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Natural NewsNatural News

I am Jennifer Sprague, a 29 (ack) year old mom of two.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jenn from “Natural News”.

Our Busy Family LifeOur Busy Family Life

“Our Busy Family Life” is dedicated to every busy family out there struggling to keep up.Filled with family life tips and resources to help the busiest of families (and parents) keep their sanity.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Our Busy Family Life”.

Chaos EnsuesChaos Ensues

“Chaos in the midst of chaos isn’t funny, but chaos in the midst of order is.” -Steve MartinI’m a WAHM mother of three – a beautiful girl and handsome twin boys – born within ONE year of each other. Yes, I’m very busy!! And often losing my mind; or what’s left of it. During the school year, I work at the kiddo’s preschool and all year long I work from home as a healthy living head coach (or teacher) for NEDlife. In addition, I have contributed two articles to ClubMom.com – “Were you Trying For Twins?” and “TeachingBedtime Routines”. Join me for fun and laughter, while I try to raise my family the healthy way, all the while, trying to stay sane as well!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jessica from “Chaos Ensues”.

Pass the TorchPass the Torch

I am a mom, a school counselor, and author of Empowering Youth: How to Encourage Young Leaders to Do Great Things.

My kids
provide me constant inspiration for my favorite subject – youth empowerment. I write about all the ways kids show us they are responsible, important members in our society. And I reveal how remarkable it can be to witness that empowerment in your own children.

If you have great news about youth, I would love to interview you, link to you or talk about your examples of youth empowerment. Please leave a comment!

I also write curricula related to positive youth development. Please visit http://www.empowering-youth.com to learn more about what I do when I’m not blogging.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kelly from “Pass the Torch”.

Confessions of Eli's MomConfessions of Eli’s Mom

I’m a SAHM of one wiggle-worm of a son. He was diagnosed with bilateral clubfeet at my 20-week ultrasound, and we’re using the Ponseti method of correction.My day-to-day life is filled with new adventures and challenges as Eli changes rapidly before my eyes. I started blogging while I was pregnant to keep far-away friends and family current on our family. Now it’s turned into more of an opportunity for me to document anything and everything I can.I’ve been very surprised and humbled by the amount of emails I’ve received from parents thanking me for posting so much information about my son’s feet and the process of correction. Many parents going through the same thing have stumbled across my blog and found it useful. Glad to know I can help!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nicole from “Confessions of Eli’s Mom”.

Looking for HopeLooking for Hope

I have a child with special needs and I started blogging as a way of helping me deal with all my frustrations and anxiety and just to let go.I knew there were other moms out there going through the same issues and I wanted to reach out, share and be a support group to each other.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Paula from “Looking for Hope”.

Birth StoriesBirth Stories

Birth Stories provides just that: birth stories from a wide range of mothers who have had a wide range of birthing experiences. Birth Stories is a place for veteran mom’s to reminisce and for mom’s-to-be to find out valuable information (It also has really cute baby pictures). Personal birth stories detail what it’s like to: go the natural route, have a c-section, choose the drugs, or have a VBAC. Birth Stories is currently accepting birth stories for publication on the site. Interested parties should see the submission guidelines on the site.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Black Belt Mama from “Birth Stories”.

Parenting with a Mental IllnessParenting with a Mental Illness

Parenting is difficult and even harder if you suffer from a mental illness. I am a mother who suffers from Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. Some of you will see that you are not alone in your thoughts, some will gain insight into a stigmatized world and others will simply judge. No matter what you take from reading my entries, you will see what the world is like through the eyes of someone else. Perhaps you will laugh, smile, cry or perhaps you will feel nothing at all…

Read our Exclusive Interview with Brony from “Parenting with a Mental Illness”.

MY Quiet PlaceMY Quiet Place

Basically this is my only quiet place in the whole house that actually belongs to me. Random thoughts from a Mom with two toddlers and a baby on the way. Serving Christ and struggles with Bi Polar. Pretty much anything and everything I can blog about I try too.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Shannon from “MY Quiet Place”.

Spina Bifida Moms - Sweetie and MeSpina Bifida Moms – Sweetie and Me

I am a disabled woman with spina bifida. I am happily married and the mother of a beautiful, healthy, active little girl. I use my blog, http://spinabifidamoms.blogspot.com, to talk about my journey into parenthood as well as my daily experiences as a disabled mom raising my healthy and active daughter.

Read our Exclusive Interview with from “Spina Bifida Moms – Sweetie and Me”.

Parenting CHildrenParenting CHildren

Hi, My name is Erinn and I am a stay at homt Mom to twin three year olds. I write a parenting blog.
about my experiences to help other moms and to gain advice and tips from them.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Erinn from “Parenting CHildren”.

