading back into the crazy business world. Will my kids remember our Candy Sneak-Ins? Will my husband long for our meetings in the Outdoor Shower? Will me and T have lunch with Iese? Will I still Know Thy Neighbors? Keep reading…because who in the hell knows what will happen next!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth James from “Spying On Suburbia”.

Lunar TideLunar Tide

I blog about my family, friends and life on the Pacific coast.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Beachcomber from “Lunar Tide”.

Jeannie's Happy WorldJeannie’s Happy World

Daily life of a Mom and Military Wife! Lots of pictures, videos, jokes and recipes.

You are invited to a peek into my world to see what’s going on each day.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jeanne Kupsh from “Jeannie’s Happy World”.


I am a stay at home mom of 3 teens and I blog about my daily life with teens, living with chronic pain, being a stroke surivor, eating locally, books, knitting, charities and all things fairly traded and organic. I add in the occasional review and giveaway..

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer from “Rundpinne”.

Who Am I Now?  Where Did The Old Me Go?  Learning to Live Again After A Stroke and To Live Through Invisible Chronic IllnessesWho Am I Now? Where Did The Old Me Go? Learning to Live Again After A Stroke and To Live Through Invisible Chronic Illnesses

Do you deal with an Invisible Chronic Illness that noone understands because they can’t see it? Have you suffered a stroke or had any other type of brain injury that has changed your life? My blog, “Who Am I? Where Did the Real Me Go? Learning to live again after a stroke and through Invisible Chronic Illnesses”, talks about my life after suffering a stroke and living daily life with an illness that noone can see and they even believe doesn’t exist. Please visit my blog at http://bargainmom08.spaces.live.com/ and learn more about how to help yourself deal with health issues, as well as teaching others what it is like to live with these problems. I hope to encourage you by the things that I learn.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cindi from “Who Am I Now? Where Did The Old Me Go? Learning to Live Again After A Stroke and To Live Through Invisible Chronic Illnesses”.

The Gang's All Here!The Gang’s All Here!

Welcome to The Gang’s All Here! This blog is a peek into my world, from my perspective.

I use this as a journal about our life together, including our journey through a recent international adoption and settling in to life with 5 kids. I share funny stories about my kids, I post recipes and sometimes I even crush on a celebrity or two. I started this blog as a means of connecting with some gals I used to work in ministry with and it has become a great means of resurrecting my love for writing.

But most importantly, this blog is my way of pointing myself and hopefully now you, to the Father who loves me and His Son who saved me. Please, join the fun and take a peek into my world!

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Gang’s Momma from “The Gang’s All Here!”.

Swimming with the TADpolesSwimming with the TADpoles

My days are no longer comprised of suits and heels, but t-shirts and flip-flops as I adjust to my new role as a SAHM! Lord, give me strength. I write to keep family and friends updated on the happenings of our South Carolina family…and share pictures of us for the masses to enjoy!

This blog is my attempt to journal our daily lives because scrapbooking takes too long and I think we are way more important than we actually are (that’s me being sarcastic). So, dive in and swim at your own risk. This lifeguard is off duty.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ashlee from “Swimming with the TADpoles”.


I am a wife/mother/writer missing the times I used to spend with girlfriends. I want to laugh, cry, bitch and talk about sex. So pour a glass, sign on, and join me for a virtual girl’s night out. Sex not included.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “merlotmom”.

Imperfect MomImperfect Mom

I am a stay at home mom and I blog about
the challenges I face being a mom of four young children.Letting mother’s like myself know that it is okay to be imperfect, no one is perfect. I talk about my day to day stories of how I tackle issues such as having four children, saving money, preparing meals, breastfeeding, etc.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ang from “Imperfect Mom”.

The Art and Flair of Being DomesticThe Art and Flair of Being Domestic

My blog where I celebrate the flair and art of being a mom/wife– decorating ones homes, craft projects, decorating a table for a meal (tablescape), gardening (flowers and veges), and so much more.

