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Random Musings of a Mom on the EdgeRandom Musings of a Mom on the Edge

I’m a first time mom trying to navigate the sometimes choppy, always unpredictable waters of motherhood. Through all of the ups and downs, I guess my parenting philosophy is that a sense of humour and a sense of perspective can help you through anything. And a cheap bottle of wine can’t hurt, either.

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Mile High MommyMile High Mommy

I am a mommy, in my 30’s, to one little boy (with a little girl on the way!). We live in “The Mile High City” (aka – Denver, Colorado). Ulitmately, I want to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). But due to many un-controllable circumstances, I work from home part of the time and outside the home part of the time – it’s pretty hectic! All in all, I strive for balance in every aspect of my life – and I blog about the ups and downs and everything in between!

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If It Were Only That EasyIf It Were Only That Easy

Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Mom and Wife. I’m a Disney freak and love photography and scrapbooking.

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Cool Moms Rule!Cool Moms Rule!

Cool Moms Ruleis a blog for smart, savvy Moms like you–not Martha Stewart clones! We talk about the real world, from a real Mom’s point of view. You’ll hear stories about coping with the demands of motherhood that you can relate to. And we have a lot more to offer you! We have everything from auctions, shopping and book recommendations for Moms, to reviews on kids’ books and games (from both the kids’ and Mom’s point of view!) so you know what’s right for you. We review every product we recommend on our blog to make sure it’s something worth your time. We also have all kinds of resources on health, beauty, aging, autism, and family concerns just a link away. In addition, you’ll find quick and easy recipes, ideas for holidays, and the occasional breakdown from a real Mom, just like you!

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I am a mother, and I’m proud of it. But I still struggle with finding fulfillment and meaning through motherhood. I blog about mom’s search for meaning and finding fulfillment through motherhood.

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Mummy of GalsMummy of Gals

I am a mummy who loves being a mummy most of the time and of course, hates it sometime !!! I have 2 little daughters. My blog Mummy of Gals shares with u a bit of my knowledge on parenting them. I have ventured in Article Writing in a comical and interesting way with utmost honesty……I update it regularly so do hop into my blog anytime and everytime…Keep encouraging your fellow mom who strives to get some limelight and hates the ” Just a Mom” Syndrome…

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Love, Life, Family, ... and then someLove, Life, Family, … and then some

Hi! I’m Haley!

I am currently a SAHM (to be) and I blog about things that happen in my everyday life that all moms can relate to..

I try to offer recipes, pregnancy info, scrapbooking tips, and cleaning ideas on a regular basis.

My blog is light hearted at times and very serious at others.

I hope that others will enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy updating it!

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WAHM's Motivated Forever!WAHM’s Motivated Forever!

I am a Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Relationship Building, Team Building, MLM, Work at Home – WAHMom of 3 beautiful children who always inspire and motivate me to grow within! I Love being a Networking WAHM. I Love having a home based candle business and I’ll probably talk a lot about it. Even though I Love what I do at times it’s hard to hang in there and when that time comes it’s great to know there are motivational tools that can keep me going. With this blog I hope to share the tools that’ve helped me to stay motivated forever! Tools don’t only come in the form of books, movies, and audio’s it can come in the form of nature, or children, or just about anything! I am an expert at staying motivated and never giving up on my dreams and I hope to be able to motivate other WAHM’s to stay motivated…FOREVER!!!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Yolanda Crisostomo from “WAHM’s Motivated Forever!”.

Velveteen MindVelveteen Mind

Relish the Velveteen. Revel in the Threadbare. Life of a mom articulate.

A life-long journal writer, 30 year old wife and stay-at-home mom of two boys, now blogging about family, marriage, kids, books, and working at home through an ever-evolving eBay store. Living with perspective, serious humor, and a grateful heart, you are welcome to join me as I relish the velveteen and revel in the threadbare of my articulate life!

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MsBelle - A Glimpse Into My WorldMsBelle – A Glimpse Into My World

I’m an ‘older’ first time SAHM to one son and human mom to my rescue dachshund. As a creative outlet (and a mommy outlet) I make jewelry which I sell online at Etsy .
My blog is a glimpse into being a clueless mom as well as my artisan pursuits. Come have a look!

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Buby's PlaceBuby’s Place

I am mom, wife, and magazine editor. I make up 1/3 of Buby & Co., and these are my editor’s picks for the best stuff and daily amusements of life with an insanely cool toddler.

We like Saturday mornings, art projects, children’s books, blue and green, vintage finds, ice cream stands, music and dance, photography, the sandbox, Jeep rides, and laughing out loud.

