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Suburban Diva's ConfessionsSuburban Diva’s Confessions

For all of the family foibles that don’t make it into my humor column, Suburban Diva, I write incessantly about those daily gems in my blog.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tracey from “Suburban Diva’s Confessions”.

Suburban Diva's ConfessionsSuburban Diva’s Confessions

For all of the family foibles that don’t make it into my humor column, Suburban Diva, I write incessantly about those daily gems in my blog.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sub Diva/Tracey from “Suburban Diva’s Confessions”.

Mothering HeightsMothering Heights

After quitting my job as film producer, I started writing about my relentless pursuit for sanity as a wife, mother and, if I’m lucky, sex object. I have a column in the local paper and post online at Mothering Heights..

I blog almost daily on The Short List where I am currently obsessed with plastic storage containers, celebrity moms and weight watchers points.

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The Gremlin WranglerThe Gremlin Wrangler

I’m a professional Gremlin Wrangler. If you’d like to know what that is exactly, come on over. But only at your own risk. I like putting the madness around me into words. Because someone out there needs a laugh.

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Value wITValue wIT

Bitsy Parker is not your average mommy blogger. In fact, I don’t think she would even like to be called that. Sure there are pics of her beautiful children, and loving posts about how wonderful they are and the best thing they just did. But those typical mommy blog traits are secondary to the style, sass, and smarts of the writing on www.valuewit.com

Bitsy Parker challenges society’s common thought, endorses good values, all the while making us laugh from an uncommon lens of a woman’s every day life in Austin, Texas. Parker admittedly uses her blog as some kind of therapy or venting machine so that she doesn’t wear down so many of her friends’ patience, but instead we find it therapy of our own. Turn to categories Societal Bezerkism and Motherdumb first. In the meantime we’ll ask Bitsy if she could please add a warning label to her blog; reading Bitsy Parker leads to laughing out loud, gut aches, and the possibility of falling off your chair.

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Memarie LaneMemarie Lane

A little bit of memories, a little bit of mammaries. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, always with tongue firmly lodged in my left cheek. Stop by anytime, you’re always welcome on Memarie Lane.

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Psycho Super MomPsycho Super Mom

I am the frazzled, sleep-deprived mom of two boys, and my blog, PsychoSuper Mom., includes essays about teenagers & hormones, my messy house, watching scary movies with my kids, body hair (mine and theirs) and more. If you need a chuckle, or to feel better by comparing yourself to our chaos, this is the blog for you!

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amotherworld is for moms looking to exchange ideas and opinions, share stories and talk about all aspects of motherhood — http://amotherworld.blogspot.com/ raising kids, surviving marriage, staying healthy in mind, body and spirit.

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I am an outrageous Christian comedian, humor syndicated columist, and co-author of two books. I have six kids ages 9 to 26. I crank up the spin cycle on my washing machine using over-the-counter top humor to make you laugh until it feels better. You’ll see how God is really there for us in all circumstances.

http://www.momlaughs.blogspot.com“>Mom Laughs

Here’s what blog fans are saying about me: “Cheryl is so funny she had me rolling on the floor! It’s obvious that she has a gift for funny storytelling….and she has a good time doing it!” –Lisa, Mom of four under five

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cheryl Moeller from “Momlaughs”.

True Life Confessions of the Millennium MomTrue Life Confessions of the Millennium Mom

The Millennium Mom is a modern day, working mother who is going insane trying to “have it all.”

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Millennium Mom from “True Life Confessions of the Millennium Mom”.

The Glamorous Life AssociationThe Glamorous Life Association

A funny, qwirky, kooky (okay I am done with the weird adjectives) look at parenting and more. Basically it is my life.- well, and your life too…if your life is knda like my life….you really gotta read it for me to make sense at all here…

Hope to see you there!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Marcy Massura from “The Glamorous Life Association”.

Husband ClothesHusband Clothes

Marriage Humor: Husband Clothes is written by the wife of a guy who works behind the scenes in the Hollywood movie industry. Read about his odd, funny, and sometimes annoying habits.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Holly Kay from “Husband Clothes”.

The Lo.Co.The Lo.Co.

Parenting is totally a job. Here at The Lo.Co., I am The Manager of two small employees. It’s not quite clear what we’re selling, but I do know the day is as interesting as it is long.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Penelope from “The Lo.Co.”.

Supa Blogga Supreme MamaSupa Blogga Supreme Mama

Whoever said they slept like a baby obviously never had one: Southern chick, Mommy of two, laughing my way through dirty diapers and sleepless nights with an awesome hubby to boot…my take on the latest babies conundrum paired with my latest color, design, and project craving in the href=”http://supablogga.squarespace.com/supasneak/2008/7/15/back-to-my-roots.html”>design and craft world. Successfully pouring coffee into my eyeballs since 2005.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ashley from “Supa Blogga Supreme Mama”.

Dunhaven PlaceDunhaven Place

My life as a wife, mother and novelistseeing the humor in everything.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heidi Ashworth from “Dunhaven Place”.


For years, I peered over my teacher’s glasses at those Stay at Home Mommies and wondered about their elusive world. What do they do all day? Where do they go? Do they travel together in flocks? Well, I finally met my prince (at a slightly panicky 32) and turned in my chalkboard. Watch me as I infiltrate their ranks….

