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Mommy TracksMommy Tracks

What happens when a control freak lawyer has three kids in four years and ditches the partnership track for the so-called mommy track? She grabs some friends and a blogspot and starts pondering the big issues – the mommy wars, sex education in preschool and the return of the tapered leg pant.

Hope you’ll stop by and check it out!

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Mommy (fka 3under5) from “Mommy Tracks”.

Christian Children's Book ReviewChristian Children’s Book Review

Reviews of Christian children’s books – by moms, for moms.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kristina, Tanya, Christine, and more. from “Christian Children’s Book Review”.

Hawaii WAHMs BlogHawaii WAHMs Blog

We are a group of women who blog about our families, our businesses and living in Hawaii.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Hawaii WAHMs (Admin) from “Hawaii WAHMs Blog”.


Tired from all the binky finding, goop removing, conflict negotiating, facial contorting, bum wiping, boo-boo kissing, block stacking, carpooling, and monster slaying? Momicillin is the perfect antidote.

Designed to help cure what ills the everyday (or any-day) Mom, Momicillin provides a daily dose of “straight from the trenches” humor, courtesy of some of the most witty and sympathetic Mom writers of our time . Delivered 5 days a week via email or the web, Momicillin offers a series of weekly columns about life, kids and the pursuit of sanity.

The Momicillin writers also contribute practical and entertaining reviews of everything from toys and games to the latest Pixar movie, to dry shampoo.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura from “Momicillin”.

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