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The Family CEOThe Family CEO

I’m a married, mother of 2 from the Midwest. As a SAHM I’ve made our family finances my business by hiring myself as our chief economist. It’s my goal to make the most of our resources and my blog documents my efforts to both earn and save money.In addition to the money stuff I’m on a constant quest to simplify our lives and organize our home so I like to write about that. I also love to read so book reviews are part of my site. Other than blogging and reading I enjoy photography, following politics, watching college basketball, and being with my family. Life is good!

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Tired but happyTired but happy

I currently have two part-time jobs in higher education. I’m from the West Coast but I live in the Northeast. I have one child, a 2-year-old boy who is known to the internet as ‘L’. I blog about all aspects of family finance, such as home ownership, frugality, and parenting. In my spare time, I like to read, garden and travel.

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Baby CheapskateBaby Cheapskate

Raising a baby the frugal (and fun) way in Atlanta and elsewhere. Weekly diaper and formula deals, shopping tips, coupon codes, website reviews, freebies, fun and frugal things to do, and more! No ads or sponsors.

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Ramblings of Maggie on CoffeeShopMafiaRamblings of Maggie on CoffeeShopMafia

A Digital Journal
inspired by my life, my love and the colorful world around me. Fondly known as Maggie’s world. Things aren’t always the same in here as the outside world. Sometimes a Swirling Stormy Great Red Spot dominates the atmosphere. However, the Great Red Spot remains a mystery and causes insanity, silliness and an occasional snippet of wisdom.

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Crazed Mama's Work At Home StrategiesCrazed Mama’s Work At Home Strategies

Opinions and information on various legit work at home opportunities on the web today!
Crazed Mamas Work At Home Strategies.

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Flexible Workforce SolutionsFlexible Workforce Solutions

I am a full-time working mother of two small boys but while I am at work, my heart is at home with them. I created this blog to start collecting resources and commentary concerning flexible options for working parents seeking balance between their career and family lives. The blog is a collection of resources, helpful links, and commentary about flexible options for your career. Occasionally I am able to list job openings within family friendly companies.

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Thrifty and CreativeThrifty and Creative

Be Thrifty in CREATIVE ways with my Blog!
I love saving money or finding a way NOT to WASTE!I try to figure out a way to use, sell or creatively not toss items! I am all for being “Green,” however, my motivation is more towards saving money, making money, and the great side effect is being “Green!” I also love to find ways on the internet to make money. My best internet money maker is, of course, ebay!

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Being Frugal.netBeing Frugal.net

Being Frugal.net is a blog about frugal living and getting out of debt. As I strive to be a better steward of the resources God has given me, I write about what works…and what doesn’t.

You can expect to find posts about how to save money on just about everything to how to make an effective budget to what God is teaching me.

Being Frugal.net is written for everyday people by an everyday mom.

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Northern CheapskateNorthern Cheapskate

A stay-at-home mom with three kids under the age of three shares tales from the bargain hunt and tells how to live a frugal life. Read more at

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Debt Freedom FightersDebt Freedom Fighters

I’ve been married 17 years and in debt just as long. Coincidence?
Finally we reached a point where enough was enough and we are taking our financial future seriously.
After reading Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” we started our own makeover. My blog is a story of
our family’s struggle to overcome debt.. It’s not an easy road to pave and it’s not the easiest story to tell – but I know I’m not the only one going through it.

One day, I will live like no one else!

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Keeping the Kingdom FirstKeeping the Kingdom First

I am a SoCal girl living in North Texas. I love to blog about all things frugal, along with my crazy blessed life in a blended family of 5.

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Deal Seeking MomDeal Seeking Mom

Deal Seeking Mom offers “Real Deals for Real Moms.” Deal Seeking Mom creator Tara Kuczykowski is a mom of five young children and always on the lookout for a great bargain or new ways to create some wiggle room in her budget. Learning how to use coupons effectively, where to find the best sales, and what are the hottest new freebies on the Internet are just a few of the great money-saving tips that Tara shares on a daily basis.

Tara subscribes to the theory that frugality is within the reach of every mom. Choose the areas of your life that you’re willing to cut back in so that you can spend more in areas that are important to you personally. You might be surprised to find that building up a savings to fall back on is possible at the same time!

So what are you waiting for? See how much you could be saving at Deal Seeking Mom.

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Living [Frugally] WellLiving [Frugally] Well

“Living [Frugally] Well” is journal about our family’s journey from debt to financial independence, all on $2,000 or less a month, without feeling deprived.

