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Gifts of the HeartGifts of the Heart

Every now and then ramblings of a woman that is blessed to call herself Mom. Some ramblings are funny, some thought provoking, others just there. Whatever the case….they are from your everyday, working (teacher) Mom! Come visit me at http://www.2giftsoftheheart.blogspot.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gayla from “Gifts of the Heart”.

Puppy Dog TalesPuppy Dog Tales

I’m a 30-something PhD who is putting science on hold to raise my two boys. I blog about parenting, homemaking, science, scrapbooking, gardening, and holding onto sanity.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sara Jane from “Puppy Dog Tales”.

Songs from the HighchairSongs from the Highchair

I’m a stay-at-home, thirty-something mom of two girls trying to gain/provide enlightenment through everyday events and musings.

Read our Exclusive Interview with A from “Songs from the Highchair”.

Never in One Place LongNever in One Place Long

Never in One Place Long/ is where I blog about daily life as a Christian stay at home mother of 4 and wife of 12 years. I blog about recipes,crafts, ideas and just whatever challenges I am facing, some funny and some not so funny. I am trying to raise my children up in the way God wants me too. Sometimes it is tough.

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Moms, Ministry, and MoreMoms, Ministry, and More

I am a wife, a mother to both adopted and biological children, and an overseas cross culture worker. I blog about life overseas, humor, and faith.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Stonefox (Heidi) from “Moms, Ministry, and More”.

Mom of OneMom of One

I am a stay at home mom with a gorgeous little boy that keeps me on the go, I blog about everyday life from my Little One to the next sewing project I am going to do . I also enjoy doing giveaways from unique companies.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Mom of One”.

Mommy In PinkMommy In Pink

I’m a wife and mommy to a beautiful little princess. From the moment she was born, we were showered with all things PINK! I love all things associated with Fashion, Fitness and French Culture. This blog is written by one “cool” Mommy who loves to write about daily life with some occasional sarcasm thrown in!

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Yes, they are all mine!Yes, they are all mine!

My little corner of the world to share about my family, God, homeschooling, homesteading, homebirth, gardening, giveaways and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I am always proud to say Yes, they are all mine!.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Rhen from “Yes, they are all mine!”.

Fresh Confessions of a Screwed Up TexanFresh Confessions of a Screwed Up Texan

I am a stay at home mom writing about motherhood, wifedom, womanhood and life. I also enjoy photography and poetic expression and I occasionally post Photographic Reflections–a mix of photography and written poems.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Screwed Up Texan from “Fresh Confessions of a Screwed Up Texan”.

Chocolate FingerprintsChocolate Fingerprints

I ama blogger and freelance writer from Nebraska.

When my husband and I got married, our son was two years old. At the after party, he went crazy for some chocolate mints and I ended up with tiny chocolate fingerprints on my wedding dress. I never had the heart to dryclean those tiny fingerprints away! My children regularly leave their “chocolate fingerprints”. on my heart, and that’s where I got the name for my blog. In addition to blogging about kids and motherhood, I love to write product reviews, host giveaways, and blog about my creative endeavors. Come by sometime!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Andrea McMann from “Chocolate Fingerprints”.

The Southern FamilyThe Southern Family

This blog is about my family! I love photography and digital scrapping. I also have a home business that is linked to the blog and also has its own site. I love sharing stories about my very entertaining kids.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Southern Mama from “The Southern Family”.

The Pink ChandelierThe Pink Chandelier

A very “girlie” mother of boys discusses various topics; including raising boys, life as a military spouse, fashion, politics, and other topics she finds amusing. Product reviews, and giveaways regularly. P.R. friendly blog.


Read our Exclusive Interview with nicolle from “The Pink Chandelier”.

between loads of laundrybetween loads of laundry

i’m a stay-at-home mom of two little boys… still trying to figure out life and learning to appreciate the little things as i go. i love God, my husband & kids, and coffee… shopping, travel, Italian food and interior decorating. i don’t enjoy laundry, sticky fingerprints and potty training. i blog about what happens between loads of laundry.

Read our Exclusive Interview with mikki roo from “between loads of laundry”.

Good Enough MamaGood Enough Mama

Hi, I’m Kia. Kia is short for Eustoquia, which is a greek name, meaning Good Mother. I’m not conceited in using this name for myself. Quite the opposite, in fact; I have a fantastic ability to criticize my every move and decision made regarding my son, especially. This positive name is a way to remind myself that, in a lot of ways, I’m a Good Mum. So that’s one reason for this blog’s existence. Here’s another: to record my son’s (he’s four right now, as of January 2008 ) diagnosis and treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder. He was diagnosed in June of 2008 and will start treatment with an Occupational Therapist this month as well. We’ll call him Little Man. My darling husband will be referred to as Hubby. Not original, but it works. I’m 34 and a half at this point, and don’t place a lot of emphasis on my age. I’m not a birthday-loather. Not yet, anyway. I live in Ontario, Canada. That’s my story. So far…

If you have say, about 100 questions about me, you might want to go here: 100 of Your Questions, Answered!

