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Modern Mami @ TheParentBlog.comModern Mami @ TheParentBlog.com

Modern Mami or Modern Mom.

A mom trying to make it in the modern world. Juggling a career, husband, daughter, household, life, etc etc.

One who not only values her family, but also herself.

I’m originally from Puerto Rico and my family moved to FL when I was 8 years old. I’ve been here ever since. I’ve been married for 5 years now and we have a beautiful, yet very active 2 year old baby girl (aka the monkey). Have you ever heard a toddler’s perspective of things? Kids say the darndest things indeed…

I love spending time with my toddler and wish I didn’t have to work full-time. I am now on a quest to becoming a work at home mom (WAHM).

Join me in my journey as a Modern Mami.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Modern Mami from “Modern Mami @ TheParentBlog.com”.

Safe Alternatives For BabySafe Alternatives For Baby

A safe, non-toxic, eco conscious, holistic and healthy infant-baby-toddler resource site for parents.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Safe Alternatives For Baby”.

tHe RiDe Of My LiFetHe RiDe Of My LiFe

I am a 33 year old wife, educator, and mother blogging about
the joys of parenthood as well as our family’s wait to adopt a second child.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jill from “tHe RiDe Of My LiFe”.

Regionz Kidz - We Celebrate Diversity!Regionz Kidz – We Celebrate Diversity!

We are a resource and information site that posts articles and educational material for families that want to learn more about other cultures, diversity, tolerance and equality.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lisa Smith from “Regionz Kidz – We Celebrate Diversity!”.

Parenting Tips at NeenMachine.comParenting Tips at NeenMachine.com

Parenting Tips at NeenMachine.com is obviously about parenting tips for moms and busy families.

But it is also so much more.

Anything that may be of interest to parents is fair game.

I open the discussion to issues that concern parents everywhere. Through good conversation we can share and learn from each other.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Neena from “Parenting Tips at NeenMachine.com”.

My Family Loves ItMy Family Loves It

Hello, my husband and I write a his and hers family blog with stories about our family, fun ideas, projects and reviews (mostly of children’s products). We have 3 kids and 1 on the way!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heather and John from “My Family Loves It”.

The Best Family DiariesThe Best Family Diaries

My blog is a blog about family. The life of a SAHM mom of 5 kids. I have 2 girls, and 3 boys. The bottom two being identical twins. I talk about our life, the things the kids are up to, post pictures, and try to be a little funny. (It doesn’t always work, but one can try right!) It is also my way to keep up with friends far away, and for family and friends to keep up with us.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Brandi Best from “The Best Family Diaries”.

Mad About KidsMad About Kids

The title of this blog, Mad About Kids, says it all–I’m mad about kids! I love my own kids, of course, but I also greatly enjoy taking care of and teaching other children. There are those times, though, when the kids test my nerves–in those cases, you could interpret my blog title another way…

Read our Exclusive Interview with Michelle from “Mad About Kids”.

Mommy MenagerieMommy Menagerie

I am a wife and a mother of two: my big boy(5) and my little princess (2). My career as a child psychologist is on hold while I do “field research” and raise my own babies. Visit me at Mommy Menagerie for stories and advice about where my career and real life mothering come together: where the books and the babies collide!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura from “Mommy Menagerie”.


As a busy mom, I love my morning cup of coffee. But there’s something I love even more…enjoying it with others. There’s nothing like taking a break from the hectic pace of life to talk and laugh–and sometimes cry–with a friend. Who doesn’t walk away from that feeling encouraged?

And that’s why I created this blog–so we can hopefully give each other a boost. Like a good cup of coffee in the morning. So stay a few minutes (because I know that’s probably all you have) and fill your cup…

Read our Exclusive Interview with Genny from “MyCup2Yours”.

Mommy Monsters IncMommy Monsters Inc

Mommy Monsters is a blog full of inspiration and encouragement for “perpetually challenged” parents, especially adoptive and foster parents. Book reviews, tips for navigating the adoption process, handling issues relevant to raising adopted children, mother’s prayers, and adoption spirituality are all at the heart of this practical mom’s writing.