Lil Duck DuckLil Duck Duck

The adventures of a busy toddler, his beloved stuffed ducks and his mama. A humorous look at motherhood and advice for dealing with babies and toddlers. Also featuring fresh, modern designs for birth announcements, party invitations and holiday cards.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mama Duck from “Lil Duck Duck”.

Finding Phoenix NeighborhoodsFinding Phoenix Neighborhoods

As a mom of two active boys and a busy Realtor in the Phoenix area, I have morphed my way into a specialty of Family Real Estate. I then realized that numerous families needed more than just a good house at a good price, they needed a community that their family could benefit from and contribute too.

So, I set up as an easy way for people everywhere to get to know the family-friendly neighborhoods. In turn, I hope that this allows the family-friendly neighborhoods to be sustained and flourish.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elena Thurston, Your Family’s Realtor from “Finding Phoenix Neighborhoods”.

99% Wife & Mom...1% Everything Else99% Wife & Mom…1% Everything Else

Being a parent tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love…go get a puppy.

Read our Exclusive Interview with donditiples from “99% Wife & Mom…1% Everything Else”.

A bit of meA bit of me

I’m a mom of 2 cute little boys. I blog about everyday things, just my thoughts, what I find interesting, or really anything and nothing all at once. My blog is a way for me to express myself and what I like.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kara from “A bit of me”.

temporarily metemporarily me

I’m a twenty-something mama to a very active toddler. I am learning about life as a working mom and parent all the while trying to keep my sanity in this crazy lifestyle. I find blogging to be the 5 minutes I get to be Temporarily Me

Read our Exclusive Interview with s@m from “temporarily me”.

Another Door OpensAnother Door Opens

Journal of a recovering alcoholic/addict who’s learning about responsible employment, marriage, and motherhood.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nael C. Robes from “Another Door Opens”.

Playgroups are No Place For ChildrenPlaygroups are No Place For Children

I’m a stay-a-home mom to a little boy with a little girl on the way. My blog is my brilliant view of life as a mom living in LA (Lower Alabama).

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennifer from “Playgroups are No Place For Children”.

Stop, Drop & BlogStop, Drop & Blog

The website -slash- blog officially launched on January 1, 2008. FireMom & FireDad were looking for a new address on the web and came up with this one. They previously ran a website -slash- blog for three and a half years. Deciding to scrap it all and make a fresh start, they decided to let the old archives go and just start fresh.

The name of Stop, Drop and Blog was chosen by FireMom after a few weeks of heavy deliberation. That’s right. She thought about it in the middle of the night. She thought about it over dinner. She made other people think about it. And one day, BAM! There the name was! Of course, as a Fire(Department)Family, the reasoning behind the name choice is quite simple to understand. It’s catchy. It’s kind of funny. And it wasn’t taken! Bonus! The current tagline (Is that a fire siren or a child wailing?) is appropriate with a newborn and a cranky, terrible-two-year-old in the house. Between unexpected fire calls, unexpected meltdowns, and breastfeeding on demand, this household has gotten kind of noisy. Bring earplugs.

Read our Exclusive Interview with FireMom from “Stop, Drop & Blog”.

This Full HouseThis Full House

This Full House is a full-frontal encounter into my life as a SAHM, lover of multi-functional gadgets and slayer of all appliances proved either slow and/or inefficient, with 4 children, 2 cats, 1 super hyper sock-eating chocolate lab and 2 damned much laundry.

[Edited to add: Stay-at-home-mom is an oxymoron, as you?ll sooner find me in my minivan playing chauffeur, transporting kids and/or running errands (not only mine, even) than I am at home.]

Then, I write.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Liz Thompson from “This Full House”.

Down with the kids!Down with the kids!

Tales from that beautiful, crazy place that is modern Australian family life – starring my 2 beautiful little kids, Darling Significant Other and a black Labrador!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Leisa from “Down with the kids!”.

Birth of a MotherBirth of a Mother

A mother blogs about her journey through the landscape of motherhood. The blog also includes different resources for parents that she comes across and feels important to share.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Maria from “Birth of a Mother”.

Tips for ToddlersTips for Toddlers

Tips for Toddlers is a blog full of tips, activities, recipes, and more for moms with toddlers.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Tips for Toddlers”.

All Mom Shops Mommy Info BlogAll Mom Shops Mommy Info Blog

Offering tons of information, resources, articles, shopping, recipes and more just for mom! AllMomBlog is an extention of our website AllMomShops and you can get even more great information by subscribing to the blog. We aim to support and encourage moms while they are caring for their children!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Shera from “All Mom Shops Mommy Info Blog”.

Where Hell Broke LooseWhere Hell Broke Loose

I’m a WAHM. I have 2 jobs, sew for extra money, go to school online & take care of my family. Husband, 20dd getting married Oct 6,2007, 18ds, 16ds & 18month ds.
I have a very busy life yet I feel like I don’t get anything done. So many unfinished projects, work and personal. This is my blog about the everyday. Pop over and say hi if you have time. I’d love to hear from you.
Where Hell Broke Loose

Read our Exclusive Interview with Chrissy from “Where Hell Broke Loose”.

