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Homemaking Organized BlogHomemaking Organized Blog

On Homemaking Organized Blog I post tidbits about recipes I like, blogs I’ve visited, new cleaning that I KNOW you’re anxious to know about, simple ways to organize and such items. I may even ask a question or two.

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I am A Christian Homeschooling SahMumma of 6 Earthings and 1 Angel,I love Opshoppin,Baking,Decorating,Photography,DigiScrappin,Sewing,We have 5 children with Fragile X Syndrome/Autism
Read all about us Over Here @The JoyfulHomeMaker.

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SAHMmy SaysSAHMmy Says

Your Bossy Sister is a Stay At Home Mom! Advice you never asked for on Organizing, Homemaking, Parenting, Money, Marriage, and more! Home of the GOYB Challenge.
Check out http://sahmmysays.blogspot.com/2008/01/100-tips-to-clean-and-organize-your.html

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The Dandelion PathThe Dandelion Path

A mom’s journey toward a healthy, organic and environmentally-friendly life. Explore the joys of gardening, nutrition, parenting, family, pregnancy and living life to the fullest. Be inspired to change your world by taking a stroll down the Dandelion Path.

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All Things FrugalAll Things Frugal

I am a homemaker, wife and homeschool mom to four children. We are currently trying to get out of debt. Here’s what we are doing to save money.

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Tip JunkieTip Junkie

Tip Junkie has everything you need to organize your life so you can finally get to the fun things about being a mother, wife, and woman! We also feature one-of-a-kind products Created by Women!

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The Road to HomeThe Road to Home

The Road to Home is the story of a family that has recently moved from Arkansas to Michigan. Housing troubles, potty training, and general homesickness round out the weekly ramblings of this SAHM.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Christy from “The Road to Home”.

Shoestrings EndShoestrings End

Living in style on the plastic thingy at the end of the shoestring. Ideas for creative frugality, recipes, product reviews, and general information and musings. for the Shoestring lifestyle.

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The Grass is Green on our SideThe Grass is Green on our Side

My name is Andrea but I also answer to Sweetheart, Mommy, and Mrs. Thorpe.

I’m a Christian stay at home mother who blogs about the importance of being satisfied with what God has provided for us, recipes we enjoy, Christian resources.

There’s no need for me to look over the neighbor’s fence in envy! The Grass is Green on our Side!

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Keeper of the HomeKeeper of the Home

Naturally inspired living for the Christian homemaker… nutrition, cooking, natural living, going green, mothering, frugality, home educating, faith and health are among the topics I tackle. As a wife, mom of 2 littles (so far), and full-time homemaker, I am in the midst of the journey of honoring God through the careful stewardship of what He has blessed me with!

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Simple MomSimple Mom

Simple Mom is all about simplicity and streamlining the chaotic job of MOM, with a bent towards stay-at-home moms or work-from-home moms. I am passionate about simplicity and balanced living, and am convinced that when Mom is doing well, the whole family thrives. Simple Mom highlights tools and resources that make this possible – they’re life hacks for home managers.

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Susie's HomemadeSusie’s Homemade

I am a thriving stay-at-home mom of two wonderful girls (4 and 17) and a caretaker of my 65 year old live-in mother. Now, I am the owner and operator of Susie’s Homemade Chocolate Shop. on Etsy.com. I would like to share all this with you on my blog.

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Coolest Party Ideas, Photos, Games and Much MoreCoolest Party Ideas, Photos, Games and Much More

We’ll need creative party ideas. Believe me, you could run a theme based party from the mundane to the extreme. I’m a big fan for all kinds of party and have hosted countless different types of parties for my family, friends and co-workers for years. This party blog keeps you up-to-date with what I’m doing with party planning and all additions and changes to the Coolest-Party-Ideas.com Web site.

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Home Decorating NewsHome Decorating News

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m a work at home mom. I sell home decor and home furnishings online and I blog about home decorating and the latest home decor product news from my home decorating website.

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Front Porch PonderingsFront Porch Ponderings

KEEPERS AT HOME ** “That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Titus 2:3-5

I started this blog after I was asked to host a workshop on the Home for our church’s upcoming Ladies Day of Renewal, Sept 6, 2008. I was honored but at the same time felt so unqualified to teach others. So by the grace of God I have asked for His guidance as I journey towards the mark.

