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The 160 AcrewoodsThe 160 Acrewoods

Original Home of Word Filled Wednesdays
and every other day is an adventure!

I have 4 children and we are starting to figure out where God is directing us in life and if adding more to our family is where he wants us. My photography is my extra curricular passion that has taken me down various lanes in the highway of life! So join me for a peek into
the 160 Acre woods

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Kingdom JewelsKingdom Jewels

I am a mother of 3 teenagers and I have a husband who says I am the funniest person I know. I love to take pictures of life here in the kingdom and write about what goes on. I love to get comments – every one of them makes my day! And I try to respond to them all.

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Photography, Art, & MotherhoodPhotography, Art, & Motherhood

I’m am a work at home mom, photographer/artist, and traveler. My blog focuses on my work as a photographer, but includes many of my interest and influences. One day I might blog on some past artist who’s work has influenced me, another I will post some recent photos or ACEO’s, or another day you will find a post about another fabulously artistic mother. I also write about motherhood has effected my art and life.

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slp the blogslp the blog

I am a wife, a mother, and a woman following a dream!
Turning my hobby and passion into something BIGGER!

I aim to preserve the “fleeting” moments of childhood through my images! I LOVE my job!


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I wanted to learn how to take better photographs of my kids. I was tired of all the low quality snapshots I was taking and wanted to learn how to be a better photographer and capture those precious moments in a much more pleasing and professional looking way. I didn’t find any sites that were dedicated to photographing children so I decided to make one and document my findings so other parents in my predicament could find answers. So Momshots was born!

We discuss all kinds of aspects of photography and we discuss Photoshop Elements and CS3 tips that can help parents be more happy with their photos. We even have a Tip of the Weeksection that is written by a very talented digital artist, Tye Durbin.

I think most parents can findMomshots to be a helpful resource.

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Grace Made EvidentGrace Made Evident

I love Creation, and I love photographing it. I try to capture the Beauty and Grace behind the world around us through my photography at Grace Made Evident.

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Mommy's CameraMommy’s Camera

I am a mom learning to be a better photographer with a point-and-shoot camera and free photo editing software in a DSLR and Photoshop world. I blog tutorials geared toward your average person with a point-and-shoot camera. I use free photo editing software because everyone can afford it!

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