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ToTheCenter.com’s philosophy is simple. The average person doesn’t have a political left or right, but really feels somewhere in the middle. At ToTheCenterwe try to keep our news “down the middle” and our opinions for all.

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Pondering PenguinPondering Penguin

I blog mostly about politics and current events at www.ponderingpenguin.blogspot.com
I am a wife, mother, and grant writer. I work out of my home.
I blog about life, stories, opinions at www.ponderingpenguin.blogspot.com

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Momma Politico: The World According to PerryMomma Politico: The World According to Perry

I refuse to cave to a minivan. I am still a tomboy – comfortable in Levi’s, my Yankees cap and Converse. And I always have a political opinion…hell, I always have an opinion, period. My hubby, my kids and my friends think I should run for office. Thus Momma Politico was born.

Peruse, enjoy, and know that our busy lives are as significant as those in The Washington Post.

democratic politics, mommyhood and more.

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Write the JourneyWrite the Journey

I am a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom of two young children. My blog posts focus on my thoughts on being a parent and citizen.

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Guidon Performance Solutions Blog: The AscentGuidon Performance Solutions Blog: The Ascent

Business performance improvement Blog from Guidon Performance Solutions, a Management Consulting Firm.

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