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Writing and Parenting Beyond the NormWriting and Parenting Beyond the Norm

Writing and parenting beyond the norm. You can read more at Mother of Confusion.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Genevieve Hinson from “Writing and Parenting Beyond the Norm”.

Another Piece of the PuzzleAnother Piece of the Puzzle

Married for over 16 years and mom of a 6 year old son who has autism, I spend most of my time as my Little Guy’s case manager/advocate/cheerleader/ everything else.

I blog about making sense out of life with autism, and I also contribute to 5 Minutes for Special Needs and Created and Called.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Trish from “Another Piece of the Puzzle”.

Autism Assistance Resources and InformationAutism Assistance Resources and Information

Autism Assistance Resources and Information
is designed to help parents of children who have autism and other disabilities find resources to help their children thrive. The blog provides information about grants, financial assistance, funding strategies and other helpful resources for families coping with autism and other disabilities.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Michelle McFarland-McDaniels from “Autism Assistance Resources and Information”.

Everyday Adventures & Random ThoughtsEveryday Adventures & Random Thoughts

The joys and challenges of raising three boys on the autism spectrum, twins plus their younger brother.

Read our Exclusive Interview with lonestar818 from “Everyday Adventures & Random Thoughts”.

Fearless FemalesFearless Females

I am a mother of two austitic teens and my blog: Fearless Females is for fearless women (and men too) who desire inspiration, a kindred connection, fearless bonding and some soul searching. Here, I share my personal experiences, stories and helpful information about raising children with autism…with a healthful blend of some humor–and encourage other fearless topics too!


Read our Exclusive Interview with Holly Collins from “Fearless Females”.

Marla Baltes on all that is DazliousMarla Baltes on all that is Dazlious

All That is Dazlious is a place for me to share my photography, insights, joys and struggles. I am an artist and currently homeschool my daughter Maizie who is ten years old.

We adopted our daughter at birth. She was thought to be a healthy baby. Our daughter was born with a rare chromosome disorder, is Autistic and struggles with Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. Reaching a diagnosis took years and yet we celebrate our daughter for exactly who she is.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Marla Baltes from “Marla Baltes on all that is Dazlious”.

Tales From a Nehi MomTales From a Nehi Mom

Hi, I am a stay at home mother of 3 kids. Corianne, Wesley and our newest Melissa. My middle child, Wesley is the reason I started the blog. He was born, a titch preemie, but reasonably healthy but at 6 months of age, started having breathing problems and was put on oxygen. At around a year old he was diagnosed with NEHI, Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia of Infancy, a rare interstial lung disease. Interstial lung disease, means his lungs are permantley scarred. Our blog is about the joys and trials of having a son with ILD, on oxygen. So check us out at “Tales of NEHI Mom http://coriwes.wordpress.com/

Read our Exclusive Interview with Wesley, Corianne, Melissa, Mom and Dad from “Tales From a Nehi Mom”.

Little Hand Big  HeartLittle Hand Big Heart

Little Hand Big Heart is a site about children and adults with upper limb deformation due to Amnionic Band Syndrome. We are Moms that have been in that same situation as you. We have wondered those same thoughts. We are here to support you and tell you that everything will be just fine. Your child is going to grow up and have a normal life.

Little Hand Big Heart is here to support Mothers who have children born with a deformation due to ABS. We tell stories, Give tips, and Share our life experiences with you so that you know you are not alone.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tricia from “Little Hand Big Heart”.

God's HandiworkGod’s Handiwork

I am a stay at home mom who is never at home. I blog about life with a 4 1/2 year active son and a 22 month old daughter who has Down syndrome.

Read our Exclusive Interview with mommyto2 from “God’s Handiwork”.

Caleigh's CornerCaleigh’s Corner

Special Needs is an understatement when it’s your first child. We brought our baby home for the first time at 6 1/2 months old expecting to be a stay at home mom, but in actuality I became a stay at home nurse to my baby. Our daughter Caleigh was born at 28wks with Gastroschisis. She spent the first 6 1/2 months of her life in the NICU. After 9 bowel surgeries she has intestinal failure, short bowel syndrome. Caleigh also has PVL resulting in Cerebral Palsy & complex partial seizures. Caleigh’s Corner is a place that I journal Caleigh’s progress and setbacks. I journal my thoughts and feelings as a special needs mother and at the same time I hope that I can help another family through their similar situation.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Holly from “Caleigh’s Corner”.

Live Laugh Love FamilyLive Laugh Love Family

I’m a first-time Mom to my gorgeous baby boy, Christian. Christian was born profoundly Deaf due to the Connexin 26 gene mutation. He was implanted with his CI in his right ear on April 21st, 2008, and activated on May 27th, 2008. I started this blog to chronicle our journey with Christian’s hearing loss, and to connect with our parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Christian’s Mommy from “Live Laugh Love Family”.

Myah's PageMyah’s Page

I started our blog Myah’s Page in hopes of connecting with other families and mothers who are raising children with Special Needs.
Myah is our sweet daughter born with a rare chromosome deletion; she teaches us many lessons on a daily basis. I also blog about every day mother woes, and share my opinion about other “mommy things.”