Thank you for stopping at Buby’s Place!! Please leave a comment and email me about any new products you love.

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In the Trenches of MommyhoodIn the Trenches of Mommyhood

I had a mind once. Now I have small children. Mommy to 3 adorable, loving, loud, impatient, only angelic when sleeping, little boyz. Wife. Boston career gal. Life is hectic, demanding and downright crazy here In the Trenches of Mommyhood. Life is Good.

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Unplug Your KidsUnplug Your Kids

Blog by Mom to 3 kids and 6 cats with no TV and no loud toys. Discusses (often with humor I hope) life without TV, TV-free kids, life with kids in general, education, cats, books, and anything else that comes to mind! Also: Children’s book and toy recommendations.

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Dirt Makes FatDirt Makes Fat

I am a sometime writer, an avid reader and a movie and theatre and genre TV buff (LOST, Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes). I am also a new stay at home Mom to one son who is just turning two and running rings around his Mama… I am trying to figure out what this new stage of my life is all about. My Grandma B advised (in German) “Dirt Makes Fat.” Sort of the German version of “Eating a little dirt never hurt anybody…” Life is messy – Enjoy!

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The Corn Was GoodThe Corn Was Good

I am a sahm of 3. I blog about the kids, the hubby, me and my insane stresses over every milestone the kids reach. I post alot of pictures and crafts that the kids do.

The oldest is starting kindergarten in the fall, the middle will be returning to preschool and is learning to write, and the youngest is getting a new bed, potty training, and FINALLY talking after 19 months of silence!

As you can tell there is never a dull moment at my house and I liked to think there is never a dull moment on my blog either. I post/update at least 5 times a week.

Thanks for checking me out.

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Four By 40Four By 40

Quips, quotes, and vignettes from the daily life of a mother in the trenches. A 40something stay at home mother of four shares her life in brief anecdotes in hopes of bringing a smile to your face.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Carla Stream from “Four By 40″.

Some kind of WondermomSome kind of Wondermom

I always knew I wanted to be a mother. It’s something I never questioned for a minute in my life. This past October, my son Joel was born, and I instantly fell in love. The days go by so quickly, I know one day I will open my eyes and he will be going off to college. So I want to capture as much of it as possible! I blog about the little things, the important details, like Joel’s firsts, funny things he does, and how I feel about being a mom. Why Some Kind of Wondermom? Because until I’m still in wonderment at just how lucky I am to be a mother, and at how amazing the whole experience is.

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Love My Four!Love My Four!

I’m a part-time work-from-home mom with four children in four years. Love My Four! is just an effort to keep far-away family and friends updated on our lives. It also has a good amount of breastfeeding, cosleeping, and babywearing information and links.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Analisa from “Love My Four!”.

A Madison MomA Madison Mom

I’m just writing about everyday life with my daughter Zoe (born 6/30/05). The things we do, the places we go, the people we see… and anything else that’s interesting along the way.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Colleen from “A Madison Mom”.

Swanky MomsSwanky Moms

Swanky Moms ~ keeping you up to date with what’s hip!

Read our Exclusive Interview with swankymom from “Swanky Moms”.

Circle of LifeCircle of Life

The circle of life is ironic sometimes. Welcome to my blog, a place where I share my life experiences as a woman, a wife and a Mommy to a “two-nager” daughter. We all have a choice in how we respond to situations in life.

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There She GrowsThere She Grows

I’m a stay at home mom to Miss A and her sister who will be born soon. I blog about my daughter’s adventures and other random mom stuff.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sara from “There She Grows”.


I write about my three kids, and husband, my life, it’s always uplifting and pretty much mostly positive stuff because that is what I like to focus on!!
I add a lot of scrapbook layouts from my new hobbie of Digital Scrapbooking!

I’m a Mom Blogger who adds pictures, slideshows, and scrapbook layouts to

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jade from “ScrappinMyThree”.

Lyrics Of My LifeLyrics Of My Life

I am a proud military wife and a stay at home mom of three. If I live it, I write about it. I started my blog, Lyrics of My Life because I’m a writer, and I feel best when I’m expressing myself through words. I write about everything…being a military wife, being a mom, being a woman, being a writer, being lonely, being afraid, being full of joy, all of it. Come read about my life, and be sure to leave me a comment so I can say hello!!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Karen from “Lyrics Of My Life”.