Our Little Funny BunnyOur Little Funny Bunny

I’m currently at home right now since the birth of my first child in August 2005, although I’m planning to return to work this August 2007. I blog mostly about my daughter, the challenges and joys of raising an active 19mth old, marriage and daily life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gabriella from “Our Little Funny Bunny”.

three times threethree times three

After 9 years living in the US and Europe, I am now back “home” in Australia. I am a stay at home mother with three young children – one of whom has special needs. On my blog, three times three, I write about the challenges of raising a special needs child, coping with depression and dealing with the day to day chaos of busy family life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Em from “three times three”.

And Miles To Go Before We SleepAnd Miles To Go Before We Sleep

A blog about daily life in our big family. We have 5 children, two on the Autism spectrum. Our blog is updated dailywith anecdotes, recipes, and tidbits of information.

Read our Exclusive Interview with tegdirb92 from “And Miles To Go Before We Sleep”.

Toddler TacticsToddler Tactics

Alex and I are trying to make every toddler parent’s life a little easier one wobbly step at a time over at Toddler Tactics!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alexsmommy from “Toddler Tactics”.

Coming to a Nursery Near youComing to a Nursery Near you

Life blog of a breastfeeding, homeschooling, stay at homing mom of 3 and the daily challenges of it all. Coming to a Nursery Near You is an honest, emotional accounting of life as a new (again) mom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Dawn from “Coming to a Nursery Near you”.

A Time For EverythingA Time For Everything

A blogdedicated to encouraging women throughout the seasons of lifeas good stewards through frugality, time management and following Gods design for families.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Stephanie from “A Time For Everything”.

Parenting LogicParenting Logic

Parenting Logic is a blog full of parenting tips for parents with babies, toddlers, grade schoolers, and teens.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Charissa Bear from “Parenting Logic”.

Mother Approves Official BlogMother Approves Official Blog

MotherApproves.net is a user-driven community of parents sharing & approving stories and advice that are useful to the parenting community.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ariah from “Mother Approves Official Blog”.

Parenting ProjectParenting Project

The Parenting Project blog is about the daily life, joys and challenges of a homeschooling mom to three young children. We live in a Western Mass. city, where we garden, raise chickens and play in the woods at the base of our property.

I also include occasional news stories of interest to parents and family events in the Western Mass. area.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Robin Horrigan from “Parenting Project”.

Party of FiveParty of Five

As a happily married mom of three, full time student, soon to be teacher and current substitute teacher, scrap booker, and photoshop junkie, I blog about
everyday happenings in my chaotic world. I try to add light subject matter, subjects that others would find interesting, and humor to my posts and am not interested in adding poor language or dirty content as a means to increasing traffic. I am interested in having visitors from all over who stop by periodically as well as dedicated readers, but will not compromise my values for a rating. I hope to get to know others with similar interests though out the blogosphere.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sarah from “Party of Five”.

Loving Advice For My Teenaged DaughterLoving Advice For My Teenaged Daughter

This blog is about parenting my young teen. I give advice, a few recipes and of course, talk about my experiences with her. Here is my link

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debbie from “Loving Advice For My Teenaged Daughter”.

Diary of a New MomDiary of a New Mom

I am a 30-something new mom who takes a funny look at life with baby in my blog.

Topics include working moms, stay-at-home moms, celebrity moms, marriage, health, fitness, and books, products, and clothing for babies, toddlers, and parents.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mom2Miles from “Diary of a New Mom”.

Synchronization Of UsSynchronization Of Us

Im a stay at home mum from Scotland and blog about well my children mostly and the drama of having a two year old and one year old

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura McIntyre from “Synchronization Of Us”.


I am the happily frantic mother of three boys, currently 13, 11 and 9, all of whom are involved in multiple sports. I blog about their triumphs and challenges at http://www.sportsmum.blogspot.com. They each provide me with challenges beyond the sports world.. . #1 as a teenager; #2 has Asperger’s; and #3 suffers from “Youngest Child Syndrome”! Like it or not – this is my sporting life!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sportsmum from “SportsMum”.


A Natural, Organic Child Care Resource for Discerning Parents.

In today’s toxic world, I use my blog to help parents make healthier, organic choices with regard to their children’s nutrition, health and wellness.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tela from “Babyminding”.

We are THAT familyWe are THAT family

Who is THAT family? . . . you know the ones! Join our topsy turvy world where daily living can be a dangerous adventure!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “We are THAT family”.

The Ramblings of a Crazy WomanThe Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

My blog is a place where I like to share all the craft projects I do with my children.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jennwa (Jennifer) from “The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman”.

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