The creator of this blog is the editor of Canticle magazine and the author of Raising Up Mommy: Virtues for Difficult Mothering Moments. This blog has a strongly faith-based perspective. However, all are welcome (whether or not you are Catholic, as the author is)!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heidi Hess Saxton from “Mommy Monsters Inc”.

If I Could Escape . . .If I Could Escape . . .

I blog about the very random musings of myself — a thirty something wannabe crunchy mommy trying to stay sane in a house full of boys.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Karen from “If I Could Escape . . .”.

The Integrated Mother BlogThe Integrated Mother Blog

I’m a working mom of three who enjoys a multi-faceted career that includes owning a HR consulting company (because it’s what I know), teaching college classes part-time (because I love to share what I know) and operating an Arbonne business (because it’s just plain fun to be girly and make money at it).

My blog is called The Integrated Mother® and offers perspective on the unique place where motherhood and career intersect. I chronicle my experiences as a working mom, and also post articles and resources for working moms who want to integrate their career and family in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

There is a message board on my blog where members of our LinkedIn group for working moms interact and discuss issues that are on their minds.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Michele from “The Integrated Mother Blog”.

Out-of-Mom's ControlOut-of-Mom’s Control

Mom blog that highlights the life of a career mom who is juggling life and raising two little ones…http://outofmomscontrol.blogspot.com/

Read our Exclusive Interview with CraizedMom from “Out-of-Mom’s Control”.

Twicebabies Mom BlogTwicebabies Mom Blog

I am a SAHM of fraternal twin girls. My twins were born at 7.5 months. They were preemies and born 3.8 oz and 3.13 oz, respectively.

Today, my twins are two years and five months old. They are very busy and love watching learning DVDs. Well, they do not know they are learning DVDs, yet.

On my blog, I also write ads for two pay per post companies and talk about news articles pertaining other mothers of twins, trips, quads and more.

I love my twins and praise God they are healthy and alive.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Twicebabies Mom from “Twicebabies Mom Blog”.

Mommy Speech TherapyMommy Speech Therapy

My blog Mommy Speech Therapy, is for parents who would like to help their children with their speech and language development at home..

Read our Exclusive Interview with Heidi from “Mommy Speech Therapy”.

Primal Thoughts from Primal MommiesPrimal Thoughts from Primal Mommies

This is a blog about primal or natural mothering. It’s about attachment parenting with an all natural and eco-friendly twist. Primal moms birth at home, breastfeed, use natural medicine, cloth diaper and other “crunchy, granola” parenting practices.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Primal or Michelle from “Primal Thoughts from Primal Mommies”.

What's That Smell?What’s That Smell?

The adventures in life and parenting of 2 “Accidental Mommies”. An “Accidental Mommy” is a mommy who never thought she was mommy material but has learned through poop, spit-up and tears that she has what it takes.

We talk about all things parenting, we have product reviews, giveaways, work at home resources and more!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kim from “What’s That Smell?”.

Two & Two = Nine (Jane's Blog)Two & Two = Nine (Jane’s Blog)

I am a mother of 4 children ages 14, 16, 18 and 20. I blog about life in general with children, friends and family. The everyday happening good or bad.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jamajofe from “Two & Two = Nine (Jane’s Blog)”.

The Little Travelers- travel notesThe Little Travelers- travel notes

The Little Travelers Mom’s blog is a place to view travel diaries and gain a worldly perspective on global parenting. It is an excellent resource for earth-friendly, mulit-cultural crafts for kids, ideas for bringing more a more holistic approach to parenting and lifestyle, and a great place to receive inspiration for creating a family life of balance.

Read our Exclusive Interview with angelina hart from “The Little Travelers- travel notes”.

Mummified Times FiveMummified Times Five

Daily musings of a wife to one husband and a stay home mum/mom to five children.

I blog about the trauma of having teenagers in the house, issues in the age gaps of the kidlets, raising a large family, living on one income, parenting issues and why I regularly look like the woman in my blog header!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tina from “Mummified Times Five”.

