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Autism VoxAutism Vox

Autism mother gets on her soapbox.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kristina Chew from “Autism Vox”.


A news and information resource for mothers recovering from childbirth in the most honest way possible. focusses on health and well being for mothers after the baby arrives.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kate Baggott from “Babylune”.

Breastfeeding 1-2-3Breastfeeding 1-2-3

Breastfeeding 1-2-3 is the place to find breastfeeding information, support and news. As a former lawyer turned stay-at-home mother, I have two wonderful children and almost five years of experience with breastfeeding.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angela White from “Breastfeeding 1-2-3″.

The Art of Living and DyingThe Art of Living and Dying

I am a businesswoman Mom, and this blog (one of 11 for me) addresses alternative health concerns, interesting blogs, thriving, feng-shui, energetics, living, dying, and children, cats & pets.

I began this blog to focus on these subjects as my other blogs speak to other subjects. The Art of Living and Dying (http://www.theartoflivinganddying.blogspot.com) is from a Mom who has long ago experienced the “empty nest” feeling as my children are grown. Even though I’m older, I look very young. I blame this especially on my fabulous daughter who keeps me young at heart and having a best friend who is up on everything new.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kuanyin from “The Art of Living and Dying”.

LIFT - Think Fit!LIFT – Think Fit!

The insiders guide to what’s hot, new and undiscovered in the world of health & fitness from Tanya Ryno (inspired by my husband Celebrity Fitness Guru, Jim Ryno). I’m a full-time film/tv producer and a mother of two, with a passion for staying fit and blogging.

It’s time to stop being dull & lazy and time to be fun & THINK FIT!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “LIFT – Think Fit!”.

Live Life: Organics & Your HealthLive Life: Organics & Your Health

Since 2003, I began working from home and only got active in the blogosphere recently. I love organic food and matters related to natural health. This blog contains resources and information related to organic and natural health, nutrition, home remedies, natural and alternative therapies, fitness, beauty and other health-related matters for everyone.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Doris Chua from “Live Life: Organics & Your Health”.

The Mommy SpotThe Mommy Spot

A special blog on the natural care and feeding of your baby. Great for first-time mommies, work-at-home mommies, or mommies looking for fresh ideas. Includes information on homemade baby food, natural cures, home remedies, and generally healthy advice.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Anonymous Mama from “The Mommy Spot”.

Brown Bag BluesBrown Bag Blues

chasing away the brown bag blues and blahs one brown bag at a time. Bored with brown bagging? is full of ongoing brown bag inspiration, ideas, bagable drinks, foods, recipes and ideas.

Bye-bye brown bag blues. Hello brown bag brilliance!

Read our Exclusive Interview with janelle from “Brown Bag Blues”.

Wellness And BeyondWellness And Beyond

I provide a blog that shares quality health and wellness tips for people who are serious about their health.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Julie from “Wellness And Beyond”.

Proud to be a fit momProud to be a fit mom

I had our FOURTH baby in September 2009. I’m a Runner and have always prided myself in being healthy and fit. I am definitely Proud to be a fit mom.
Not only is it good for my stress levels as a homeschooling mom of 4 young kids, but leading a healthy lifestyle is a great example for my kids.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alyson from “Proud to be a fit mom”.

Fit by Sara BlogFit by Sara Blog

I am a pre and postnatal fitness, relationship expert, and mom of two. My blog www.fitbysara.com is filled with tips about prenatal exercise, postnatal exercise, prenatal yoga, postpartum weight loss, prenatal nutrition, and postpartum exercise to lose weight. It’s written personally by me to help pregnant women and new moms feel fit and beautiful from the inside out.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sara Holliday from “Fit by Sara Blog”.

AllergyMoms BlogAllergyMoms Blog

The AllergyMoms blog is the highlight of our online support group for moms of kids with peanut allergy, milk or egg allergies, multiple, food allergies or any special dietary needs including celiacs disease and those on a gluten free diet. Our blog features food allergy friendly recipes, safe snack lists, articles, research, news and more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gina Clowes from “AllergyMoms Blog”.

The Health and Life Mixing BowlThe Health and Life Mixing Bowl

I am a health educator turned life coach and the author ofThe Health and Life Mixing Bowl. My blog turns up the heat on health improvement and dishes out a powerful blend of inspiration that enriches the body, mind and soul. From cutting edge information on all things related to health to tips on creating an extraordinary life, this blog will challenge you to step away from the status quo.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Terri Holley from “The Health and Life Mixing Bowl”.

Go Workout MomGo Workout Mom

I created a blog to help moms find time to make physical fitness a priority in their lives. By providing knowledge about terms, exercises and health, a step-by-step approach with tips, and my personal journey, moms gain support and motivation in a lifelong commitment.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cindy Posey from “Go Workout Mom”.

Our Journey to Becoming Super HealthyOur Journey to Becoming Super Healthy

I am a health educator turned stay at home mom. I have decided to stop talking about getting my family healthy, and start doing it. My blog is full of ideas on getting your family to eat better.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amy from “Our Journey to Becoming Super Healthy”.

