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Livin' With MeLivin’ With Me

I have been married to my Prince Charming for 7 years. I am a stay at home mom to 15 month old Hailey and step-mom to 15 year old Brooke. We also have a 9 year old beagle/basset hound named Dottie. I love my family more than anything! The purpose of my blog is to
keep friends and family updated with what is going on in our lives. And, maybe I’ll make some new friends too!

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The MamahoodThe Mamahood

My blog documents the trials and travails of life as a working mom of one (soon-to-be two), with guest appearances from her SAHM pal. My daughter was adopted from China, so there’s plenty of adoption talk as well.

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Live From the Wang of AmericaLive From the Wang of America

This is a mommy blog about raising men, not boys.
I am the mom of a 5 year old boy and twin 3 year old boys. I’m a full time executive and my husband is a stay at home dad, the most thankless of all jobs.
Come read out big family adventures at
Live From The Wang of America.

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I work as telco engineer and in between working and mothering, I type -as fast as I can- about my thoughts as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Christian. Silly thoughts, funny thoughts, crazy thoughts, frantic thoughts, and just plain nonsense
plain nonsense at times.

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Summer's NookSummer’s Nook

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” – Milton Berle

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Mom 2 TwoMom 2 Two

The hiccups and tickles in the life of a stay-at-home mom.

In my 10 years of married life I have moved 5 times. In-between we’ve welcomed 2 adorable children. November 2007 we found ourselves moving back to the Pacific Northwest (our second home). Life can be crazy, but never boring. :o)

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Diagonally Parked In A Parallel UniverseDiagonally Parked In A Parallel Universe

Stories of my day to day life. raising 4 kids, time with my husband and working as a 911 dispatcher

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Real World MarthaReal World Martha

In my blog: http://realworldmartha.wordpress.com I write about being a down a notch martha stewar”k”.

My name is Debbie not Martha. I am a mother of two. One of my children is adopted so that subject is near to my heart. I am a Christian. I like to share tips and ideas that are realistic because I don’t have the time, energy, and money to do all the things you read or see, but I do like to be creative (just down a notch). I love to shop, find a bargain, do crafts (but I don’t sew much or at all), help people, etc. The blog will have many different subjects and I hope to hear your ideas as well.

I hope to publish a book someday. See my invention come to life. Or operate a business. Or host a Christian Talk Show. Cure phobias. Or have a Christian Teen Dance Club. Operate a camp. Or a Children’s Indoor Playarea. Take a year long RV trip with my family. Or…OK so I have a lot of ideas. My poor Hubby!

Many Blessings,

Debbie aka real world martha (stew…)

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My Goodfinds OrgMy Goodfinds Org

I am an IT career girl turned SAHM turned WAHM entrepreneur. Happily married wife and mom to a lovely and smart girl. I blog about my pursuit of happiness.

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Metropolitan MamaMetropolitan Mama

Metropolitan Mama is geared to moms who are pregnant or who have little ones under age three (although all moms are welcome!). Blog posts revolves around fitness, fashion, freebies, and general information to help moms navigate the challenges and wonders of early motherhood.

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A Juggling MumA Juggling Mum

I am an Australian mother of 5 kids trying to juggle many things all the time. My blog is where I pull together all the many facets of my life from organising, cooking for and providing for a large family!

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i’m crazy about mod, modern, futuristic + space age design, products, technology, art, music, books, blogs + adventures. i host frequentfabulous giveaways.

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I am an entrepreneur and I blog about Life on tiny tropical country Singapore. It’s just a little red dot on the world map but it has come a long way to where it is now.

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Take 90 WestTake 90 West

A sometimes funny, sometimes not, tale of how we spend our days. There’s a lot of arguing, a lot of laundry, and a lot of fun. There’s also a story or two about my not so healthy
addiction to Coke.
The pop, not the drug.

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Mom's Always Write!Mom’s Always Write!

I like to think of myself as a Domestic Engineer. I run a house hold full of boys, ages, 4,2,1 and 33. Yes, I know I am out numbered, and any Mom of mischievous boys is offering her condolences. But, I must say, as demanding as Motherhood is, it’s the one job that I never knew I always wanted and would love so much. My blog features funny and enchanting stories about what I know and love best, my family!