The ParentingPink BlogThe ParentingPink Blog

The ParentingPink Blog (http://parentingpink.com/blog/) offers moms and dads raising daughters parenting advice, tips, product reviews, great girl gear, book reviews and lots of humor! As a mom with three little girls of my own, every day is a new adventure! Come check us out and discover what “girl power” is really all about!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Donovan from “The ParentingPink Blog”.


I am stay at home mom and I blog about life with a toddler with special needs, including product reviews, information about our journey toward going green and simplifying our lives, tips from our own experiences and other random fun stuf.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “PsychMamma”.

Raising Good KidsRaising Good Kids

My passion is talking with other parents about how to be better at our job of being a parent. I am a mother of 3, almost all grown, and I share stories and advice on raising GOOD kids in today’s world – kids with integrity, compassion, and character.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Katy from “Raising Good Kids”.

Telling It Like It IsTelling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is is a blog about Relationships, Parenting and Marriage. Having raised 6 children (now grown) as a divorced/single parent, I bring personal perspective and experiences to the forefront on topics that everyone can and does relate to.

A very popular topic of discussion is that of Helping VS. Enabling, whether it involves being an enabler of young children or teenagers, or has gone to the point of enabling adult children (parents giving money to their grown children or being financially responsible for irresponsible grown adult children), these articles dealing with irresponsible kids who believe their parents OWE them everything get a lot of attention.

There is also serious discussion about Child Sexual Abuse, that includes information for parents and victims of sexual abuse.

Visit “Telling It Like It Is” today and you’ll surely get involved and want to subscribe in order to receive each new article, either by Email or by RSS Feed. Be sure to leave a comment and say hello.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lin Burress from “Telling It Like It Is”.

Smart Poodle Publishing BlogSmart Poodle Publishing Blog

I work at home and juggle a whole lot of responsibilities, like all moms do!http://smartpoodlepublishing.com/blog> My blog combines humor, photographs and practical advice for parents, teachers and librarians everywhere who believe that reading, writing and having fun with kids is what life is all about. I was a travel writer for many years, and since my book is about a traveling millipede, I write about personal adventures and places to take the kids. I love photography and share my photos often. You’ll also see me in action presenting my reading program to kids at schools in Florida. In addition to my full time business, responsibilities at home and as a Mom and wife, I helped take care of my own Mom who just lost her battle with cancer after 9 years.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debbie Glade from “Smart Poodle Publishing Blog”.

Grace Come By HearingGrace Come By Hearing

I am a happily married wife and teacher. These are my daily musings, stories, beliefs, opinions and feelings about life and adoption. God is my guide and strength. “God never closes a door without first opening a window.”

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tracey from “Grace Come By Hearing”.

Helping Your Child SleepHelping Your Child Sleep

Pick Nick’s Brain has a blog dedicated to helping babies and toddlers sleep better. “Sleep like a baby” just doesn’t mean what you think it means when you have a challenging sleeper. Many people believe their child will grow out of it, but unfortunately that isn’t often the case and then they have a 3 or 4 year old who has never slept through the night. Sleep problems have been shown to lead to obesity, depression, behavior problems, and other health concerns. Our blog is designed to give parents free knowledge about how they can help their baby and toddler learn to sleep.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Pick Nick’s Brain from “Helping Your Child Sleep”.

Fragile What!?Fragile What!?

Fragile What!? follows our life. We are a blended family. We have full custody of all 4 children. The oldest 2 children are teenagers. The youngest 2 children have fragile x syndrome with autistic tendencies. Mom (me!!) is the carrier of the FXS. She also deals with health issues of her own (recent hysterectomy). Dad is new to the fxs world and is doing wonderful. He is also struggling with his own health issues – ankylosing spondylitis.

We try to make every day as fun as possible and enjoy the life that God gave us even with our little issues. :)

Read our Exclusive Interview with FXSmom from “Fragile What!?”.

My Kids BlogMy Kids Blog

My Kids Blog is a network maintained by My Kids Occasion aiming to help parents create and navigate through every occasion of their kids lives. No matter what stage in parenting you are in or whatever occasion your kids are currently embracing, we hope you will find the blog a resourceful place of encouragement, support and laughter.