At , I talk about life as a mom, wife and my life as someone with Cystic Fibrosis. Having an illness brings unique challenges to being domestic.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Carrie from “The Art and Flair of Being Domestic”.

Sogkonnite LivingSogkonnite Living

wife, mom, nurse, chef, yes-aholic… Follow our adventures here
as we try to negotiate thru this crazy thing called life!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kristin from “Sogkonnite Living”.


Elebelly is a co-blog between a growing little girl and her momma. They share the blog to chronicle the experiences of growing up girl. Daily life trials and tribulations are shared, Thankful Thursday is our way of living by “gratitude is the best attitude” and we’ll share tips and events from our little corner of the world. Elebelly is all about tales from growing up girl and mommyhood.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elebelly / Momma from “Elebelly”.

Live Laugh LovelyLive Laugh Lovely

Daily life perspective from a single mom of two children and her wishy washy rambelings…. I blog about trying to guide my family on the right path. I love to write, include poetry and writings about every day life and the adventures of myself and my wonderful family… http://www.livelaughlovely.com/

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gina from “Live Laugh Lovely”.

Mama CraftMama Craft

Living a creative life with simplicity and an earth loving heart. Crafting, cooking, gardening, nature, family and a whole lot of love.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sara from “Mama Craft”.

La Jolla MomLa Jolla Mom

Thoughts from a shoe and fun loving stay at home mom. I blog about going green, gardening, shopping, and parenting. Join me for Wine Wednesdays where I review wines under $15 and my series on man caves, does your husband have one?

Read our Exclusive Interview with “La Jolla Mom”.

My Messy ParadiseMy Messy Paradise

I’m a stay at home mom who gets a bit closer to crazy each day!

Read our Exclusive Interview with LZ from “My Messy Paradise”.

Type A MommyType A Mommy

I am a fairly new mommy, and I blog confessions on motherhood from an overachieving, stress-junkie stay-at-home mommy with a sweet tooth and a Martha complex at .

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth (AKA Type A Mommy) from “Type A Mommy”.

The Pilot's WifeThe Pilot’s Wife

I’m married to a daredevil pilot, we have an infant son, and a Great Dane who drives us crazy! We’re also in the middle of building a hangar house. Come check out life in a hangar!.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Emily from “The Pilot’s Wife”.

Farmgirl PaintsFarmgirl Paints

I’m a stay at home mom that writes about my family, friends, art, life, decorating, struggles with weight etc… http://farmgirlpaints.blogspot.com has become my daily journal and creative outlet.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Becky Strahle from “Farmgirl Paints”.

Mama's In Time OutMama’s In Time Out

This blog is my therapy, my time out. I share my experiences living in the motherhood. I participate in features of other bloggers, whether it be a writing assignment, or sharing a special photo and story.

I’m a 3? y.o. married, SAHM with one son, and two Goldens. I blog about my life in the motherhood.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kiki {Golden Girl} from “Mama’s In Time Out”.

Energizer Bunny's Mommy ReportsEnergizer Bunny’s Mommy Reports

I’m a frugal stay at home Mommy blessed with a patient, caring Hubby and a loving little Energizer Bunny! My blog is enriched with my Bunny girl’s anecdotes, reflections in Faith, thoughts on God’s never failing Goodness, Mommy tips, frugally profitable shopping deals, first hand product/service reviews, great giveaways and much more!

Come visit my blog, learn how to be frugal, be encouraged in the faith, have a good laugh, win some awesome giveaways and learn more about the great products and services out there!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Marina from “Energizer Bunny’s Mommy Reports”.

Ordinary and AwesomeOrdinary and Awesome

My name is Sara. I am a busy WFH (Work-From-Home) Graphic Designer and Blog Enthusiast. I am engaged, practically married, to my soulmate. Together we have four awesome pet children.

Ordinary and Awesome is the chronicles of my Ordinary and Awesome life, family, and thoughts.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sara Bonds from “Ordinary and Awesome”.

