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Simone's Belize BlogSimone’s Belize Blog

Ex-MTV Europe Veejay Simone Angel swapped the limelight for a life in the Central American jungle.Together with her husband, who is an ex-soccer star, she now owns a jungle lodge and adventure travel company. She blogs about their unusual life in Belize and about being a mum of 2 young boys.

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Planet NomadPlanet Nomad

It’s like another planet! Mauritania, located on the Atlantic edge of the Sahara desert, is the place where Arab North Africa and Sub-Saharan African tribes meet and mingle in daily life. It’s probably one of the last places on earth where you could visit a nomad living in a tent and be given a bowl of fresh camel’s milk to drink.So how does an American family survive in a desert town? My name is Elizabeth, and my husband and I work at Oasis Books, an English center and the only English bookstore in the entire country. I also work at the University of Nouakchott. Our 3 kids (the oldest will be 11 soon; the twins (b/g) just turned 9) attend school at the local French Embassy. We experience the same joys and frustrations of a family anywhere-but often with a twist.

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Family Vacation SurvivalFamily Vacation Survival

FamilyVacationSurvival.com site where you can find all the information, tips, ideas, tools and recommendations you need in order to have a great family vacation. We post stories from family trips and share the things we learned not to do so that other moms will not make the same mistakes we make. Operated and owned by moms.

We are now accepting applications for FVS contributers. If you are a parent and would like to share your family vacation memories and advice, please email me at admin@familyvacationsurvival.com) details from your most recent experience.

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This blog is about a multi-cultural couple who met on the internet, got married and now they have a lovely 14 months old daughter name Nora. He’s Belgian and she’s Singaporean. She moved to Belgium. They blog about their daily lives, challenges, friends and of course, about their daughter = ) I am a stay at home mom and living in a foreign country (and English is not one of their national languages) can be such a daily challenge! Especially when you have a daughter to raise and doing your best to raise her bilingually! I blog about other moms i meet here (http://voskenslaan.blogspot.com/), grocery shopping, the cultural differences and what comes my way! The blog name comes from the street we live in; In English it means Foxes Lane. (but fret not, their arent any foxes anywhere near here!)

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Innside Innkeeping in MontanaInnside Innkeeping in Montana

A childhood dream come true opening my dream log home in Montana and the journey of being a bed and breakfast innkeeper. Explore the great outdoors, travel tips and of course recipes. Hang your hat and come on Inn!

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Something to SaySomething to Say

I am the mother of three, wife of one, writing about our life in The Netherlands. This blog is my outlet for so many things; ranging from discussing the wonder and awe I feel about living in this country to the frustrations of being so far away from home in the United States. Along the way there is always a story or two about the travels we take and the things we are learning as we go. Oh, and stories about the kids, because when you’re raising a family? There is always a story.
Come on in and share some time with us. I always have something to sayand welcome your visit warmly.

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My Bella VitaMy Bella Vita

In April 2006 I made the move of a lifetime – to Catanzaro, Italy! Catanzaro is in Calabria and is located in the south around the instep of the boot! There aren’t many native English speakers here, and even fewer Americans. It is ok, though, because I am being fully immersed into the culture and language of the area. This blog was created for me to share some of my experiences with you, and as a way for me to remember, and cherish, my bella vita!.

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Wendy's French HelpWendy’s French Help

I’m a 40 yr old mum to 3 yr old Alicia – living with my French man in the South of France.
I love helping people move and settle in, here in France.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Wendy from “Wendy’s French Help”.

something somethingsomething something

I am a writer. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to be (aside from flitting with the notions at age 8 of becoming either a professional baseball player or an Olympic gymnast, neither of which came to pass¦). Technical writing pays the bills, but it’s the creative writing that really makes my socks roll up and down. Words excite me and brilliant writing inspires me. Sadly, technical writing neither excites me nor inspires me. It does, however, pay for the good coffee¦

I am a mother. Motherhood is like the Peace Corps – it’s the toughest job you’ll ever love. While the Little One brings great joy and is a constant source of entertainment, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there were moments when I’d like to run away. I wouldn’t trade the Little One for anything¦

I live in Israel. Need I say more?