Mammatalk….a little girl talk for mamma!


Read our Exclusive Interview with Michele from “Mammatalk”.

The Creative JunkieThe Creative Junkie

Take one middle-aged, prematurely gray, paranoid, anal-rententive, semi obsessive-compulsive, pasty white, astigmatic, out of shape mom

Add in one teenage daughter and one wannabe tween daughter.

Add in a husband who thinks “ummm, negative” constitutes an actual conversation.

Add in 432 pounds of laundry.

And a bout of premenopause.

Mix it all together and you’ve got THE CREATIVE JUNKIE : The relentless pursuit of sanity.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Creative Junkie from “The Creative Junkie”.

Mammakaze Banner” title=”MAMMAKAZE” alt=”MAMMAKAZE” />MAMMAKAZE

MAMMAKAZE is a humorous website dedicated to helping moms deal with the mommy guilt that arises in their struggle to do it all: juggle work, marriage and kids. At Mammakaze moms find commiseration, vindication, sarcastic observation and the occasional recipe for a libation to help you through all the mamma drama in their lives! Come for the fun, stay for the irreverence!

Read our Exclusive Interview with toni from “MAMMAKAZE”.

As For Me and My HouseAs For Me and My House

I am a wife to a pilot (my fly-boy) and mom to 4 boys. I am a certified teacher, but chose to stay home with my little men. My pilot hubby is gone 15-18 days per month, so I’m often “single.” My hubby is a child-hood sweetheart (we’ve been married 18 years, but were in classroom together since 1st grade.)

My oldest son is the perfect “ONLY” child…with his major problem being that he has 3 brothers. My 2nd has a heart of gold and is often teaching me grace. My 3rd has a condition called Microtia-atresia and will be facing multiple surgeries in about 18 months and my youngest? Well, my youngest is something else.

I face my days with humor, otherwise I would be overwhelmed by it all. I’m a religious person. I not only take care of my family, but I’m an active member in every part possible: tutor, piano teacher, coach, Junior Bible Quiz coach, I sing on the worship team, volunteer in kids’ ministry and often take over as homeroom mom to any (read ALL) children in school.

At the same time, I’m totally scared of mice, bugs and tornadoes….one son wants a mouse pet, one son loves insects and another wants to be a storm chaser as an adult.

With all that, I try to better myself and encourage others to do the same.

Read our Exclusive Interview with ~LL~ from “As For Me and My House”.

Today, I knowingly left the house with poop on my shirt!Today, I knowingly left the house with poop on my shirt!

Allison McQueen
As a mother of three with a MA in special education and a BA in psychology, I have both the real world experience and the formal training to be an average parent with surprising moments of excellence from time to time. That is to say that I am like most other mothers out there. I don’t think there is such a thing as a perfect parent nor am I interested in promoting the myth to other well meaning, but imperfect mothers. I am a realist who is blessed with wonderful kids who drive me crazy at times and a patient supportive husband whose face is almost always frozen in a dazed and confused expression. Humor is our coping mechanism and I hope to bring that joy to other parents. Read musings and meditations from a mother of three..

Read our Exclusive Interview with Allison McQueen from “Today, I knowingly left the house with poop on my shirt!”.

unruly helpmeetunruly helpmeet

Daily vignettes by an unruly helpmeet, artist, wife, mom, goof, Libra, worrywart. I enjoy cupcakes, The Venture Bros., books, painting, laughing with wild abandon, ruining perfectly good photos with bad Photoshopping, cephalopods, pirates, vampires, and ninjas, among other things.

I wanted to be a serious artist. Now I don’t want to be a serious *anything*.

Read our Exclusive Interview with delilah from “unruly helpmeet”.

Book Star ChroniclesBook Star Chronicles

My blog has evolved a little. It was originally set up to help promote my business BeaBookStar.com. I blogged about life. I have since decided to change the theme of my blogs to be about funny stories that may or may not be true. I think moms need a humor break from everyday life!

Funny stories – Truth or Fiction?

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debi from “Book Star Chronicles”.

Ungirdled PassionUngirdled Passion

Ungirdled Passion is a humor and lifestyle blog for women of a certain age dealing with menopause, teenagers, husbands, new and unwanted hair growth, expanding waistlines much more!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tracy Kunzler from “Ungirdled Passion”.

Just Humor MeJust Humor Me

Growing up in the ’60s, being a teenager in the ’70s, raising kids, moving all over the country, and trying to stay afloat living in South Florida, Just Humor Me is a modern day housewife’s journey through the day-to-day funny moments.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Diane Laney Fitzpatrick from “Just Humor Me”.

Motherhood, Madness & MerlotMotherhood, Madness & Merlot

Life as seen by a newspaper columnist and freelance writer blogging http://momtomomcolumns.blogspot.com/ from the driver’s seat of a 2005 Dodge mini-van with a bunch of screaming kids in the back and a shaggy, overweight dog on her lap.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ann Piccirillo from “Motherhood, Madness & Merlot”.

Time-out 4 Mom Comic BlogTime-out 4 Mom Comic Blog

I am a full-time mom of three. As a form of threrapy, I create cartoons about motherhood and womanhood for my blog www.time-out4mom.com I’m new to the blogosphere and would love to meet other moms.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nancy from “Time-out 4 Mom Comic Blog”.

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