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Modern ParentModern Parent

Modern Parent is a blog offering parenting tips, advice, and reviews of baby products. The blog is from the perspective of a new parent raising his son in the 21st century.

Read our Exclusive Interview with John from “Modern Parent”.

Octopus MomOctopus Mom

Parenting help for busy moms who have their hands full. Offers how to articles, tips and essays from a busy mom with 3 little ones at home!
check out our parenting website as well!.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Bonnie Ferrar from “Octopus Mom”.

The Adventures of SupermomThe Adventures of Supermom

I’m Ashley, a stay at home mom to four children (ages 4, 3, 2 and newborn).

The Adventures of Supermom is about so many different things. Every thing from advice and tips to those raising children close in age, to crafts, cleaning tips, bargains, help for those dealing with different issues with children, our daily lives and much more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ashley from “The Adventures of Supermom”.


information for parents regarding what support grandparents can be to families today. Sharing wit wisdom and our life experience. Thus if you want entertainment or experience click http://grammology.com and maybe I’ll bring a smile to your face today..

Read our Exclusive Interview with Dorothy from “Grammology”.

So Very BlessedSo Very Blessed

I am a SAHM to six amazing little souls. Thre singleton babies followed by a set of triplets. I am married to Andrei, the most incredible man in the world.
I started this blog, to give our family back in Canada, a daily glimpse into the craziness of our lives. It has taken off and I have met so many other moms, just like myself, trying to make it through with God’s help.
Maybe just for a few breif moments a day they can feel like they are sitting right beside us.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tina from “So Very Blessed”.

Coordinated ChaosCoordinated Chaos

I’m a “retired” preschool teacher turned work from home mom of two young boys. I share preschool activities, the ups and downs of staying at home, working at home, and chasing the laundry. Learn tricks to keep yourself organized while juggling the fun craziness that children bring! It’s Parenting, it’s Fun, it’s Chaos!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Miche from “Coordinated Chaos”.

You're the Boss, BrandiceYou’re the Boss, Brandice

I blog about
being a mom, reviews,parenting, and and anything else I can find humor in

Read our Exclusive Interview with Brandice Senecal from “You’re the Boss, Brandice”.

Teens on ParentingTeens on Parenting

Teens on Parenting offers advice to frustrated parents who can’t understand how their teenagers’ minds work, and don’t find books written by similarly frustrated parents to be very useful. But the writers here are all teenagers – the ones being parented. We’ll give you an alternative view of the relationship, help get you through arguments, and shed some light into why we behave the way we do. Take a deep breath and relax – we’ve got you.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Zen from “Teens on Parenting”.

Toddler CraftToddler Craft

Toddler Craft is a blog dedicated to sharing craft, activity ideas and Parenting tips and stories for children ages 1-7. You will also find related reviews of books and toys.

I am an Educator and Counsleor who is now staying at home with my children. I run a small day care at my home and we are constantly creating crafts. I really enjoy it and love seeing the development of the children. I decided to share our crafting adventures and my Parenting Advice on my blog for other parents to utilize. I hope you stop by Toddler Craft and share your thoughts about it with me.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Onna Holland from “Toddler Craft”.

Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect ParentComing Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent

Are you a perfect parent? Me neither! But I’ve stopped my fruitless self-flogging and have learned to accept God’s grace … and find the humor and healing in my parenting journey. I hope you find encouragment, laughter and see a little glimpse of yourself in my blog about finally coming clean as an imperfect parent. After all, there has to be some redeeming qualities to my embarrassing episodes!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Melinda from “Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent”.

One Mom's Review.....of places to bring children in New EnglandOne Mom’s Review…..of places to bring children in New England

I am a stay at home mom, who rarely stays home!

My blog is a comprehensive list of places to bring children in New England with reviews on places we have been to.

My son and I enjoy traveling around New England checking out children’s activities and then I post a review about it and invite readers to post their reviews also.

Go Explore!

Read our Exclusive Interview with One Mom’s Review from “One Mom’s Review…..of places to bring children in New England”.

Mom FuseMom Fuse

Mom Fuse is an online magazine and community for moms featuring recipes, crafts, product reviews, pregnancy and parenting articles, contests and giveaways, fashion and beauty articles and much more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jessica from “Mom Fuse”.

my i{rish} Twinsmy i{rish} Twins

Born 363 days apart, my Irish Twins always give their stay at home mom SOMETHING to blog about.

Read our Exclusive Interview with MamaJoss from “my i{rish} Twins”.

Ziggy's BlogZiggy’s Blog

I am a single mom to two teen daughters and I blog about dangerous teen trends. Plus life as a single mom.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Laura from “Ziggy’s Blog”.

Extra(hour)dinary ParentingExtra(hour)dinary Parenting

EHParenting is about organization, time-saving, logic, information. Let’s just say… it’s the business end of parenting.