Read our Exclusive Interview with Lori from “Myah’s Page”.

Three WeddingsThree Weddings

I am a mom of three girls (weddings) ages 13, 7 and 4. My youngest daughter has Down syndrome. In addition to writing about the joys and challenges of everyday life, I write a weekly post about Down syndrome awareness. I ran an in-home daycare for 5 years and recently closed it to go back to work part-time outside the home. I have a love for writing and continue to explore a career in freelance writing. I am also a team writer for Root & Sprout.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Debbie Yost from “Three Weddings”.

Spectrum SiblingsSpectrum Siblings

I’m an autistic college student and I blog about life on the autism spectrum and tips for parents raising autistic children.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cale from “Spectrum Siblings”.

An American Mom in Tuscany: Jordan's Cochlear Implant Story and Raising Their Voices: Inspirational Stories in DeafnessAn American Mom in Tuscany: Jordan’s Cochlear Implant Story and Raising Their Voices: Inspirational Stories in Deafness

I am an American Mom living in Tuscany and the co-author of the book RALLY CAPS My daughter Sofia is a six year old drama queen and Jordan is a twelve year old Deaf Italian Stallion who wears a cochlear implant. I write a daily blog that focuses on how to be a strong parent advocate for a child with a disability without losing one’s identity as a woman.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jodi Cutler Del Dottore from “An American Mom in Tuscany: Jordan’s Cochlear Implant Story and Raising Their Voices: Inspirational Stories in Deafness”.

News on WebNews on Web

A blog where you can find several news about the new trends of the market, regarding industrial goods and services, business, equipment, economy from each part of the world. An open window on what can be useful for your knowledge.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “News on Web”.

So This Is Holland?So This Is Holland?

I am a working, stay at home mommy and I blog aboutmy youngest son who was born with Hydrocephalus.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Carla from “So This Is Holland?”.

The Adventures of Mr. BusypantsThe Adventures of Mr. Busypants

I’m a SAHM/PT college-level writing instructor/freelance editor/faithful believer in Jesus Christ. The purpose of my blog is to have a place to write about the Adventures of Mr. Busypants, my 6-year-old son with autism, and his chunky sidekick (and little sister), almost 2 Miss Chattyshoes. I hope some day further establish the Mr. Busypants brand by publishing a collection of essays, writing a Bible study for mom’s with kids with special needs, and writing children’s books for kids with autism. I teach writing at three Chicago-based colleges, both online and face-to-face. For more about me, go to http://www2.rmcil.edu/eagle/Archives/April2008/rmcnews05.html

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jeannie from “The Adventures of Mr. Busypants”.

Adventures in Bipolar LandAdventures in Bipolar Land

I’m a single mommy to a 6 year old with special needs and a 3 year old with a “princess” complex. I work at Juvenile Hall with a unit full of teenage criminals. This is my blog that chronicles our chaotic lives, and has become my own little form of therapy.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kristen from “Adventures in Bipolar Land”.

The Daily DakinThe Daily Dakin

The Daily Dakin is a peek into the life of an amazing child with an incredibly rare neuromuscular disease. Though he will never walk or even breathe on his own, Dakin is a vibrant, silly, intelligent child who inspires those who come into contact with him.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Devon from “The Daily Dakin”.

Moms of Special Needs ChildrenMoms of Special Needs Children

Long ago and far, far away I was a special education teacher, but now I am just a mom who has a son diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. At my blog Moms of Special Needs Children I share some info about special needs children. Sharing information is the key to finding answers.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amazing Grace from “Moms of Special Needs Children”.

Little Miss Hannah - Our Fight Against Gaucher's Disease type 2 or 3Little Miss Hannah – Our Fight Against Gaucher’s Disease type 2 or 3

At 5 months old, my daughter was diagnosed with neuronopathic Gaucher’s disease of unknown type, an incredibly rare and fatal genetic metabolic disease that is incredibly underfunded and underresearched. Since then, I have become a “Mom on a Mission” and determined to do all I can to try and find a treatment for her. Every day with her is a gift, because we know this disease is supposed to take her away from us in just a few years. Please help us fight at http://www.littlemisshannah.com

Read our Exclusive Interview with Carrie from “Little Miss Hannah – Our Fight Against Gaucher’s Disease type 2 or 3″.

Sneak Peek: Raising A Special ChildSneak Peek: Raising A Special Child

A Single Mom raising a Special Needs child and trying my best to balance real life with “what ifs”. My life is full and often pretty crazy dealing with a special child and all that comes along with it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Austin was born at 36 weeks. He was diagnosed with Branchio-Oto-Renal (Melnick-Fraser) syndrome. From Birth to 3 months he struggled but was “attachment” free. Since then he has earned himself some pretty fancy equipment & technology that help get him through the day. To date he sports a Tracheostomy, Gastrostomy tube, Softband BAHA and Posterior walker and is learning Sign Language. As you can see he does not let any of his “issues” stop him from moving forward and having fun. He is truly an inspiration and a fighter.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Janis from “Sneak Peek: Raising A Special Child”.