As we say in this neck of the desert, life is something something.

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I’m Debbie, mother of two delicious kids, and I love to travel.

My blog, DeliciousBaby is about traveling with kids. The blog features inspirational family travel stories (our own adventures and occasional guest articles) and practical tips for traveling with kids. Our city guides cover the US and Europe and feature kid friendly restaurants, activities and hotels as well as helpful half-day itineraries complete with maps.

I am particularly proud that my stories on unsafe car seats at a major car rental chain spawned two undercover news investigations and changed that company’s corporate wide policy.

Our weekly Photo Friday blog carnival is a fun opportunity to see travel photos from lots of different people, and to share your own photos.

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Odessa Ukraine: blog about Odessa restaurants, apartmentsOdessa Ukraine: blog about Odessa restaurants, apartments

When traveling to Odessa, you need to find the best Odessa Hotels or Odessa apartments to make you trip more comfortable. Finding the best Odessa hotels or apartments through http://blog.odessapartments.com is just a breeze.

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A Pirates Life for UsA Pirates Life for Us

Former IT project manager, now SAHM living in the Virgin Islands with a toddler, two mutts, a husband and lots of house guests! APiratesLifeforUs.com is about our daily lives, the adventures and fun of living in the island and life with our spunky 2 year old.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Diana from “A Pirates Life for Us”.

Life in IrelandLife in Ireland

Blog of an expat living and working in Ireland. Tales and photos of travel around this little island.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Leslie Gilmour from “Life in Ireland”.

Baby AbroadBaby Abroad

A mom’s travel blog with tips and tricks for jet-setters with kids.

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Travel Experta- All You Need to Know About Traveling in Central America!Travel Experta- All You Need to Know About Traveling in Central America!

Everything you need to know about Costa Rica, Guatemala and Central America. .

My goal is to help people see the beauty of these countries and help them plan their vacations here!

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The Dinoia FamilyThe Dinoia Family

I am currently a stay at home mom to two daughters and a little boy. We are a Foreign Service family, and while we are living in the U.S. right now, we hope to move overseas within in the next year or two. It’s a bit of a crazy life, but we love it, and would not trade it for the world! Come along as we explore worlds near and far at .

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eastside curryeastside curry

I’m a mom far from home blogging about
the adventures of living and traveling in Asia with our three boys.

Read our Exclusive Interview with nicole curry from “eastside curry”.

Toulouse ConfessionsToulouse Confessions

I am an American woman married to a Spanaird who I met in Ireland eight years ago. Our life together has taken us through Ireland, California, New York, Wisconsin, Spain and now Toulouse, France. At Toulouse Confessions I spill everything from my thoughts on living abroad, giving birth in two different countries (neither of which were my own!), learning new languages, getting by as a mother, trying to be the wife I know I can be, following Christ again and learning to leave the past in the past.

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Juju Be BabyJuju Be Baby

I am a breastfeeding 28-year-old American mom of a young toddler (born in June 2009) named Juju. We live in Norway normally, but my husband and I have taken a year sabbatical to travel in North and Central America. I suffered from postpartum depression after Juju’s birth and speak openly at times about my struggle to come to terms with motherhood. Please stop by to say hello!

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Mom's Guide to TravelMom’s Guide to Travel

I am a travel writer and vlogger. On Mom’s Guide To Travel I blog about travel with (and without) kids, providing travel tips, articles, resources, and reviews for families, especially those with young kids.

Read our Exclusive Interview with Tawanna Browne Smith from “Mom’s Guide to Travel”.

The Adventures of Annie and Her BoysThe Adventures of Annie and Her Boys

I’m a lucky mother of three young boys doing my best to parent mindfully, wife to a great husband and father, and an attorney forging a career path that is fulfilling instead of merely time-consuming. I write about our joys, struggles and hopes. And because I need some pathetic substitute for my boys’ nonexistent baby albums. Follow us as we head out for a year-long adventure in Australia in December 2011 while my husband participates in a teacher exchange program.

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