The administrator of My Kids Blog also blogs on Our Life, where she discusses the adventurously beautiful and beautifully messy life she lives as a homeschooling, work at home mom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tiffanie from “My Kids Blog”.

Mommy CrackedMommy Cracked

I’m a mom who works out of the home part time and blogs about our life and the challenges and triumphs of parenting a preschooler.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mandy from “Mommy Cracked”.

The Crazy Adventures of a WommyThe Crazy Adventures of a Wommy

A parenting blog that I use to navigate the ups and downs of parenting a toddler. I also touch on the fact I am a stay at home but currently finishing a degree in Education.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Candace from “The Crazy Adventures of a Wommy”.

Instant Amber's Child Safety NewsInstant Amber’s Child Safety News

Our blog chronicles changes in our services and original content written for parents regarding child safety.

We are a company that provides child safety services that provides critical data to law enforcement immediately, greatly increasing the odds of successfully recovering your missing child.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jesse from “Instant Amber’s Child Safety News”.


I’m a work at home mom, with 3 children, and a husband who lives 400 miles away.

My blog is about living, loving, laughing and hoping through childhood cancer. There are so many precious moments that we miss or don’t fully appreciate because we’re too busy with life. We are all about taking each blessed moment and making the most of them.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Anissa from “Hope4Peyton”.

TriangleMommies BlogTriangleMommies Blog

As part of The Mommies Network, TriangleMommies.com is a free community for moms in Durham, Wake and Eastern Orange counties. We realize that all moms need local support — and who can’t use another friend?

TriangleMommies.com offers a simple way to connect with local moms for friendship, support and fun. Members meet on our private discussion forums to share information on everything from where to get the best haircut to tips on transitioning to a “big kid” bed.

Each month, we also offer many face-to-face events for our members, their children and their families. Our BLOG is where you can stay up to date with the latest ongoings of TriangleMommies, as well as read information and opinions of other moms just like YOU!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Gabriele from “TriangleMommies Blog”.

Notes From the Cookie JarNotes From the Cookie Jar

She’s a 30 something, west coast living, cookie baking,
road tripping,key misplacing, perpetually lost blogger who can sniff out a Starbucks within a 50 mile radius. Stick around..you’ll either pick up some great

and travel tips, or laugh at her locking her keys in her car. Again.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Scattered Mom from “Notes From the Cookie Jar”.

Munchkins and MusicMunchkins and Music

I am a mom, a music lover, and a music educator. I write music lessons, musical reviews, and post fun musical activities and crafts to help moms teach their children to love and appreciate music.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Munchkins and Music”.

adventures in jugglingadventures in juggling

actually this blog covers many categories.
i blog about my life as the mother of five children (ages 22, 16, 14, 12 and 6) including one by adoption who has special medical and developmental needs related to his extreme premature birth 4 months early.
i also occasionally blog about my life on the job with my career as an RN in a level III neonatal intensive care unit but not as much as i uised to. one reason is because i am pretty happy in the unit where i work at and the other reason is because of potential for HIPPAA violations. my blog has received some local media exposure this past year and some co-workers and patient families now read it.
i also blog a lot lately about the newest bit of juggling that i do. i became a grandmother this past june.
now for the real blog summary:
with five kids from young adult down to teens to pre-teen to school age with special needs, a husband in the midst of a midlife crisis, a beautiful grand daughter who amazes and entertains me everyday and my career as a NICU RN what else would I be doing but juggling?
Welcome to my adventures in juggling!


Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura from “adventures in juggling”.

Susan Heim on ParentingSusan Heim on Parenting

I am the author of five parenting books, a former Chicken Soup for the Soul editor, and a mother of four. I love to share my professional and personal advice about parenting on my blog.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Susan Heim from “Susan Heim on Parenting”.

Izzy 'N EmmyIzzy ‘N Emmy

We are the Crackerjacks!; Greg, Alisha, Izabel and Emily. This online journal is a step by step account of our children’s lives with a few misc pieces thrown in. I occasionally like to give reviews on certain products and services. I love to take photographs of our family and show the world just how magnificent they really are. Our Princesses are our world!


Read our Exclusive Interview with Alisha from “Izzy ‘N Emmy”.

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