The Contemplative LifeThe Contemplative Life

I’m of the deep belief that “the unexamined life is not worth living”. Each day, each season, each life is rich with meaning and here I will share some of what I feel God is lovingly teaching me along the journey. Visit me at http://elisabethcorcoran.blogspot.com/.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elisabeth Corcoran from “The Contemplative Life”.

Handbags & HandgunsHandbags & Handguns

I’m a firefighter wife and mother of two living in the Dirty South. I’m a full time Finance Manager and part-time Photographer. I love my family, my friends and my free time. I’m obsessed with celebrities and can’t live without my shiny gadgets. I’m also the funniest person I know.

Read our Exclusive Interview with hotpants™ from “Handbags & Handguns”.

Cluck and TweetCluck and Tweet

Two moms writing about travel, kids, recipes, design, kid-friendly (but actually funny) videos and humor from the internet, pets and then maybe a little bit more about our kids. Cluck and Tweet. Funny without dropping the f-bomb. So maybe we’re just “unny.”.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kate Bassett and Alison DeCamp from “Cluck and Tweet”.

Mama's Little NotebookMama’s Little Notebook

My desire for this website, is for it to be a help and encouragement to all women, particularly moms. It includes helps for daily living. Recipes, advice, devotional thoughts, “things to do with kids”, bascially anything and everything associated with motherhood, good bad & ugly!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Helen from “Mama’s Little Notebook”.

Mommas In Time OutMommas In Time Out

http://www.mommasintimeout.blogspot.com captures the moments to remember and share with my children and my loved ones. I was told I would never be able to have children, and to be blessed with two children, I don’t want to lose any of the rare, special and random occasions that happen within a family simply because I don’t have a camera handy.

Mommas In Time Out has also been extremely helpful in allowing me to exercise the emotions that would otherwise be bottled up.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jules from “Mommas In Time Out”.


about life, meme’s, reading books

Read our Exclusive Interview with Joanna from “CityGirlGoneCountry”.

Life as a CEOLife as a CEO

Visit where you can read about my life as a Wife, Mom, Blogger & everything in between.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Chrissy MacCEO from “Life as a CEO”.

Zen and the Art of MotherhoodZen and the Art of Motherhood

The journey of one maxed out, chronically crazed mom searching for peace, quiet and tranquility.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Zen and the Art of Motherhood”.

38 and Growing38 and Growing

At 38, I looked around at my life and while I was blessed with a beautiful family, I felt lost. My blog is a look at where I am at and where I am going.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Traci from “38 and Growing”.

Mommyhood Brazilian StyleMommyhood Brazilian Style

Motherhood in Brazil is a little different then that of the US or anywhere for that matter. Mommyhood Brazilian Style is a day in the life of a SAHM with two adorable little monsters. The challenges of transitioning to a foreign country, being a SAHM, and a wife. Come join in on the fun!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Larissa from “Mommyhood Brazilian Style”.

Still Blonde after all these YEARSStill Blonde after all these YEARS

Notes, thoughts, reviews, pictures, and videos for the slightly vintage baby boomer woman, Women over 45! Hairstyles, clothing Styles, Role Models, Role Divas, Role Monsters, What to wear and What not to wear! Giveaways and Reviews on anything to do with Women over 45!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Still Blonde after all these YEARS”.


MY LIFE JOURNAL! http://enlightenedsoul00.blogspot.com/I started this blog as a form of release,and to share my spiritual journey,daily inspirations,toughts,writings, ideas,quotes,poems,hints,receipts,everyday living,motivations and anything else i can think of,likes,dislikes,my joys,my sorrows,and future adventures.I inspire to reach out and help anyone,anywhere,in anyway that i can thru my life and spiritual journey,won’t you join me.Thank You!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angelica Garcia from “MY LIFE JOURNAL”.

April's Little FamilyApril’s Little Family

April’s Little Family is (mostly pictures) my commentary on day to day life staying at home with small children, a needy dog and a self-employed-work-from-home-part-time-student husband.

Come on and check out our hot mess.