You’ll probably find the answers!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kia from “Good Enough Mama”.

Nunc Scio quit sit AmorNunc Scio quit sit Amor

I am a working mom who blogs about daily life with raising my two girls. Both of my daughters face medical issues, and thus we visit the doctors office or Children’s hospital often. I update family and friends of their progress on the blog. I have also just started doing reviews and giveaways.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kris from “Nunc Scio quit sit Amor”.

Next Door 2 My ExNext Door 2 My Ex

Newly Divorced Mother of 16 year old twins, adjusting to single motherhood, sharing dogs and raising kids with her Ex – who happens to live next door. My friends said write a book, so I thought I’d start with a blog at http://www.nextdoor2myex.blogspot.com.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Girl Next Door from “Next Door 2 My Ex”.

All About KimberlyAll About Kimberly

Personal blog of a single Texas mom who is raising two daughters and teaching full time. Reviews, contests, life stories – a mixture of everything in our life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kimberly from “All About Kimberly”.

According to KellyAccording to Kelly

these are my thoughts & ramblings about life… i cover all the bases. crafts (especially sewing), life as a mom, all things apron related, fashion, travel, cooking (lots &; lots of recipes), being the “perfect” or maybe far from perfect wife, beauty, my latest & greatest finds. by reading my blog, you’ll learn more about me than you ever wanted to know. basically it’s life as i see it… according to kelly.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kelly from “According to Kelly”.

Teacher turned mommy... not as easy as it sounds!Teacher turned mommy… not as easy as it sounds!

My blog is a work in progress… isn’t that how life is anyway? I post a lot about how I look at motherhood through the eyes of a kindergarten teacher, well a former kindergarten teacher… I am now a stay-at-home mommy and loving it. I love to post stories, pictures, scrapbook pages and videos of my sons Blake and Colby. Come join me on my adventures in “Mommyhood”

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lori from “Teacher turned mommy… not as easy as it sounds!”.

Mommy's Idea BookMommy’s Idea Book

Mommy’s Idea Book is devoted to sharing information and tips with other moms regarding various aspects of the life of a mom, wife and home manager.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amanda from “Mommy’s Idea Book”.

Cin's Out Numbered and Loving ItCin’s Out Numbered and Loving It

I am a mom of a 9 year old boy and a brand new little boy, who is 9 months old. I have been married to my husband Brad for 10 years, and is loving every moment of it. I work out of the home at my local University as a HR/Hiring Manager, an have worked there for 7 years. I love spending time with my family and is loving having a new member in the family. One that was wanted for a very long time, but because of PCOS was unable to have until recently. That is why there is 9 years between the two boys. Please join me as I share all the ups, downs and craziness that there is to living with three boys!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cindy from “Cin’s Out Numbered and Loving It”.

Life With HeathensLife With Heathens

My blog is a sarcasticly funny look at life through the eyes of a wife and mother living with cancer. My little heathens are the best kids a mom could ever have.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jo from “Life With Heathens”.

Larger Family LifeLarger Family Life

I am a mother of seven children ranging from 16 to 1 and expecting number eight in May 2009. I also work from home and have recently embarked on the homeschooling journey with the five younger children. I blog about living life the larger family way, even though it doesn’t actually feel like my family is that big!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tania from “Larger Family Life”.

The MabelhoodThe Mabelhood

I blog about the busy life of being the owner of Mabel’s Labels Inc. and the mother of five small children, with a sixth on the way!
I talk about striking the balance at http://www.blog.mabel.ca

Read our Exclusive Interview with Julie Cole from “The Mabelhood”.

...but then I had kids…but then I had kids

I used to be a pretty interesting girl. I was a writer, an athlete, a social butterfly, a party girl, but then I had kids. I am the mom of 2 little boys and struggling everyday to walk that incredibly fine line between being an awesome mom and still being Me. My blog is usually funny, sometimes poignant, and always brutally honest.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Liz from “…but then I had kids”.

CompleteLee BlogCompleteLee Blog

There are many writers of this blog, all of whom are me! I am Mama Rika (writer of family happenings), Chef Maki (worker of kitchen magic), Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise (sharer of thoughts on teaching), Mow-gLee (promoter of all monkey business), Makiavelli (the creator), Ms. Cellaneous (the random sampler), Sport Maki (sports newscaster) and Marika Lee (the musician). I started this blog for the purpose of allowing others to share a part of our life. Our life includes our faith, the antics of our family of nine, our way of schooling and raising kids, our methods of household management, our thoughts on nutrition, our musical attractions, our offerings on various sports and of course our business–CompleteLee, LLC, which encompasses many of the previously mentioned items.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mama Rika from “CompleteLee Blog”.