Healthy MomsHealthy Moms

Healthy Moms is a blog about health, women’s issues, parenting, kids, teens, children, shopping, budgeting and family issues written by real moms. It was created by a mother of three children as a resourse for parents to visit to find information that matters to families. It started off as a simple blog written by one mother. Today more mothers are joining Healthy Moms as authors. We are always looking for fresh material and information from mothers who are concerned about health and family issues. Please visit Healthy Moms today.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cascia from “Healthy Moms”.

The Baby Mum-Mum Child Health & Development BlogThe Baby Mum-Mum Child Health & Development Blog

The Baby Mum-Mum blog discusses everything to do with babies and parenting with a focus on child health and child development.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Baby Mum-Mum Blog from “The Baby Mum-Mum Child Health & Development Blog”.

Non-Toxic Kids:  Helping Your Kids Stay Safe, Healthy and SmartNon-Toxic Kids: Helping Your Kids Stay Safe, Healthy and Smart

Non-Toxic Kids shares information about what parents care most about: keeping their kids safe in a toxic world. It is filled with usable information for busy parents: research summaries, news updates, product reviews and recommendations, tips for more natural living, creative ideas for raising healthy kids and links for more information.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Katy Farber from “Non-Toxic Kids: Helping Your Kids Stay Safe, Healthy and Smart”.


Native to Bombayand based in San Francisco, I am a freelance writer, editor, producer and mother of two kids. I blog about the travails of hybrid parenting:teaching the world about Ayurveda while bringing up multicultural kids in an increasingly frenetic world.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Reenita Malhotra Hora from “Reenita.com”.


My blog focuses on helping moms who want to improve their lives mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Through humor, stories, insight, and information, I try to inspire and motivate moms to be who they really want to be. My own changes, growth, and weight loss are documented as well. Come on over and check it out!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Julie from “EvolvingMom.com”.

Practical NourishmentPractical Nourishment

sharing my voyage into all things nourishing: Every day I learn to make better, healthier, and more responsible choices that benefit me, my children, my family, my community, and the world.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jessica from “Practical Nourishment”.

Whole Food And MoreWhole Food And More

I am a work from home mom and I blog about staying healthy with whole foods . I write about foods that help with night sweats, healthy hair and nails and many health areas that food can help with. A big thing for me is showing how whole food multis have helped me with good nutrition. Not vitamins, whole food supplements.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Whole Food And More”.

Birth In JoyBirth In Joy

I am a labor doula, and I blog about pregnancy, natural childbirth, homebirth, c-section & VBAC’s, informed consent, informed refusal, breastfeeding, and my experience as a CAPPA labor doula.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tiffany from “Birth In Joy”.

witch hazelwitch hazel

i’m a single mom with 3 kids of my own and i provide daycare for 2 more kids . my blog is generally about health related things . just tid bits i pick up here and there on how to live organic and green . i also provide some of my favorite body care recipes http://witchhazelshannon.blogspot.com .
hope you enjoy !

Read our Exclusive Interview with shannon from “witch hazel”.

Lose and Win Free Jeans!Lose and Win Free Jeans!

I created this blog as a portal to my company to help people in their journey to lose weight. I created this website to reward those who lose weight

If you wanting to lose weight, but yet you are scared you will outgrow all your clothes and buy new ones, this is where I can help you! I’ll give you a pair of free jeans, when you lose weight through jean insurance.

I want to reward you for losing weight and becoming a more healthier you!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Bertie from “Lose and Win Free Jeans!”.


I am a mom on the run…LITERALLY! I train for marathons while raising a family. It’s not all shop talk, though. Readers can also expect my raves, rants and random thoughts on a variety topics.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Denise from “Run DMT”.

Mommy MotivationMommy Motivation

I constantly need encouragement to get through my days. And because of a mental illness, I don’t struggle with the knowledge of self-care, just the motivation to do it. So I write from one crazy mama to another…

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cathy from “Mommy Motivation”.

A Life Less SweetA Life Less Sweet

I’m a SAHM with a PhD in chemical engineering trying to revamp the way we eat and learn a little about the foods we eat along the way. A Life Less Sweet chronicles our family’s journey as we give up foods containing HFCS with stories, recipes, information, and product reviews.

Read our Exclusive Interview with cathy from “A Life Less Sweet”.

Wii Fit MommiesWii Fit Mommies

Follow 4 moms at Wii Fit Mommies on our journey to good health using the Wii Fit. Features contests, a Fitness Friday Meme, videos and a forum for participation in the New Year, New You Wii Fit Challenge!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Julie, The Cool Mom Guide from “Wii Fit Mommies”.

Oils For WellnessOils For Wellness

Pure essential oils are fragrant, fascinating and fun! I love to think of them as a healing gift from nature-“God’s love manifest in molecules”. Oils For Wellness offers aromatherapy mentorship to those who want to learn how and why pure therapeutic essential oils can benefit our everyday lives. Besides being a mom, I also thrive on my massage and aromatherapy practice, enjoying over an 8 year journey of experience in the healing arts. I am currently working toward my certification in Clinical Aromatherapy.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Nordin from “Oils For Wellness”.