Read our Exclusive Interview with MommyNamedApril from “April’s Little Family”.

ememby: just another bloggity blogememby: just another bloggity blog

I’m a full-time mom, full-time business owner who blogs about my life – the things I love (family, food, blogs, music, God) and the things I’m working on improving (life list, resolutions).

Read our Exclusive Interview with ememby from “ememby: just another bloggity blog”.

A Daily Dose of Del SignoreA Daily Dose of Del Signore

From the joys of parenting to special giveaways, A Daily Dose of Del Signore offers it all! I’m a mom to a precious little boy and wife to an amazing husband. Join me as I tackle home renovations,
share my life and praise the Lord with all of my heart! I host a weekly prayer circle.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Wendy from “A Daily Dose of Del Signore”.

Mommy Said No!Mommy Said No!

A blog about everything under the sun from homeschooling, couponing, trips, activities, parenting advice, mishaps, step-parenting, mayhem, transitioning from a work at home mom to a stay at home mom and the general going-ons of a family of 6 and a half. I am always telling my kids, “What did Mommy say?” Mommy said NO!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jenn from “Mommy Said No!”.


I work part-time as a high school English teacher and am the mother to 4 kids under ten years old. I blog about the crazy balance between working, mothering, and just being me.

I frequently blog about books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, or music I love. I also post a poem every Thursday because I believe there is great poetry out there that no one is reading!

Come take a break from the drama, Mama.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jeannie from “Intermission”.

another jenniferanother jennifer

Jennifer, a working mom who runs her own writing and new media consulting business, blogs about art, music, parenting, philanthrophy and other musings from her abode in Brunswick, Maine at the another jennifer blog.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer from “another jennifer”.

Galdiwa's WifeGaldiwa’s Wife

Hi, I’m Maricel from the Philippines, and expecting her firstborn this year. I write about anything relating to mommyhood.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cel from “Galdiwa’s Wife”.

A Renaissance WomanA Renaissance Woman

A Renaissance Woman: Mom of 4, Texas blogger, Blip DJ & Crossfit enthusiast, Mamavation Sista & Social Media Warrior. Always up for new challenges & adventures. I blog about my daily life because there are always different topics to blog about!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Pamela M. Kramer from “A Renaissance Woman”.

The BranchesThe Branches

I am a 30 year old wife, new mom, & coffee junkie. I’m from Arkansas, but currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. I have an identical twin named Bonnie who is my best friend. I work full time and live for the weekends…sometimes it’s hard to manage it all, but with God I can do anything! This blog is my scrapbook through life and a way to keep in touch with family & friends. I have a passion for photography and love to take pictures. Hope you enjoy reading our lil’ blog!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Becky from “The Branches”.

It Is What It IsIt Is What It Is

While it is never too late to make a switch in your life, there are always some seasons or situations that we are stuck with for a time, if not for always. To these things we throw up our hands and say, “It is what it is.”

Visit It Is What It Is and be inspired with stories about life and faith..

The site, It Is What It Is, is where author Tina Ann Forkner and her friends blog about life, faith, and hope. We wish for our stories to inspire and encourage our readers.

We will also let you know about helpful resources that can make life better, including book reviews and the occasional recipe!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tina Forkner from “It Is What It Is”.

Princess FlibbertigibbetPrincess Flibbertigibbet

We ALL want to be a Princess and live that fairy tale life but for some of us, life doesn’t always turn out like we expect. So, what can we do? Sit in a puddle and cry? OR get up and get moving to create our own fairy tale ending! I have a humorous blog http://www.princessflibbertigibbet.com/ about daily life as a single mom which includes parenting a child with aspergers, fun and different ways to prepare meals, no snore bore decorating tips and gardening ~ after all, manure can be a girls best friend! I’m also the author of a children’s christian chapter book called Bella Blue and a dratted blah blah day. My blog is intended to encourage others to persevere, laugh at the small stuff and live the fairy tale you’ve always dreamt of!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Princess Pearl from “Princess Flibbertigibbet”.

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