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And Baby B Makes Three!And Baby B Makes Three!

Trying to stay sane in the wake of a miscarriage, subsequent pregnancy, and new motherhood

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Busy Mom SoapboxBusy Mom Soapbox

I am a busy mom trying to juggle the joys of parenting and working outside the home. I love to share tips, reviews, recipes and everything in between.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Charlin from “Busy Mom Soapbox”.

The Rambling of a WomanThe Rambling of a Woman

I am a SAHM. I am originally from Caribbean. I am married to an all American guy from Oregonian and we have 2 children. My blog is about joys, laughs, trials, lessons and growing pains of our multiracial, multicultural family.

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Milk Breath and MargaritasMilk Breath and Margaritas

I am a married mom to three children, ages 19, 5.5 and 1. I write about working motherhood, raising teens and toddlers, and getting older. And shoes. Visit me at
working motherhood.

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Hope for the HopelessHope for the Hopeless

I have a daughter named Hope. On the days my mom didn’t get to see her she called herself ‘Hope’less and Hope for the Hopeless was born.

Stick around while I tell you the crazy things she says and does to keep me on my toes!

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Sleeping MommySleeping Mommy

Stay at home mom, trying to balance three kids (spaced 19 months apart), housework, a return to graduate school and getting mentally and physically healthy. I don’t get very much sleep.

“If sleep deprivation is an effective form of torture, then the CIA should seriously consider employing my children.”

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Marvelous KiddoMarvelous Kiddo

My blog relates the daily adventures of a style and design-loving NYC mama and her marvelous kiddo…including true-life tales of homebirth, unschooling,unschooling, the family bed, andbabywearing

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Jenny's Happy LifeJenny’s Happy Life

Contrary to my blog title, my life is pretty crazy! I like to share my honest feelings about motherhood, raising daughters, raising a husband, raising 2 golden retriever pups and trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up.

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The Mom BlogThe Mom Blog

a blog for moms by a mom living in a blended family- balancing work, school and a hectic home life! I blog about http://www.themomblog707.blogspot.com everday life – things that bother me- post parental advice from my favorite shrink Dr Phil-

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Happy In the MomentHappy In the Moment

.Come visit me at http://www.beverlyhappymoments.blogspot.com where I strive to find JOY in the everyday moments of life. I write about being a wife, mom, freelance writer, and friend. Topics include stories about my child, my life and times, some poetry, fun blurbs about entertainment and television shows and the ocassional trip down memory.

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An Ordinary LifeAn Ordinary Life

A 23 year old Mom and full time college student. Loves fashion and products and always has great things to have giveaway

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Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. BlogSweet Pea Cakes, etc. Blog

I blog about mommy stories, contests and giveaways, product reviews, product updates, memes, and my own personal touch.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Dawn Weigum from “Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. Blog”.

I Made ThisI Made This

I’m a stay-at-home Mom (at the time of writing) three children five and under. Originally from the Southern US, I’m now living in the North East of England. I blog to remain somewhat sane. I also enjoy sewing, crafting, knitting, crochet, photography and anything else that’s creative. I covet Moms who seem to be able to ‘do it all’, yummy mummys and so forth because I am the polar opposite. Hope you come over. to say hi!

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twinstant familytwinstant family

this blog
is a mom of twins meets pop culture and random funniness blog.

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Real World MomReal World Mom

I write about life as a mom, woman and partner.

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Today's Ultimate MomToday’s Ultimate Mom

I’m an author and mother of four boys ages 4, 6, 8, and 10. I blog about how to regain order in your home and family’s life. I’m also the creator of the website http://www.todaysultimatemom.com and author of the book, Managing Life with Kids, available on Amazon.com. I’m currently working on my second book about diet, fitness and health for moms titled Lose Weight, Feel Great! (Even After Kids). I stay busy taking care of my four boys yet have found a way to lead a balanced life by being organized and running an efficient household. My goal is to help other moms who are busy raising their families, learn how to get organized and be efficient so that they can find balance too. I’m also a big advocate of exercise and nutrition and want to show moms how they can get healthy and look even better than they did before having kids. I graduated with a degree in business from Clemson University, Go Tigers! When I’m not at home taking care of my house and family, I am most likely to be found on a baseball field watching one of my boys play, running or at the gym, playing tennis, enjoying a concert, sporting event, or cooking up a good meal!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mary Caroline Walker from “Today’s Ultimate Mom”.