Mom Knows EverythingMom Knows Everything

I’m a work at home mom with a teenager and toddler and I run a day care from my house. My blog Mom Knows Everything is about my daily adventures in life, the mishaps and the funny things kids do.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tammy Duplessie from “Mom Knows Everything”.

Mom of 3 GirlsMom of 3 Girls

I am 37, married for 7 years to my hubby, Ron, and we have 3 beautiful daughters, ages 6-1/2, 5 and 2. Oh yes, and 2 cats as well. I work full-time out of the house, so between work, daycare, school and life – things can get crazy and hectic!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Deb – Mom of 3 Girls from “Mom of 3 Girls”.

The Sietsema FamilyThe Sietsema Family

I am a part time SAHM (I teach part time) and I blog about my family, great recipes, great deals and anything else I find interesting.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mandy from “The Sietsema Family”.


I quit a stressful job as a cardiothoracic nurse to stay at home with my kids; just as stressful but more fun. I had four kids in seven and a half years and I’m exhausted. Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and dark chocolate get me through the day. I’m trying to find humor in the trials and tribulations of motherhood and create a place for moms to feel safe to be themselves. If you can laugh at yourself and don’t think your kids are perfect then my blog is the place for you.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Slacker-moms-r-us”.

Just me a Mom~JennJust me a Mom~Jenn

Mom to a 3 yr old and 2 yr old preemie living and coping with Depression and anxiety.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Neffster from “Just me a Mom~Jenn”.

On The Go BlogOn The Go Blog

I am a frazzled wife, mother, and homemaker who feels like she is always on the go. I created this blog to share my life, my vents, and daily observations

Read our Exclusive Interview with Frazzled Mom from “On The Go Blog”.

Mommin' It Up!Mommin’ It Up!

We are two moms, a stay-at-home-mom and a full-time working mom, who blog about our daily adventures in motherhood and family life. We also do product reviews and sometimes vent a little.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jenny & Emily from “Mommin’ It Up!”.

Musings of A HousewifeMusings of A Housewife

I’m a stay at home mom blogging about my kids, my faith, and my day-to-day. I try to find the fun in the little things.

Read our Exclusive Interview with dcrmom from “Musings of A Housewife”.

The Delaney DiariesThe Delaney Diaries

I’m a thirty-something work-at-home-mom married to the fifty-something man of my dreams (my first marriage, his third…the other two broke him in and now he’s perfect).

I’m a public relations manager for an international software company and I blog about the challenges of raising a family while working at home..

My husband and I were married on the beach at sunset in the Virgin Islands in Oct. ’03 and I gave birth to our daughter in March ’05 and our son in December ’07.

I quit my job (as an account executive for a design firm) one month before Delaney’s due date and planned to be a SAHM, but a former high-tech employer contacted me to consult from home, so I’m making the (short) leap to WAHM. Fun and hijinks to ensue.

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One Chic MamaOne Chic Mama

One Chic Mama aspires to encourage, support and empower women to find their inner “chic mama”, because motherhood doesn’t mean the end of style.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “One Chic Mama”.

Mom to the FeyMom to the Fey

Watch as a 27 year old new mom learns the ropes of motherhood while juggling her marriage, family, friends, spirituality, and career.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Andrea from “Mom to the Fey”.

The Bitter BallThe Bitter Ball

I am a mom to 3 kids ages 2 to 13. My older two are homegrown and the youngest is adopted from Kazakhstan. I blog about raising kids at these ages and stages as well as the unique issues that arise with internationally adopted children.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Bitter Queen from “The Bitter Ball”.

Mom 4 Life - Sharing the JourneyMom 4 Life – Sharing the Journey

I am the owner of Mom 4 Life. I would like to invite you to visit my blog where we have guest expert authors on topics such as birth and breastfeeding, ideas on how to make parenting easier, giveaways and more! Stop by and visit!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Mom 4 Life – Sharing the Journey”.

My Chaos My BlissMy Chaos My Bliss

My way of recording the amazing things that happen in life that are just blissfully ordinary. Along with the occasional, “Did that really happen?” moments, those are the ones that I want to remember most. It’s a reflection of who I am as a mom and my perspective, warped as it may be, of life as a parent in today’s world.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cecily R from “My Chaos My Bliss”.

A Whole Lot of NothingA Whole Lot of Nothing

Thoughts by a self-proclaimed lazy perfectionist mom, wife, and one-day famous entrepreneur.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angie from “A Whole Lot of Nothing”.

Mama PajamaMama Pajama

Mama Pajama is about everything I love as a wife and mom. Topics include: kids, pets, marriage, family, movies, television, and music.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Mama Pajama”.

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