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It's Not About Your StuffIt’s Not About Your Stuff

For most people, the routines that aren’t working need a kind of “pattern interrupt” in order to start working. That is what I provide: thought-provoking questions, assignments and resources to shake things up. By trade, I am a professional organizer in LA, a mom and a ‘lifestyle management consultant’, which means I work closely with people to help them re-evaluate their life choices. This helpsget them to the place that they can get rid of not only the physical, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual clutter to make way for peace of mind, real joy and the freedom to express themselves from their soul. It’s an astonishing process and I am so honored to support people that are brave enough to take on this amazing inner journey!

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I'm an Organizing JunkieI’m an Organizing Junkie

Hello! My name is Laura. I’m a Christian mom of three with a passion for organizing. I’ve been told I’m a freak because I LOVE to organize…it is my drug of choice. It’s what I do when I’m bored, mad, happy or sad. A day is not a day unless I’ve organized something…anything…I need it….I go mad searching, searching, anything, room, closet, cupboard, drawer, anything. I do my thing…empty…purge…containerize…assemble….only then when I see my finished work…I feel calm, I sigh and everything is right with the world….until I need my next fix of course and the cycle continues. Join me as I chronicle the crazy life of an organizing JUNKIE!

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http://time.youressential mix is a blog created for working women. My hope is to recommend software, lead you to cool new sites, provide recipes, time-saving tips, organizing tips, beauty tips, etc…in order to save you some time in your day (Let me do the research for you!) so that you have some time for yourself/family/fun!

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Kim's CandorKim’s Candor

This is a new start to replace peanutbutterandjellyinthevcr since I somehow deleted it…UGH! I am obsessive about organizing and running an efficient household. I try to use the same approach as a housewife as I did when I was a professional. I view this as my career and throw myself into it fully. I will also ramble on about family life some days too. I am a Christian mom of two little girls and wife to one very wonderful man. I chose Kim’s Candor as the title of my blog since I am notoriously blunt and honest in a good way (well, most of the time).

Oh yeah, one last thing…I LOVE to read. I mean reading is my passion. I love good Southern fiction, British lit, Christian fiction, and almost any books that have words between the covers.

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reDesign readsreDesign reads

I am a redesigner, color consultant, homestager who talks about design tips, life moments.

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Organising QueenOrganising Queen

I am a professional organiser and I blog about all things organised.

I am passionate about decluttering and creating order SO THAT you can have more of what matters to you in life.

Come on over and visit – I promise I’ll do my best to make you feel welcome.

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Get Organized! Get Organized!

I am a former U.S. Air Force officer turned professional organizer. Get Organized! is a blog for the organizationally challenged. It provides tips, advice, and general musings about getting organized.

You can receive a FREE Get Organized! Tip Kit comprised of more than 50 ideas to increase your organizing savvy, a FREE weekly Clutterbugs E-zine newsletter, and dozens of FREE organizing suggestions and tools by simply visiting Get Organized!

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Minimalist MommyMinimalist Mommy

main focus is on simple back to basics living where I place a great deal of emphasis on a frugal family lifestyle free from excess. I share personal stories on how to keep all aspects of your life organized.

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1-2-3 ... Get Organized1-2-3 … Get Organized

I am a professional organizer, author and speaker with a newly published series of books and workbooks called 1-2-3 … Get Organized. The books deal with organizing your time and space, dealing with one area at a time. My blog covers a variety of areas – organizing your home and office, downsizing, time management for moms, at the office, and for college students among others.

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Live In A Positive WayLive In A Positive Way

I am a positive mom and I blog about
Live In A Positive Way.

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Lawsuit Settlement Funding BlogLawsuit Settlement Funding Blog

settlement funding, lawsuit funding, lawsuit loan, lawsuit cash, lawsuit advance, litigation funding

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Keeping busy people organized with Disorder2OrderKeeping busy people organized with Disorder2Order

I am a mom of two boys and a small business owner so I understand the importance of being organized at home. Here at the Disorder2Order Blog I will offer you advice and tips in creating household systems, as well as offer product suggestions to help create order. I love to share what I know about being organized with those who need it! We all have the ability to be organized!

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SOS OrganizeSOS Organize

This blog is a great place to learn some organizational tips and tricks to help you and your family get more organized! We specialize in helping moms learn to juggle it all so they can reduce stress and frustration through organization.

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Take Control OrganizingTake Control Organizing

My name is Nikki Kinzer and I am a Professional Organizing Coach and owner of Take Control Organizing. This blog is about discovering the benefits of organized living. We provide the small steps it takes to change your life for the better. We offer organizing advice, tips, tricks, product reviews, and resources to you in order to trade disorder for order, stress and chaos for freedom. It’s not just about getting organized, it’s about living an organized lifestyle.

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The Imperfect HomeThe Imperfect Home

One of the keys to being organized is to be inspired instead of overwhelmed. My goal is to give my readers simple solutions to organize life, home and family – one day at a time.

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