My goal is to help teach, train, and encourage woman of all ages and so I blog about becoming a “Keeper at Home” where your family will be happy, healthy and at peace with each other.

I encourage you to take a look. I will be writing about my own ins and outs and ups and downs but will also have many other posts linking to other great articles and tips.

May you be blessed!

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Hi! I’m a stay at home mom and I blog about home decor and parenting.

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Homemaker ChroniclesHomemaker Chronicles

http://www.homemakerchronicles.com/blog/ is all about a timeless calling in a modern world. Modesty meets modern and stylish meets simple living with my creative and fun ideas for the modern homemaker. Come and visit my blog, try out these ideas, and let me know what new things you’ve tried.

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The Shabbee ChickThe Shabbee Chick

My blog is about daily life, raising kids, crafting, homemaking and real day to day living. I am a work at home mom and I do graphic design, blog design and website design from home while still being available for my kids.

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Feels Like HomeFeels Like Home

I am a stay-at-home mommy to a little boy. This blog mainly contains all things about home.

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Zorica's paintingsZorica’s paintings

Batik on canvas paintings in various formats and motives.Zorica Duranic – Master of art

Read our Exclusive Interview with vladowsky from “Zorica’s paintings”.

All My Loose EndsAll My Loose Ends

While this blog is a new entry into the blog-o-sphere, I am not a new blogger. I’ve maintained my own websites since Big Daddy gifted me my first one for my birthday in 2001. I currently maintain a private site with a running blog that encompasses four years and 684 entries. I have considered, numerous times, to publicize that blog, but I could never come to making that decision and thought this was a fair compromise, allowing me the outlet I was looking for along with the ability of publicizing my blog to see what would happen along keeping my private musings private.

I turned 32 this past August and have been married for nearly 10 years to Big Daddy, the love of my life and thankfully nothing like Tennessee William’s Big Daddy. We are raising two little girls, The Princess who is nearly nine and Littlebit who has just turned two.

We have two cats, one dog, a handful of great friends, family in multiple states, a love of travel and more fun than you can shake a stick at, at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

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Discount SofasDiscount Sofas

Your guide to finding the best sofas online. Order today and get your sofa delivered to your house

Read our Exclusive Interview with Chris from “Discount Sofas”.

Household Management 101Household Management 101

I am a working mom with three kids who also has a passion for household management. My blog about home management and the articles at my site are designed to give instructional information and advice on various areas of running your home.

Effective household management is about coordinating all areas of family life together — cooking, cleaning, parenting, laundry, homework, family fun, working, and everything else under the sun that our busy lives entail, and making it all work pretty well, at least most of the time. As we all know, these things aren’t easily compartmentalized, but all effect and pull and tug at one another. I like to explore how to deal with it all at once without losing your mind, and enjoying the ride at the same time.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Taylor from “Household Management 101″.

Mama Mel Loves...Mama Mel Loves…

I am a “new-ish” stay-at-home mama and I love A LOT of things, such as reading, cooking, and making things for my family! So, I decided to create a blog about a collection of things that I love, including great ideas, recipes, books, and crafts that you can make for or do with your kids and family. I am happy to share this blog with anyone who also enjoys finding new, great ideas!

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Not Suzy HomemakerNot Suzy Homemaker

I am a new mom and a stay at home mom and I blog about my day to day life as “not suzy homemaker”

I blog about raising my daughter, trying to be a good wife to my husband, running my household, trying new recipes and tips and tricks I have learned over the years.

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Frugal CreativityFrugal Creativity

I’m a stay-at-home mom who enjoys scrapbooking, papercrafting, cardmaking, cooking, baking, and other creative endeavors. I’m also on a budget! Join me as I seek frugal ways to be creative and creative ways to be frugal.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Melissa from “Frugal Creativity”.

The American HomemakerThe American Homemaker

The American Homemaker is updated daily with all things homemaking… recipes, decorating ideas, crafting, family, kids, thrifting and much much more!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angie from “The American Homemaker”.