Read our Exclusive Interview with artemistry from “Living [Frugally] Well”.

Tales From The Road Less TraveledTales From The Road Less Traveled

I’m a mom of 3, stepmom of 3, wife, and PTA with a full time job outside the home. I write about household finance for all family types.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Momma from “Tales From The Road Less Traveled”.

On a Quest To Be Debt FreeOn a Quest To Be Debt Free

I write “On A Quest To Be Debt Free” to help families make the transition from living life in debt to learning to live on less than they earn. I started “On A Quest To Be Debt Free” in May 2008 to help other families deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of digging themselves out of debt. Prior to raising my family, I spent more money than I was earning. Since having my children I’ve learned how to spend less than I earn.

Read our Exclusive Interview with To Be Debt Free from “On a Quest To Be Debt Free”.

News on WebNews on Web

A blog where you can find several news about the new trends of the market, regarding industrial goods and services, business, equipment, economy from each part of the world. An open window on what can be useful for your knowledge.

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Payday Loans at Paydaycashadvance.usPayday Loans at Paydaycashadvance.us

PaydayCashAdvance.us provides quick access to online payday Loans and cash advances with no faxing require

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Mummy DealsMummy Deals

Originally from England, I’ve been amazed at how with a few coupons and a little know-how, you can get things you already use for really cheap or free. My blog is full of frugal tips, easy recipes, encouraging stories and freebies. A true Mummy in every sense of the word, I will help guide you on a frugal adventure that will have you saving money in no time!

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Saving Queen - Your daily coupon, savings and deal updates.Saving Queen – Your daily coupon, savings and deal updates.

I am a mommy blogger dedicated to saving you and your family money. I round up all of the greatest deals and coupons and post them on a daily basis.

What do I blog about? Saving you and your family money. Coupons, Online Coupons, Deals, Savings, Clearance, Sale, Free coupons, printable manufacturer coupons, free samples and discounts for top brands.

Click here to visit SavingQueen.com to start saving you and your family money today!.

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Frugal FeminaFrugal Femina

Frugal Femina is an encouraging blog devoted to helping you use your resources wisely so you can live well, spend less, and give more. Find info. on bargain shopping, coupons, recipes, homemaking, homeschooling, giveaways, foodie carnivals, kid activities, and more.

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“Cents”able Momma

Want to learn more about Interview with Corrie @ “Cents”able Momma from “”Cents”able Momma”.

High Class Living on a Middle Class BudgetHigh Class Living on a Middle Class Budget

Blogging the latest coupons, freebies, and deals from around the web along with consumer alerts, class action lawsuits, reviews and small attempts at humor along the way.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amy Lynn from “High Class Living on a Middle Class Budget”.

“Deal”ightfully Frugal

I am a mommy blogger who loves to write about
coupons, deals, and freebies, as well as my family and my faith.

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Little People WealthLittle People Wealth

Little People Wealth simplifies deals in order to save money on gifts, food, household necessities, and other purchases. It also exposes you to alternate methods of earning money. Ultimately you can use this information to have more money for the things that are important to you whether that is paying down debt, a vacation, retiring early, or any other goal!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heidi from “Little People Wealth”.


We realize that financial challenges are common to many families and, since we place such value on families, and the role of homemakers, we want to encourage every woman to make the most of all she has been given, and enjoy the role of managing her home wisely.

That’s where Molly Green and comes in. She’s a fresh way to share practical ideas, joy, and encouragement, in a non-intimidating, non-boring way. Molly was created as a symbol of “everywoman” who is trying to do the best for her family and home in today’s challenging economy.

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Jobenomics – The bomb shelter for your investment portfolio- written by one of John McCain’s former economic advisor, unveils the true economic meltdown we will face if we do not create 20,000,000 new American jobs in the next 10 years.

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The Paragon FactorThe Paragon Factor

The Paragon Factor is a blog about alternative funding sources for small businesses. In today’s tight credit environment, small businesses need to explore alternatives to the traditional bank loan such as account receivable financing, invoice factoring and PO funding. Come and learn more about how these funding methods can help your cash flow needs.

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Mainstream MomMainstream Mom

Mainstream Mom offers advice on living within your means. Learn how to stop overspending and create your families financial goals with the help of Mainstream Mom.

Covering things like budgeting basics, couponing like a pro and organizing your home, you’ll find this site useful in improving family life.

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The Fruitful HomeThe Fruitful Home

My blog is about saving money and ideas for making money at home. It also contains book reviews on the same subject, and a little of this and that.

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