On A Joyful JourneyOn A Joyful Journey

Blogging about parenting, homeschooling, Down syndrome and life at On A Joyful Journey!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Amy from “On A Joyful Journey”.

Bill and Ria - Sharing experiences about life, parenting & Down SyndromeBill and Ria – Sharing experiences about life, parenting & Down Syndrome

I am a stay at home mom sharing experiences and thoughts on day to day life and parenting, and Down syndrome. Our son, who was born in 2007, happens to have Down syndrome.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ria from “Bill and Ria – Sharing experiences about life, parenting & Down Syndrome”.

Empowering People and Changing LivesEmpowering People and Changing Lives

I am a college student with cerebral palsy. I am also a music therapy major, and the goal of my blog is to provide a resource for parents and individuals in the areas of music therapy and in raising a child with special needs. You’ll also find some resources about becoming a college student with a disability!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Erin from “Empowering People and Changing Lives”.

Small Portion of a Life's JourneySmall Portion of a Life’s Journey

Information I’ve gathered in regards to my son’s condition, hydranencephaly (http://hydranjourney.blogspot.com), which is a rare neurological condition. Not only is it rare, it’s terminal…which is a devastating diagnosis to receive for your child. While searching for a glimmer of optimism through the darkness, I couldn’t find any…so I created my own through this blog. It’s filled with the knowledge, resources, inspirations, and hope that I’ve found along the way. Of course, there’s a bit of venting thrown in there too…just as you could imagine facing such adversity in the medical community as an advocate for your child.

I also have found great solace in networking with other family members who are following along, or leading the way, on the same or similar journey…I find strength in great amounts of knowledge, and find peace in being able to share it with others.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Ali from “Small Portion of a Life’s Journey”.

Traveling MarshallsTraveling Marshalls

I am a woman trying to define family across continents. We got sidelined by the birth of our extremely sweet but special needs son who is helping us to realize what it means to be patient, generous and kind.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Sarah from “Traveling Marshalls”.

observations from a special needs momobservations from a special needs mom

I am a stay at home mom of two boys. One with Cerebral Palsy and another typical rambunctious boy. I blog about
the struggles and victories of living with a special needs child.

Read our Exclusive Interview with amalia from “observations from a special needs mom”.

Little Bit QuirkyLittle Bit Quirky

I am a stay at home mom, and i blog about my daughter who has high-functioning autism/Asperger’s. My blog mostly celebrates the quirkiness of my wonderful daughter! It’s also a mom blog, but through the perspective of parenting a child with autism.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cheryl D. from “Little Bit Quirky”.

Mike and Brittany EricksenMike and Brittany Ericksen

This blog mikeandbrittanyericksen.blogspot.com follows our family and the struggle of finding out that our daughter has a chromosomal disorder called Cri Du Chat. It has been a roller coast ride, but there is still a lot of joy and happiness in our home!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Brittany Ericksen from “Mike and Brittany Ericksen”.

The Wheelchair MommyThe Wheelchair Mommy

I’m a paralyzed mom with 2 boys and another on the way!! I blog about .our life and I hope to encourage others along the way.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Priscilla or The Wheelchair Mommy from “The Wheelchair Mommy”.

Autism and OughtismsAutism and Oughtisms

A blog about raising my autistic son, including opinions about autism and current autism controversies.

Read our Exclusive Interview with “Autism and Oughtisms”.

Mommy DinosaurMommy Dinosaur

My blog is about special needs. I’m a mom of two lovely girls with very different needs. A seven year old perfectionist who excels at just about everything. And one four year old who spends a lot of her day being a dinosaur. My message to my eldest daughter is to “chill”. My message to my younger child…well, still working on it. I’m still learning to speak dinosaur.

I’m interested in Klippel Feil Syndrome and other rare disorders affecting children as well as, swallowing and speech delays. Please visit me at Mommy Dinosaur.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Kate from “Mommy Dinosaur”.

Raising Complicated KidsRaising Complicated Kids

I write about life with my four kids — two with special needs, two without. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and his twin sister NVLD, ADHD, Bipolar and Generalized Anxiety. They are sandwiched in between a teenage daughter and precocious son in preschool.

Come join us on our journey in Raising Complicated Kids.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Accidental Expert from “Raising Complicated Kids”.

The Gort FamilyThe Gort Family

The Gort Family is a blog that’s authored by Tim Gort, who also writes a column called “A Dad’s View” that is catered toward he and his family’s efforts of raising three girls, two with cerebral palsy. Tim is a former public-relations-practitioner-turned-patient-safety-and-disability advocate. He speaks regularly with universities, medical professionals and parents about his perspective on advocating for all people with disabilities.

His blog shares personal insights, feelings, triumphs and failures in parenting, sometimes humorously, sometimes seriously and everything in between.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tim Gort – A Dad’s View from “The Gort Family”.

Life with Three Special Needs ChildrenLife with Three Special Needs Children

I am a stay-at-home mom who is raising three special needs children whom my husband and I have been blessed with through the miracle of adoption. The needs of my children include Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, a rare form of Autism; Mood Disorder; and Global Developmental Delays.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Cassandra from “Life with Three Special Needs Children”.

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