Learn about HGH at Buy HGH. We discuss topics like what is HGH?, does HGH work?, benefits of HGH, and provide HGH product reviews of the best HGH products. Get the facts about HGH, and learn how HGH can benefit you!

Read our Exclusive Interview with BuyHGH.com from “Buy HGH”.

Aromatherapy InformationAromatherapy Information

Provide tips, guides, ideas on how to use Aromatherapy At Your Home. The instructions is very simple and easy, design just for busy moms to catch up with our fast lifestyles.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Aromatherapy Information”.

inneractive FITCLUBinneractive FITCLUB

I am a stay at home mom turned personal trainer who blogs about the unique connection between faith and fitness. Connecting the mind and body has been my balance toward managing my family and my sanity at http://www.inneractivefitness.blogspot.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with fitmom from “inneractive FITCLUB”.

Facial Beauty Gadgets & Body Shaping GizmosFacial Beauty Gadgets & Body Shaping Gizmos

Body Shaping Gadget for fun and cool fitness equipment. Review body shaping and fitness workout equipment. How to choose the right lose weight machine and exercise machines such as slimming belt, ab machine, ab lounge, ab toner, red exerciser, bowflex, slendertone, ab rocket and more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Thimoty vanDijk from “Facial Beauty Gadgets & Body Shaping Gizmos”.

Health Begins With MomHealth Begins With Mom

I am a homeschooling mom of nearly five with a vision to help moms who want to create health for their children and their family… moms who have the desire to make a healthy difference but just don’t know where to start. My blog is a frequent dosage of knowledge, inspiration, recipes and encouragement. While it is geared toward moms, there is helpful information for anyone seeking better health.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amy Ellen from “Health Begins With Mom”.

The Mojo CoachThe Mojo Coach

I’m Debi Silber, a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Whole Health Coach, speaker, Lifestyle Expert-JUST FOR MOMS and author of The Lifestyle Fitness Program: A Six Part Plan So Every Mom Can Look, Feel and Live Her Best (recommended by Parenting Magazine). I’m known as “The Mojo Coach” because for nearly 20 years, I’ve inspired unfit, overweight and overwhelmed moms to get their mojo back through gradual, lifestyle change. By working with moms for so long, along with my own experiences, I’ve found some really practical, simple and enjoyable ways lose weight, become fit, stress-less, enrich your relationships, improve your emotional outlook, strengthen your spirituality…and unleash your best self!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debi Silber from “The Mojo Coach”.

www.mypicshares.comAgriculture Society

My web site is dedicated to education and activism about nutrition through whole, traditional, and organic foods, sustainable living and eco-friendly products/services/technologies, alternatives in health and medicine, and natural remedies.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Raine from “Agriculture Society”.

Drug Free HomesDrug Free Homes

DrugFreeHomes.org is where you can find articles about drug abuse, prevention and treatment. The website has comprehensive archive about substance abuse and related topics.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Drug Free from “Drug Free Homes”.


A 21st century program, to educate Men about Prostate Cancer, BPH,Overactive Bladder, Erectile Dysfunction, related treatments and diseases.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Steve BediMD from “PSA ZERO blog”.

The Suburban JungleThe Suburban Jungle

The Suburban Jungle is a blog dedicated to all aspects of healthy living: organic gardening, saving money, eating better, getting fit, going green, being a mom, and fun giveaways. You can find it at http:/thesuburbanjungle.blogspot.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angela from “The Suburban Jungle”.

La Chica OrganicaLa Chica Organica

I am passionate about bringing people the truth about what they are eating and how it affects their health. I am a mom of three who is always looking and learning how I can use all that God has created to better our health and quality of life.

I am a natural health researcher and wellness educator, having spent the past 9 years researching natural ways to promote optimal health for children and families. I have extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition and other topics. Over the years I have researched and read through countless books on alternative health topics and have treated myself and family for many things from a sty to migraines while using whole foods, herbs, natural supplements and natural medicine. I was blessed to travel internationally with my father and family and learn many things about creation, herbs, natural cures and organic living.
Visit me at http://www.LaChicaOrganica.wordpress.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with “La Chica Organica”.

Fit Chick Tricks by MusclemommyFit Chick Tricks by Musclemommy

My two passions are being a mom and fitness. As a mom, I always appreciate a great shortcut. Whether it is a tip on how to prepare a recipe faster, or a trick for putting on makeup, a good shortcut will make my day a little easier. Fitness and nutrition are no different. A good shortcut can make all the difference.

I have discovered many tricks throughout the years that have helped me to get great results by working smarter. Most moms are short on time, so I want to give you the tricks and tools to get the most out of your fitness and nutrition in the best use of your time

Become your best FIT self by working smarter.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Musclemommy from “Fit Chick Tricks by Musclemommy”.

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