This is the ongoing saga of a thirty-something mother of two (a teen and toddler) transplanted from Washington, DC — but now living in Brooklyn and working in the financial services industry. Andamom enables me (the author) to write about a number of topics that affect my life and which I feel like others might be interested in learning from as well.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jules from “Andamom”.

Mums BlogMums Blog

I am mother of two and I blog about
the challenges of have a baby.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Emanuela from “Mums Blog”.

Life of a SAHMLife of a SAHM

This blog is just about being a stay at home mom with a couple kids and a hubby. Hopefully it will be humourous yet helpful with recipes and tips. Also, people can go and read some of the blogs and say to themselves…”Oh, it’s not just my life like that…shew.”

Read our Exclusive Interview with Suzy from “Life of a SAHM”.

Dear MeDear Me

basically personal but now, I’m a newbie mom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ivan Girl from “Dear Me”.

The Poopie PatrolThe Poopie Patrol

I am a stay at home mom of 2 in diapers, 2 tweens (OK, so only one full time tween, two on the weekends and holidays), 2 annoying dogs and 1 needy husband. Come visit the house of crazy, and take some with you because we’ve got plenty to spare!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kmommy from “The Poopie Patrol”.

Think FamilyThink Family

Personal mommy blog. Somewhat humorous at times.
I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids age 8 and 18 months. We are NOW expecting one more in Nov. I write to chronicle our adventures.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Natalia from “Think Family”.

Adventures in MommylandAdventures in Mommyland

I am a young mom of 1 daughter and I blog about my daily adventures as a mom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mary from “Adventures in Mommyland”.

Motherhood:  The Ultimate SurvivorMotherhood: The Ultimate Survivor

Ask any mother and she will tell you that motherhood is the ultimate survivor contest. Day in and day out, we all struggle with everything from monotony to complete and utter chaos. At least on Survivor they get a reward after their challenge. Welcome to my humourous look at motherhood: http://motherhoodtheultimatesurvivor.blogspot.com/.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sharon from “Motherhood: The Ultimate Survivor”.

411 Mommy411 Mommy

I’m a MORE THAN FULL TIME mother of one son, wife, college instructor, yoga practicing (and teaching) nut, swimming instructor (for babies, children and adults), dog lover, volunteer for many organizations, and of course, online addicted blogger. I am what many call an extreme “type A” personality with a lot of energy and passion for life. Many have told me I can’t be everything to everyone… true, but I can try! I am a unique person with many interests… why blog just about one thing. No one in this world is just interested in cooking or knitting or whatever else is out there on BLOGS! HA!

This BLOG is a location for all those mothers who want a realistic view on life and can relate through a fellow mother’s ongoing struggle to make it through each day. A little bit of local information and a lot of general motherhood struggles… esspecially from someone trying to be everything to everyone. The title, 411Mommy, means an informed mommy (411 is what you dial for information! DUH!) and came to be as a resource and spot to share information about our experiences… through the eyes of motherhood!

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By FallonBy Fallon

By Fallon is just a nice little way for me to express myself and keep track of my thoughts and ideas. I believe it’s also a good way to look back and see how much I’ve grown and changed while also being able to reminisce in all of the good times I’ve had, as well as the bad ones.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Fallon from “By Fallon”.

Educating MamaEducating Mama

I’m a university American Literature and writing instructor, freelance writer and homeschool mom to two wonderful boys. I blog about the challenges of balancing a from-home career and, especially, about my parenting experiences and homeschooling my boys.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Susan Hyde from “Educating Mama”.

My Son and IMy Son and I

I am a daughter, wife, mother, worker bee, and writer. I blog my six-year-old son’s growing up years.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Writing Mommy from “My Son and I”.

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