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Wives on the EdgeWives on the Edge

We are two US Navy Wives who have been friends for years but have lived 3000+ miles apart since we met over 6 years ago. We keep up through email and instant messenger and always have to laugh at how our lives seem to parallel each other even though we are so far apart. Here at you will find out about the day to day tedium of our lives and the interesting people we meet along the way and how we keep each other from falling off the edge.

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Kitchen CombatKitchen Combat

I’m one busy blogging military mama. That’s right, once upon a time, Mama, did wear combat boots.

Here you can read about my crazy schedule and daily happenings as I mother three young children. The kicker is, this mommy-job is harder than my previous life as a Marine. Now, I’m a military spouse standing by my man, entertaining you with my ramblings and trying to maintain some sort of individuality while holding down the homefront.

Join me on the web, as I ride out the ebbs and flows of parenting and manage the food fights, laundry piles and try to laugh at the ‘combat’ of a different kind.

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Mrs. Marine & the Tiny TroopsMrs. Marine & the Tiny Troops

I’m married to a Marine and we have two children (a girl and a boy). My husband deploys a lot, so I’m a married single parent. I am called “mommy” or “honey” so much one of these days I’m going to forget my own name. I blog about daily life, my husbands deployments, funny things my kids do and anything that comes to mind. Sometimes I just feel like ranting, or need some advice.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Military Wife from “Mrs. Marine & the Tiny Troops”.

FSS B&WFour Silly Sisters

I started my blog ~Four Silly Sisters~ in May of 2007 when my triplets finally began sleeping through the night. It was originally intended to keep friends and out of town family up to date on the craziness that was going on in our house with four girls age 2 and under, but it has evolved into much more…. a keepsake for our family, my sounding board, and good, cheap therapy. Now that my husband is deployed to Iraq, it is also a great way to keep him up to date on the goings on with our Four Silly Sisters.

Read our Exclusive Interview with MaryBeth- Mom to Four Silly Sisters from “Four Silly Sisters”.


I am an AF wife and mother of three little sprouts. I strive to glorify God daily and lead a very simple life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Chrysanthemama”.

The Pink ChandelierThe Pink Chandelier

A very “girlie” mother of boys has learned to get down and “get dirty” with her little guys. She discusses various topics; including raising boys, life as a military spouse, fashion, politics, and other topics she finds amusing. Product reviews, and giveaways regularly. P.R. friendly blog.

Read our Exclusive Interview with nicolle from “The Pink Chandelier”.

Our Imperfect LifeOur Imperfect Life

This is the story of Our Imperfect Life….the life of a military family living in Japan.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debra from “Our Imperfect Life”.

Calm CrazyCalm Crazy

Hi! My name is Amanda. I’m your typical 30-something Air Force spouse and mom of four (all boys!), living in California. We just moved back to the states after seven years in Germany. Talk about some serious culture shock! I get asked all the time how I handle living in my house. “Doesn’t it just get crazy?” I just grin and answer, “Yeah, but it’s a calm crazy–and that makes all the difference in the world!”

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amanda from “Calm Crazy”.


I am a military spouse, a stay at home mother to a baby girl, and I write about both.

But I also share my love of writing and photography, my outlook on life, and my heart.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Erika @ chambanachik from “chambanachik”.

the long and short of itthe long and short of it

Outnumbered Marine wife/mom/geologist to a spunky Hoo, a nursling Pipes & two crazy weiner dogs, Graben & Gabi. I am a cloth diapering, baby wearing, breastfeeding & other crunchiness mama. At the end of the day, with 2 under 2 and a deployed hubby, you can either laugh…or cry. And I like to laugh. And drink.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Katy from “the long and short of it”.

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