Infectious ChatterInfectious Chatter


Pronunciation: \ˈcha-tər\

1: to utter rapid short sounds suggestive of language but inarticulate and indistinct.

2: to talk idly, incessantly, or fast

I blog about my family, my life, and everything in between.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lizzie from “Infectious Chatter”.

Bloggin' It From The BurbsBloggin’ It From The Burbs

I am a displaced big-city-girl now , (a.k.a. – small town America). A stay at home mommy of two boys and the wife of my polar opposite, I am loving life, and hopefully not just with word or tongue; but in deed and truth. (1 Jn 3:18)

Read our Exclusive Interview with Melinda from “Bloggin’ It From The Burbs”.

My Mommy Is BoringMy Mommy Is Boring

Stay at home mom of three beautiful daughters blogging about life, love, and motherhood.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Veralee from “My Mommy Is Boring”.

My Life with Four KidsMy Life with Four Kids

My Life with four kids is just a blog about some of the activities going on in my busy life with four kids. I do anywhere from baseball to weight loss posts.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer from “My Life with Four Kids”.

Oh Boy. Oh Boy. Oh Boy.Oh Boy. Oh Boy. Oh Boy.

A sometimes sarcastic, always real view into my life as a full time working mom to three young boys (ages 1, 5, and 6).

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lisa from “Oh Boy. Oh Boy. Oh Boy.”.

Mummy DealsMummy Deals

Originally from England, I’ve been amazed at how with a few coupons and a little know-how, you can get things you already use for really cheap or free. My blog is full of frugal tips, easy recipes, encouraging stories and freebies. A true Mummy in every sense of the word, I will help guide you on a frugal adventure that will have you saving money in no time!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Mummy Deals”.


I am a mommy blogger dedicated to saving you and your family money. I round up all of the greatest deals and coupons and post them on a daily basis. SavingQueen.com.

Read our Exclusive Interview with SavingQueen.com – Maria from “SavingQueen.com”.

kid storieskid stories

I am the mother of two beautiful daughters and I blog about the funny things kids say and do. Capturing the good, the bad and the ugly

Read our Exclusive Interview with josett from “kid stories”.

Monkey's MommaMonkey’s Momma

Follow Monkey’s Momma as she works full time as a nurse, parents a rambunctious six-year old son, runs Barking Dog Studios, her Etsy shop, and tries to carve out a little “me” time in between.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Monkey’s Momma”.

Welcome To My PlanetWelcome To My Planet

A Stay At Home Mom Of 4 Small Girls, One With Special Needs/Autism, Shares The Mayhem Of Motherhood.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alicia D. from “Welcome To My Planet”.

Where it's all about the boysWhere it’s all about the boys

Blogging from a mom of 3 boys, also the owner of One Stop Boy Shop, an online boy specialty store. Mostly I blog about being a wife, a woman and a mother.. sometimes I sneak some store news, reviews and giveaways in there.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nancy from “Where it’s all about the boys”.

Laugh With MomsLaugh With Moms

Laugh With Moms is a blog developed by four friends who regularly share their daily struggles with each other and thought it would be fun to provide a space for people to sneak a peek at their average, everyday lives. We are four unassuming women who come from varied backgrounds. We are all mothers, we are all friends, but we have differing viewpoints on motherhood and life in general. Our goal is to give all women a place to come and feel normal. We encourage our readers to have a few laughs and join in this community in anyway they would like. Please enjoy this blog as we do not have any answers, we blog about < a href="http://laughwithmoms.com">funny stories to help seek the lighter side of life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with CC, Daphne, Monica, and K (all fictitious names) from “Laugh With Moms”.

The Story Of A Princess And Her HairThe Story Of A Princess And Her Hair

Hairstyle Ideas for Little Girls

Read our Exclusive Interview with hair4myprincess from “The Story Of A Princess And Her Hair”.

parenting BY dummiesparenting BY dummies

a guide to parenting by someone who has done all of the things you don’t want to do (actually is less of a guide and more of a warning) at parentingbydummies

Read our Exclusive Interview with “parenting BY dummies”.

Thrifty MomsThrifty Moms

I am a working mother and I blog about http://www.thriftymoms.info how to save money by using coupons, how to use coupons and where to use coupons. I post deals, ways to save money, ways to make money, freebies & More. I offer a forum for mothers to come together to share their stories, tips and deals they have found. I encourage all mothers to come together and support each other as we raise strong and healthy children.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Thriftymom from “Thrifty Moms”.

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