Extra(hour)dinary Parenting – Information So Organized It Will Put An Extra Hour In Your Day

Read our Exclusive Interview with ACMJ from “Extra(hour)dinary Parenting”.

A Simple Kinda LifeA Simple Kinda Life

My blog about the challenges of single parenting. I also include frugal shopping, sweepstakes, and other cool finds.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Angie Marion from “A Simple Kinda Life”.

New England NannyNew England Nanny

No-nonsense Tips for Parents of Infants and Toddlers.

Early childhood and parenting topics including developmental stages, activities, behaviors, and resources for families.

An example: My Turn, Your Turn

Read our Exclusive Interview with Nanny Dee from “New England Nanny”.

Parenting By Trial and ErrorParenting By Trial and Error

Anyone who has kids knows that parenting is all about trial and error, learning, growing and, most importantly, staying flexible. Each child is unique. What might work for one, may not for another. Sometimes we have to try several solutions before finding the right one. Discussions, advice and shared experiences between parents can help us find the right formula for our children’s personalities and needs, and it is with that in mind that I created this blog. I encourage you to comment, ask questions, share stories or whatever you like, as long as it’s about kids, family life and parenting. Lively discussions are a lot of the fun of blogs, so please share! I also do giveaways, so be sure to sign up for those.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sarah E. Ludwig from “Parenting By Trial and Error”.

Little Bitty StepsLittle Bitty Steps

Follow my musings on marriage, motherhood, and life!

This is a blog of personal (often humorous, always entertaining) thoughts on subjects related to marriage, motherhood, current affairs, crafting, and so much more. It is a collection of my musings, always random and often amusing. The language is clean, the ideas are plentiful, and the posts are frequent.

Read our Exclusive Interview with The Mama from “Little Bitty Steps”.

The Adventures of SupermomThe Adventures of Supermom

As a mother of four children ranging in age from a teenager to an one year old I deal with a lot of things that mothers can relate to. I love blogging about my family.

Hormonal teenager behavior. Potty training. Taking a pacifier away. Trying to save money with a bigger family.

I tell funny stories and give helpful advice. I find the Internet to be a great place to express myself.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Michelle from “The Adventures of Supermom”.

Sticky FingersSticky Fingers

I am a British mum with two demanding young children. Motherhood is the single most rewarding/frustrating thing I have ever done – and quite honestly I didn’t have the energy to keep it up a full time job as well!
So I quit my stressful newsroom job, and have become a work at home mum on a quest to find that mythical work/life balance.
I write about motherhood, parenting and the challenges of working from home..

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tara Cain from “Sticky Fingers”.

The Papa Bear MemoirsThe Papa Bear Memoirs

I am a married father of three blogging about the craziness that is fatherhood in The Papa Bear Memoirs. I primarily share my past and present experiences in fatherhood that I think you’ll find entertaining. I allow you to share in the enjoyment (or laugh at the misery) that is my life. –Enjoy!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Papa Bear from “The Papa Bear Memoirs”.

Multiples and More Blog NetworkMultiples and More Blog Network

We are a community blog, networking families of multiples together while providing relevant articles, interviews with experts, product reviews, giveaways, featured bloggers and more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lani from “Multiples and More Blog Network”.

Rants n' RascalsRants n’ Rascals

Rants n’ Rascals is a funny, down to earth mommy blog by published writer JP Shaw who shares her tips on raising children, family life, dealing with disabilities, contests and reviews, weekly memes and more.

Read our Exclusive Interview with JP Shaw from “Rants n’ Rascals”.

Hopeful ParentsHopeful Parents

Hopeful Parents is a blog by parents of children with all kinds special needs, mild to severe. Some of us grieve the loss of our children. We do the very best we can, which often takes a toll on us. We come here to share our feelings with other parents who understand.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Christina from “Hopeful Parents”.


MapleMama.ca is a website dedicated to providing pregnancy and parenting information as well as a place for women to share their pregnancy and birth stories.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Krista Tannahill from “MapleMama.ca”.

Tropic of Mom: Life at Latitude 26Tropic of Mom: Life at Latitude 26

Just north of the Tropic of Cancer lies the Tropic of Mom! A former South Florida freelance writer turned stay-at-home mom. A former traveler. A former chocolate chip cookie baker. OK, I’m an ex-everything….

Read our Exclusive Interview with Holly from “Tropic of Mom: Life at Latitude 26″.

Casting New LivesCasting New Lives

My partner, Rob Lowe and I are the owners of Casting New Lives, LLC. We blog about our upcoming parenting conferences around the United States . We regularly bring in speakers such as John Rosemond, the number one Christian parenting speaker and author, along with Nanny Stella Reid of the television show Nanny 911. In our blogs you will be able to find them in your area and how to get them to visit your community.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Brinka Olberding from “Casting New Lives”.

Blessed with ThreeBlessed with Three

I am a stay at home mom to twins and a singleton, wife to one great husband, a surrogate mother to two.