A Little TipsyA Little Tipsy

I share creative tips and ideas on how to spice up life as a SAHM. Including home decor, holiday, organization, kid friendly activities, and more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Michelle from “A Little Tipsy”.


Our Blog is meant to give helpful hints to decorate/ remodel on a budget, http://preciouspearlsdolls.wordpress.com/”>saving you money and putting home first.

Read our Exclusive Interview with We Treasure the LIttle Things from “preciouspearlsdolls”.

A Southern Woman's GuideA Southern Woman’s Guide

Born and raised in a small town in the south, I have grown up around fabulous southern-coastal cuisine, picked up a few household tricks and as a babysitter growing up, a nanny while at college and now as a mom myself I have learned a few things about kids. I love to experiment in the kitchen and work on projects around the house from sewing to painting. This blog is a snippet of the good, the bad and the lessons learned in my life, complete with tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way!

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Works for me...homemakingWorks for me…homemaking

An Aussie woman/ wife/ mum living for Jesus. I write about daily life, marriage, homemaking, parenting, books and issues I care about.

I am a Speech Therapist (very part-time at the moment), and also write about children’s speech and language development.

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Read our Exclusive Interview with Aqua Stations from “POW WOW GOES INTO ADMINISTRATION”.

Susie B. HomemakerSusie B. Homemaker

Busy life of a
stay at home mom with 3 girls just trying to make a house a HOME. I cook, clean, chauffeur, change diapers… repeat daily!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Susie B. from “Susie B. Homemaker”.

Colorful Kids Rooms - get inspired to decorateColorful Kids Rooms – get inspired to decorate

Lots of pictures of colorful kids rooms and nurseries with many themes, including jungle animals, sports, outer space, princesses and more in
Colorful Kids Rooms and Nursery Decorating blog.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Colorful Kids Rooms – get inspired to decorate”.

Bizzy Moms Guide to Keeping HouseBizzy Moms Guide to Keeping House

I am a stay at home mom and my blog is a blog for the modern retro housewife. Blog features household tips, parenting tips, recipes, family crafts, home decor and day to day musings as I struggle to keep family life fun and interesting and also organized!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Crystal from “Bizzy Moms Guide to Keeping House”.

Mom on a MissionMom on a Mission

Mom on a Mission equips women with freezer cooking principles to glorify God. Learn how to save time, money and energy and spend less time in the kitchen cooking and freezing with whole foods. We share tutorials, recipes, kitchen tips, devotions and mission ideas to minister to your community by freezer cooking for others.

I am a blessed mother of four children and wife to David, for fourteen years. I love sharing my make ahead concepts and freezer recipes at http://www.momonamission.me

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Mom on a Mission”.

House HonchoHouse Honcho

While you are busy being the head honcho of the one million tasks in your life, Househoncho.com would like to be your go-to guru for all things home management.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “House Honcho”.

Spruce Your NestSpruce Your Nest

Hi there! My name is Brooke. I am a child of God, a wife to a wonderful, patient and loving husband and a mom to two wonderful daughters. I have started on a journey of making my house a home. I am trying to add a little bit of uniqueness, personalization and charm to my home.
Come visit my to learn some great DIY tricks of your own!

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The View From 5'5The View From 5’5″

The View From 5’5″ – intentional living in all areas of life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with April from “The View From 5’5″”.

The Frazzled HomemakerThe Frazzled Homemaker

My blog is called The Frazzled Homemaker and it offershelp for the homemaking challenged.

I write about anything related to having a comfortable, clean, organized home and family.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cathy from “The Frazzled Homemaker”.

Making the most of itMaking the most of it

I am a stay at home mother of two small children in New Zealand and this blog is about making the most of it.

This includes life with the kids, activities with toddlers, baking, sewing, recipes, gardening, travel around New Zealand and anything interesting that happens in my life

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kat from “Making the most of it”.

Home Ever After: Create Your American DreamHome Ever After: Create Your American Dream

The most comprehensive home, how to, and frugal living blog online!

Come back daily for money saving coupons, free samples, holiday planning, home inspiration and craft DIYs, organizers, menu plans, recipes and delicious desserts, printables, and more!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Danelle Ice from “Home Ever After: Create Your American Dream”.

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