I talk about my adventures in parenting, marriage and surrogacy.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Alison from “Blessed with Three”.


The magazine to give your mom a few more answers to get through the day.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Stay at Home Mom Answers from “SAHMAnswers.com”.

Over CapacityOver Capacity

I homeschool my 5 children and I blog about parenting, homeschooling, and parenting special needs kids..

Read our Exclusive Interview with faerieshadow from “Over Capacity”.

Authentic ParentingAuthentic Parenting

Authentic Parenting handles topics from trying to conceive and beyond. It has a strong focus on natural life and alternative parenting. It handles topics such as unschooling, feminist parenting, breastfeeding and natural childbirth

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mamapoekie from “Authentic Parenting”.

The Mahogany WayThe Mahogany Way

I am a wife to an AMAZING man, and Mother to three beautiful children.
I blog about being a . Attachment Parenting, Unschooling, Homebirthing, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapering, Living, Loving, Laughing, and our daily life.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Darcel from “The Mahogany Way”.

Mush Homemade Baby FoodMush Homemade Baby Food

Mush Homemade Baby Food Blog focuses on recipes and stories related to introducing solids and making baby food from scratch. We also feature feeding, baby food prep and storage product reviews. This blog also highlights the joys, trials, and tribulations of parenthood!

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Mush Homemade Baby Food”.

Parenting Moment by MomentParenting Moment by Moment

I blog about godly parenting

Read our Exclusive Interview with Carla MacLachlan from “Parenting Moment by Moment”.

Rub Some Dirt On ItRub Some Dirt On It

A parenting blog about life making the most of life in rural Vermont with my husband and kids. It’s called “Rub Some Dirt On It,” celebrating the bumps and bruises of motherhood. Includes photography, crafts, book recommendations, funny stories and thoughts. I am an imperfect person trying to be the best mother to my kids I can be.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Becky from “Rub Some Dirt On It”.

Gingersnap AlleyGingersnap Alley

I aim to provide imaginative children’s activities that are simple, low-cost, safe and don’t require travel, crafting skills, supervision, or a vacuum cleaner.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mariah McMillian from “Gingersnap Alley”.

Baby Sign LanguageBaby Sign Language

http://www.babysignlanguage.com is a family project providing free resources to learn signing for babies We have a very active blog full of tips, encouragement, games, trends and crafts aimed at moms of infants and toddlers. We are also home to a very large and very active Facebook BSL Community
Finally and most importantly we have hundreds of free printable and multimedia resources to get you started on sign language.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mey from “Baby Sign Language”.

SaveEveryStep - memories of a family nostalgiaholicSaveEveryStep – memories of a family nostalgiaholic

Blogging about childhood memories from growing up in 1970s UK; the loss of a mother and becoming a mother/step-mother; the re-creation of those precious memories in the lives of my childre, and the preservation of all of it as a legacy for my family for when I am gone.

Founder of a free to use family-life-stories-on-a-timeline website http://www.saveeverystep.com, so you can do it too

Read our Exclusive Interview with Helen Spencer from “SaveEveryStep – memories of a family nostalgiaholic”.

CanadianNanny.ca BlogCanadianNanny.ca Blog

Amidst all the daily commotion of raising two daughters and running a home-based business, Martha takes time to blog about her life as a woman, mother, wife, and entrepreneur.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Martha Scully from “CanadianNanny.ca Blog”.

More Skees PleaseMore Skees Please

My husband and I started dating in 2003, got engaged in 2004, got married in 2005, got pregnant in 2006, had our first child in 2007, got pregnant again 3 MONTHS LATER (still 2007), and had our second child in 2008.

With two boys 11 months apart, one of which has special needs, this whole parenting thing has been a whirlwind and I hope that you will come along for the ride!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Taryn from “More Skees Please”.

North Texas KidsNorth Texas Kids

North Texas Kids is an online resource directory and blog created by a working mom for smart moms who are passionate about educating themselves and raising happy, healthy kids! We cover birthday parties, events and crafts but also tackle important health issues as well as personal development and special needs topics. Our kids are our greatest joy and our greatest challenge. While we don’t claim to always get it right, smart moms always want to do the right thing and have a lot of fun while we are at it! Please come and play with us.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Minette from “North Texas Kids”.

Mommies Need Sleep, Too!Mommies Need Sleep, Too!

We are two moms rocking a blog about mommy tantrums, sleepless nights, dodging the lets-get-it-on advances by the hubs, bedtime battles, blissful moments, etc.

Not just the warm, fuzzy and deep stories from Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul. A level that the everyday mom can understand. Real. Relatable.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Leah Speer, Katrina Epp from “Mommies Need Sleep, Too!”.

Mamas and MilkMamas and Milk

I’m a full-time, WOHM, blogging about parenting, with a focus on breastfeeding.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Mira from “Mamas and Milk”.

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